6 June, 2015.

By Father, and Mother.


Beloved Children, I have been with you from the moment you first drew breath… but even before then, when you were but a much loved thought in My very Heart, Our Shared Heart that has and is there for you always, to tune into Me, your very existence is available for you to remember, which as you re-connect to your birth right will give you the peace which goes beyond anything you have ever imagined, witnessed or become aware of. That which beams forth from My very Being to you My children cannot be over emphasised, for it is beyond comprehension. The Masters, Sages, Seers of old knew a great deal, but today, as My beloved Gaia, has begun her Ascent, her cherished children too are and have begun to Ascend. This in Ages past, was what happened to the Great Masters, but today, I have opened those Portals of Awareness, Truth and Oneness to an extent never before been witnessed in any of My Worlds, Galaxies, isles, and indeed, Worlds and Galaxies to be travelled to by My loved children as they leave this life and go forward into Distant Worlds not yet in their consciousness.


Throughout the different Ages and Eras, all have wanted to know The Meaning of Creation.. the How, the Why, What For Meaning of Life Itself. Indeed wars came because of it, still do, terrible things have been undergone by My cherished children, but though the Ages long past, in this Aquarian Age, I decided along with Mother Gaia, that this would bring about and herald a NEW BEGINNING, a New Awareness would come into the consciousness of My Children, My People… never before understood but which with the unlimited Help, Support of my Team of Ascended Masters, Archangels, My Elohim, and all the other Hosts around My Throne, not to mention the Galactic Federation of Light, My Star Brethren on all their Different Worlds, Planets, Galaxies, Isles… they have all joined Me, Your Eternal Father, the one who Made you, who envisaged that which I chose for each and every one of you, when you drew your First Breath as you separated at that moment from within my Shared Heart and Yours, yours which at that time was the Breath of My Breath, but which I had Planned would separate, as you could say I and Your Mother, gave Birth to you, you were Breathed Forth, to enable each and every one of you to STAND ALONE, At-One, but also Separate, and in the separation was the Plan which I chose for you to experience Freedom, but as the Aeons and Ages would go on, those of you who had forgotten… would begin to remember, with the help and great advances which would come into fruition in this My Aquarian Age. By this time so many of the Star Wars had ended, the Worlds beyond Earth were mostly at peace, there are still a few warring Worlds, who are not within the loving format as the rest of the Star Galaxies, but I, your Father gave everyone Free Will.. that has never been taken away, and will be there always.


I cannot emphasise enough the enormous depth of help and direction which is being given to you My beloved children from the Galaxies beyond Gaia. You have been given the Violet Flame, from my most loyal, trusted and greatly loved, Saint Germain, this is a most precious tool to work with which not only will clear away your karma, but will lift you upwards to My Very Presence, through the generosity of my beloved Saint Germain, who, life after life, after life, has Served Gaia, as he has done also on other Planets and Star Systems. This Violet Flame is Eternal, it will never go out, it goes back to the Ancient of Days, and when but a Ray of Violet Light within the Very Heart of Me, your Father. I as Saint Germain has, through many channels who are spreading that Great Light, cannot emphasise enough the Power and Love which will literally transform everything… anything dark within you My cherished children, can with the use of My Violet Flame, carried under the banner of Saint Germain, has NO LIMITS. It is for you to make use of this as you wish. It cannot be used by those not of the Light, their power if you like, cannot reach The Violet Flame, even though in the past this has been attempted.


Also, my dearest Archangel Michael, carries and has brought forth into yet another Age, The Mighty Blue Flame, which with his Earth Eagles, has no limits to you My Children, who wish to tune into and become One with this Mighty Blue Flame. It can only ever be used for good, as can the Violet Flame, so nobody who is not of the Light will ever be able to use it to their advantage. Archangel Michael’s Earth Eagles are Mighty Spiritual Warriors and can move the ground from under your feet to protect you, if that is your destiny, and you have asked for their help. To ask puts into the Ether, that which will enable you to go forward in safety and joy.


You have to remember also My Children, that with Reincarnation, a concept not accepted by all cultures and faiths, but which lies at the very Heart of Me, who am Your Beloved Father. The tragedies you are seeing in Gaia today were known in advance to the peoples’ of those countries, individuals, all chose that life and existence upon themselves as they were to go forward into new beginnings. Therefore, do not judge the life of another, for sometimes it is the ones which seem to you of the more western world, sad, but which that soul chose with deliberation and much planning from their Guides, Teachers, Angels, and many Spiritual Helpers over a long time before the wheels were set in motion for yet another Earth existence. So much planning and design went into this, you cannot envisage the extent of every major incident in each soul’s life, remembering you all have been given free-will by Myself, and that will never change, even those who are not of the Light, My Love goes out always to them, as also from my Hosts Around My Throne, My Legions of Light, all work tirelessly and with great love and dedication to help those who would seem ‘lost’ to remember, for in that remembrance lies Peace, Love which encompasses all Life, all existence, the Shared Hearts of all inhabitants on all My Many Worlds, Galaxies, Planes of Being, in the very act of their recollection, transformation takes place, that hurt, anger, resentment, bitterness, whatever negativity is being felt by those souls, is swept away by a tsunami of love, love so great that it has moved mountains, stopped volcanoes, and transported those who feel it and share it, to avenues not explored enough by you dear ones.


Those who meditate see visions and experiences not of this Earth. In the past, many have not got into meditation, but in this Age of Great Change and Awareness, where Mother Gaia, has Ascended into 5D, away from the earlier 3D she was in, and as My Loyal and Loved Band of Masters, Teachers, Galaxies and Star Systems, The Galactic Federation of Light, the Many Star Ships, Star Fleets, in what you would call the Outer Space, DIRECT their Higher Awareness, Love and Light to all the inhabitants on Gaia, the sheer volume of Spiritual Light, has enabled your very structures within you to change, your DNA has and is changing, back to its original format, your physical bodies are becoming more refined and crystalline in nature, the Re-Coding has been taking place for some time, but this year in particular, there has been a tsunami of high density changes which can do nothing but enable you My Children to begin to remember and recollect Home.


Many of you wonder, why was this the case. I say to you that in the beginning of time as you would say but which in essence means in the NOW…. for anyone can travel back to those Ancient of Days when each individual one of you were breathed forth from The Godhead, standing alone for that first time. As a mother and father today watch as their children take their first independent steps, so I and your Divine Mother, we too, watched as we saw our greatly loved Children take their first steps away from within our Shared Heart. You who are parents know that always you think of your children, no matter how many years of Earth existence they have lived, they are still your children, well so it is with Myself, your Father, and Mother, to us, you are always Our Cherished Children.


Some of you who are more advanced and spiritually realised, are aware that there are indeed many Star Systems within the Galaxies of My Created Universes. You wonder perhaps why they are different…. why some have different qualities, different types of inhabitants, different ways of being… well the answer is simple. Within My Thoughts as I Created Life…. I did not confine Myself to one aspect of a particular branch upon My Tree of Life. I chose to bring forth a myriad of different Star Systems, Isles, Planets, Galaxies, and Suns, all revolving round their own individual Galaxies. Some of those early Galaxies, no longer exist, they have been developed by those Star Brethren to enter into different Worlds as their awareness and understanding, love for all of life grew, so did their own Homes which they lived upon. Today there are many many worlds not accessible to the people on Earth, for they are only able to be accessed by those whose vibrations have been raised to a much higher level as also their love for humanity and all forms of life. For LIFE is VIBRATION, each Planet and Galaxy, Isle and Star Ship, Star Fleet, exists and moves and has their being within their very own Vibration of Light and Energy. Thus dear Children, for you to remember and recollect the true nature of your existence and be able to tune into Me, who am Your Father, The Creator, what is needed is that your rate of vibration changes, it is raised to a higher frequency, thereby enabling you to ascend higher in your awareness of all that is, has been and will be. For so many of you it does and has taken a great deal of effort, for many of you who are very old souls, you have all lived for millions of years upon this Earth planet, far away from your Heavenly Homes, Planets, Galaxies, Star Ships, Star Fleets, and the programmed thinking of living in a 3D vibration, has taken its toll on so many of you as your memories of our Shared Homes in all the Different Planes of Existence, has been hidden with the veil of Earth covering your souls you could say. But as I have said above, today, as you are advancing into the Aquarian Age, Help, Support, Direction, the changing of your DNA, Crystalline Bodies, all are experiencing rapid changes enabling you to come to thoughts you never have before. To accept different threads of belief that never before have you remembered in this life, these new thoughts are not new, they are your Higher Self and you tuning into Creation.


My Star Fleets, Star Ships, are vast, covering thousands of miles when measured by Earth’s standards. They encompass The White Winds, The Phoenix, The Golden Rose, all have vast powers of Light, Love and unlimited patience as they wait for you to connect with them, thereby enabling your consciousness to be raised, your recognition of the meaning of Creation as you acknowledge that you and both your Father and Mother, and Nature, all are encompassed within the Shared Heart, for as My Heart beats to its own rhythm, thus yours when attuned does beat in tandem with Mine, with your Mother, with Gaia, we are never separate, we are as One as we always have been. This understanding and meaning as the love experienced, will constantly deepen as your higher heart resonates to the sounds of your own individual birth note, the note and vibration of your own soul, unlike no other, for just as finger-prints taken today in your Earth, so unique are each and every one of you to Myself and your Mother.


So many of you have affinities with some countries more than others… for different ages and eras, but of course there are innumerable eras not recorded by Earth for they exist pre-history, going back millions of years ago. When you have a feeling of happiness in one particular age or era, it is very often the case that much happiness was experienced by you in that time. It was not always physical, sometimes, much spirituality was experienced, a life of service which gave your souls happiness. Not only that but all of you My Children have taken on an existence, as both a female energy as well as a male energy, thereby balancing your understanding of the different qualities and vibrations needed.


In this Aquarian Age however, the return of the Feminine Goddess and Her qualities of all-encompassing love, light, forgiveness, have been coming into play. Now there is a large awareness among you of the need and necessity as Gaia once again is lighted by the Goddess as compared to the Male energies through these Ages and Centuries past which have brought about war, troubles and strife, even continuing in some parts of Gaia today. Not everyone will become aware of the Light in their present life time, it is for their higher self and soul to recognise what is the true nature of their soul. At some stage they will. No matter who passes over to the other side of life, when death has taken place, all are met and taken to the Light by their own Angels and there are always Light-bearers who are ready to assist.


Those of you My Children, who are able to look beyond your 3D condition from this life in days past, and are able to think outside the box as it were, being aware of the many different Star Systems, Orion, Sirius, Venus, Arcturus, Andromeda, the Pleiades, and other Galaxies, will find that you begin to notice changes, first they could seem very little, but as you meditate if you can, just be quiet and let your earth mind be still, you will begin to be conscious of so much more for now is the time of the Awakening, the Harvest long foretold has come upon My Beloved Gaia, and just as Gaia herself has raised her consciousness above 3D with the Great Light and Support of My Hosts, so also can you My Children, become aware of Greater Infinite Life so  much more than you have ever thought of, exists, is calling to you, to remember, to recollect, to return Home with your Shared Heart along with your Star Family, thereby all being borne upwards as you all as a collective rise upward in unified consciousness of love for all humanity, for all existence, for the love and welfare of every inhabitant in all the Galaxies, Planes of Being.


With my deepest love to you all from Your Father, and Mother also.




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