I Stand At The Gates Of Paradise


I Stand At The Gates of Paradise

by Pat Grabham – 2004

I Stand At the Gates of Paradise. My earth life has ended, I have travelled far to that Heavenly place beyond that Great Star which like the Holy Grail forever beckoned me to its very presence – my previous memories now in full remembrance.

I have finally realised yet again in the depths of my soul that the golden plan of my destiny has at last been fulfilled. Aeons of time have come and gone, centuries lived through – just so I could be with You.

The void in my life has been completely filled, yes, my cup over flows – awe and excitement flow through my inner being side by side, each emotion acting as a magnet to that still higher place from which aeons of time ago I set out on my eternal journey to give love, light and knowledge to humankind.

My pathway seemed like eternity – but with that there is no time for such passes by as in an instant; such was the density of earth – time was felt, loved at times, endured at others.

But now as I Stand at the Gates of Paradise, I have risen as if on Angels’ wings, my cycles of life pass their way in front of my vision like watching an Epic film – the Akashic Records of my whole existence have yet again given me great joy but also pain, for debits and credits have all been experienced.

I started off with a golden page but over so many aeons of time the good got pushed into the background at times but overall goodness and light prevailed.

My family, my twin-soul, loved ones through time glide joyfully towards me – their joy is as my own in having truly at last returned home.

That Golden Age was not a myth it actually was, yes and I lived, loved and breathed it then as I do now as I Stand once more at the Gates of Paradise.

At last my next ‘journey’ can begin in worlds less dense and in that recognition I am ecstatic to be where I am now.

About 2004.



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