I Stand Before The Throne Of The Most High, One Million Years Ago


I Stand Before The Throne Of The Most High One Million Years Ago

Channelled through Pat Grabham

I Stand before The Throne of The Most High One Million Years Ago as our Beloved Creator thanked us for our great service in His name.

As I stood there with my beloved brethren, with the Elohim of Creation, the Archangels, Angels, Divine Hosts – in full humility stood us all, as we bathed in the majesty and great love of all.

Battles had been fought and won as we of the Dhuman Adamic Race and others from different dimensions not of earth, had fought and won as we of the Light – through great adversity had won as we came from The Sun many millions of years in ages past.

The time-scale went before our thoughts as we stood in praise of our God. We remembered how at that last battle between the forces of darkness and Light, wherein which we had triumphed and how they, whose darkness we stopped – their ability to invade others, was ended…. We remembered I knew, all of us, as we stood before The Throne of The Most High, how those beings had been sent to another and new universe not as then inhabited. It was to ensure that their actions would no longer impede the continuing journey of the Light.

Their universe far into the deepest space, was very very cold. Therefore our beloved Creator had given them bodies unknown before for they had to be able to withstand extreme adversity in many many degrees below freezing, for their karma meant for them, their new universe to be lived in was far from the Sun whom they had tried to disable with their lack of light but of course this was not possible, nor will it be so. The Sun exists and is invincible.

Our Father during their duration on this new planet far away into the deepest of space had decided that due to their vast debts incurred against the light, that they would be denied the gift of parent-hood. In their universe new birth would not exist, all would be as they arrived as adults over many hundreds of years, giving them plenty of time to repent.

The beings transported here through the Will of the Godhead were both male and female and different ages. They had to hunt for their food in the icy wastes of their universe – fish and marine life was indeed plentiful as was water. However, it was a vast and barren universe and great was our pain as we saw how they would be so far from the Light.

There came a time when the Creator decided they had experienced such for sufficient time, so many of us of the Light who had volunteered in God’s service to assist these poor souls were called upon to hold out our hands in loving service to help them to evolve back into the Light.

There were many brightly coloured space-crafts we enjoyed at times. This was in addition to our mode of levitation. It was just that some distances were vast as we visited the other planets and planes of the Godhead in the many universes which existed.

The day arrived and we of the Light were ready for it had been a long time in coming this day. In this our mission of service to the Godhead it was decided that it was too much for our beloved twin souls (female) to travel alongside us males and so they were left behind but were there with us to communicate with blessed messages from them and our Father thus helping us as we carried out our mission of Light.

As we set off on that far off day – we all remembered so well how it was. We, beings of Light, not only from our Dhuman Adamic Race but those from other planets of Light departed in an assortment of brightly coloured space-crafts, these differed to spaceships for the spaceships served a different purpose and were huge compared to the space-crafts. Piloted by one of us at any time, he was able to look into the grandeur of the universe into millions of stars and planets as we passed by in a stream of the purest Light.

With us as we undertook this mission of mercy were the Elohim of Creation, the Archangels, Angels, Doorkeepers, Spiritual Guides, all went with us, incorporating as it was, all the Mighty Rays of God’s Creation.

As we set off there was the great hum of angelic voices singing in praise to our God, the beauty was such as had never been heard quite as that coming as it did from the very Heart of God. For He wanted those lost souls to return back to the Light.

As we neared this new universe, not new in the sense that it had only come into existence but new with the inhabitation of people, we dimmed our lights as did also our blessed helpers, all of us were as a pale shadow and were thus not noticed as we glided towards our destination.

Us beings of Light got out… our beloved Hosts who had travelled with us began to disappear into the mists of invisibility, so anyone seeing us would not be aware that we were not alone. However we knew and how happy that made us knowing we had such support from angelic Hosts from on high and all we had to do was to put out a thought and in but a moment, we, as they would be, would be invisible to human senses and sight.

We had been given the necessary gifts needed by those in this universe with the help and support the Godhead had deemed as being necessary. Therefore, as we walked together in two’s and three’s from different places on the outskirts of their universe we would generate no interest to these inhabitants wearing as we did the self same clothing supported by them.

Time went by….we knew we were not alone but felt so very far from our beloved Home high above the planes of earth in the highest of the golden realms of our Beloved Creator.

There came a time when one by one someone seemed to acknowledge us on a subtle level and we could see the glimmer of light begin again. We carried on still in contact with our beloved Hosts whom had undertaken this mission with us on behalf of The Creator.

So too were we in contact with our beloved Twin Souls, our Eternal Flames, who it must be said found it very difficult knowing where we were. But daily we communed one with the other and thus we were greatly helped in our mission.

Suddenly we were told that enough light had been re-generated with those on this universe and our Creator was well pleased and said we could plan our return Home back to our Beloved Atlantis, Venus and the Divine spheres, and for our helpers – they to their own planes and planets of existence which was beautiful to them as was ours to us.

Our return journey was a joyous one… the angelic Angels and Hosts sang in praise of our Beloved Creator whom we loved above all else.

The journey did not take long for though the distance was vast we in our brightly and much loved space-crafts were Home in no time.

Much was the rejoicing which carried on and blessed did we feel as we met up once again with our beloved ones and those in our Homelands from whom we had been away for too long.

We were all called to The Throne of The Most High and thanked by The Creator for our work of Light in His Service; thus did our thoughts remember how it had been. We were just glad that the Light had prevailed over the darkness and that Light and harmony reigned once again.

Till the next time, when through the different ages those of the planes of being – ensuring that those who wish to be helped, are.

Thanks be to our God, Beloved of us all and to the Mother-Son also and El Daoud, the Beloved; the Elohim of Creation; the Archangels and Angels, Hosts Around The Throne and all else who gave us their love, help and support in such a time of great need.


Sun-Ray, Beloved of The Sun.

13 November 2012



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