Abraham Lincoln 16th US President

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Abraham Lincoln 16th US President  

With Suryananda and Saranyu.  

Abraham Lincoln comes to mind when the world and life was less kind. Long decades have passed since those days long gone when the world was so difficult for us slaves. It was a time of great upheaval and unrest, brother against brother, state against state, but through it all that light shone, although in retrospect we are sad to remember we could have appreciated more the light and effort Abraham Lincoln made to our lives and thus to those of our descendants.

Time has a habit of ensuring that when we look back we have gained a wider and all-encompassing awareness of what was. The pre-occupation of the self has long gone and in its place is that awe and wonder of being aware of the love and care which went into that abolition of slavery. It did not happen quite overnight but the seeds had been planted and like all fruit or flowers or trees, it began to take hold. The momentum had begun and all too soon it was a torrent of unrest and hurt and pain. Unbelievable heartache reached out to all; nobody was left unscathed by the sorrow, as different states tried to go their own way – taking what to them was the right stand. Of course life back then was very difficult. Just to survive for many was the goal, and that we did – just. Life for some of us who seemingly came through those times although appearing unscathed, was in fact not so. That inner and outer pain never left us and that life lived was one many of us were happy to leave behind.

Time and time again since in our spiritual homeland we have met and talked about those days which have been added to our tapestry of life. One of many – some a great deal better, others less so. But surprisingly as it may seem we had all planned that life – we had undertaken to be there in America during that era knowing full well the difficulties and pain we would all face. There were many reasons, and few explanations do we wish to give here. Suffice to say that we hold dear certain moments even now from that life many of us shared so long ago.

Returning to our spiritual home in the higher realms imagine our joy as not only once again did we meet up with loved ones and beings from aeons long gone whom we have loved ever since but in that very first time after that era when we returned home – some of us later than others, what a surprise and joy we were met with.   Each year there is a day when we slaves as we were known then together with other people who for one reason or another wish to share with their brothers and sisters attend a celebration in honour of Abraham Lincoln.

We in the spiritual planes have in memory and love for Abraham Lincoln a MONUMENT. It is glorious to behold and a joy to all who pass by on their way somewhere else – as is often the case.  There is a narrow slope which has quite small steps in the middle and this is made in a beautiful stone leading upwards quite a long way. To each side of these narrow steps and walkway there is a beautiful religious picture – each side looks the same. It is in stunning colours and has drawings drawn by the very best of the artists in the spiritual realms. As you look at these pictures – being the same either side of the steps you are aware that the faces of the people, many of women, are all facing to the left…. It is very noticeable that as it is not something once seen can be forgotten.

From time to time on special occasions we have seen our beloved benefactor walking up those narrow steps with one or two others, and we, his grateful people watch and raise our voices in song and prayer as we acknowledge the great debt we owe him.  

Thus is that MONUMENT which we have high in the realms of Light a reminder not only to us whose lives were greatly helped but for future generations whose pathways were made easier. Many have cause to thank Abraham Lincoln not only in that life when he was President of the United States but other life times also when our paths crossed and we again benefited from his kindness, great light and love shown to us, and where our other lives lived were made brighter by his presence.   Blessed be to our beloved brother for all time Abraham Lincoln. And so it is and will be again.


23 October, 2012.


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