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My Questions and Answers:

(What comes into my thoughts as I reflect on The Eye of Horus – I close my eyes for a moment)

As I do so, I see immediately a Large Cross, as used in the Crucifixion of Yeshua. The Crucifixion of Man. The Cross. The Moon takes Spirit Man to Earth Man, the Crucifixion into Matter. The Fall from Grace. Separation from the Spiritual Sun. The Karma of the World represented by the Moon, and Atlantis in its Dying Throws, as the Moon saw the Arks move away from the Mists, so the Moon has had to raise herself due to its own (Karmic Bond). Due to the darkness which was prevalent, so was The Eye of Horus Blind (Symbolically), representing those who remained in great darkness, as Atlantis was submerged under the waves, tsunami, and lost forever.

(So WHY Horus for this Mythical? Situation. What role did Horus play as Atlantis was destroyed to take on that (role) )

When the Arks arrived safe in their New Home, after the submerging of Atlantis, Horus made a Promise or Vow, thus that Myth “Came Into Being” to be known thereafter as The Eye of Horus.

It is not difficult, why, upon seeing The Large Cross, that my thoughts took me to Atlantis, where in its Ancient and Golden Days, was my Beloved Home. Seeing The Cross before me straight away, took me then to The Fall of Man and the Destruction of Atlantis.

That is for me the Secret of The Eye of Horus. Myth came into Being. Love and BEing.

For me, the Moon so often symbolises the last moments of Atlantis, from the Book by Mona Rolfe, “The Mists were Created by God to Protect them against the darkness, and the Moon, also, was hidden as those Arks sailed to Freedom and Safety”.

As those Arks set off in complete and utter silence, Protected by the Mists sent by the Lord God, each of those Lighted Beings who had intuitively known where their place was and went to this upon the Arks, as they had remained True to the Light of the Father Mother God, so the Arks sailed swiftly away from the devastation which was about to descend on and completely obliterate finally, our once Golden Atlantis, so did our Hearts sustain such deep wounds of pain and sorrow, which have remained in our inner being, even up to today, so very many Ages and Aeons later.

So, that is what The Eye of Horus Represents for me. Healing of those Memories, of the Remembrance of the very great darkness that existed and was witnessed by us as we left our Home, never to return, except in a different context. However, within The Temple and Halls of Amenti there are those records of how beautiful and glorious was Ancient Atlantis, as we lived, breathed, and walked within the Very Heart and Radiance of the Spiritual Sun – Son, sharing our Great Love and Devotion to God The Father Mother Son.

We who are Sons and Daughters of the Creator, thus gave our pledge to The Godhead, God The Son, Horus, and Amon Ra, as we looked far into the Future at the Role we would play, as the Infinite Light of the Creator, would once again Illumine all Life and Existence in all the Planes of Being, as the Lost Ones Return Home. Thus, The Eye of RA is Content, Love, Light, Compassion, and Inner Peace has Returned,

When the person is whole again, so do they see The Eye of Horus “Whole”, “Complete”, but The EYE OF RA has Taken Over. So for me, as my thoughts here show:

“We BEGIN with The Eye of Horus, but for Wholeness, we Revert To THE EYE OF RA”.

We Enter The Eye of Horus which Reveals The Cosmic Christ Consciousness, The Sun – Son.

Once I saw in the beginning The Cross then it was a natural progression. Yes. Who is known to me personally as Adam El Daoud, but not to all by this name, or God The Son, one can also say. The Prodigal Child has Returned Home.

(So “Who was Horus” apart from being the Son of Isis and Osiris, and the Grandson of God The Son) ?

I feel more will be revealed on Who Was Horus in the Future.

Going into The Eye of Horus can be likened to Going into a Storm. One is confronting one’s darkness “Before” it is Erased by The Light of The Sun God, God The Son, The Cosmic Christ.

So, “Who” Was Horus, before he was Horus ? God The Son, The Cosmic Christ. So, in effect to me, The Eye of Horus is JUDGEMENT of ourselves “Before we are Forgiven or Forgive Ourselves.

28 April, 2016.

Pat, Suryananda.



the eye of Horus lots  blue



3 thoughts on “THE EYE OF HORUS.

  1. Suryananda and Saranyu Adam El Daoud (Pat Grabham).

    Thank you new desert for your comments. Blessed this resonated with you. Pat ♥


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