As always, prior to listening to this Fourth Future Codes, I had taken deep breaths, and asked that I, Suryananda, tune into my Higher Self and to that of the Truth and Light, having no expectations other than to attune myself to that which Father, Melchisadek has envisaged my future – spiritual pathway to be, from that time when I was first breathed forth. I asked the Star Brethren, Anubis and Antares to be with me again.

I set off as usual on my golden double sided pyramid, sitting in my golden chair, whereby my pyramid turnt, and I spun round as once again I arrived at the King’s Chamber in the Great Pyramid of Giza. Anubis was there, this time still in his long cloak, but it was of a Cobalt Blue colour, we smiled as always, and my dear Unicorn, Antares was there also, we both spoke joyfully at meeting agin. (This will be a regular occurrence now, that both Anubis and Antares will be with me whenever I do my meditations, of course I will have Archangel Michael, Ptah also, and other Beings of Light, but they remain there always).

I closed my eyes, held my Atlantean Crystal, which is so very special to me, and pressed the Future Codes to play.

Very soon today, after it seemed only a couple of minutes …… I was aware of Father – Melchisadek ….. He was seated at the top of again, Beautiful Golden Steps, wearing his Golden Cloak, and he spoke to me. What was fascinating today is that although when Melchisadek spoke to me recently, once from Source, which was very very deep, powerful and measured, and again when Father came down the Golden Steps and mentioned our Father and Daughter relationship when I was Martha, then we have had one or two other conversations, until yesterday, when I arrived on Venus and spoke to Melchisadek where he mentioned about being given a REMIT for Sun-Ray and myself, as well as other Star Brethren ….. today, what was so interesting was that Melchisadek’s voice was so very slow …… it was very measured, and therefore as I listened to Father speaking, in reply when I spoke, my own voice was much slower and deeper in its way of speaking, and this I feel went a long way in helping me to remember that which passed between us. We talked together for a long time …. in fact I played the Future Codes for 35 minutes, and nearly all of that was when I was speaking to Father …… apart from at the end, when I arrived back at the Kings Chamber, I went over in my thoughts our conversation to ensure that I would be able to remember as much as I could from our awesome meeting. Love you Father.

A point of interest …… after Altair had suggested I asked Father what did he mean when he said yesterday to me that I had this REMIT of spiritual work to take forward, together with Sun-Ray and other Light Beings ….. so before going into this Fourth Session, I had asked Melchisadek if he would be able please to give me greater light on what it meant, if that was his wish. So a couple of times through the day and just before this Session began, I had thought of this question what did the words REMIT mean …. and so had asked Father if he could possibly give me further details.

Melchisadek began talking to me, as I type these words now, 30 minutes since I stopped today’s Session, I am aware that not all will be remembered, but I will do my best to bring forth what was said…. I do have reminders still from what took place.

Father said to me that the REMIT was about CREATION …. CREATION …. CREATION and that to myself, Suryananda, Sun-Ray, and some of the other Star Brethren, Creation and all its meaning would have greater insights and depths revealed, as layer by layer, the veils were being removed, so that greater understanding would be theirs, to those who had eyes to see and ears to hear at what was about to be un-veiled to humanity and the life forces of all that exist, through the different Galaxies and Star Systems. Melchisadek repeated this several times and I spoke back and we had the most wonderful dialogue going, his voice being so slow and deep, thus mine also not being in its usual vibration. I feel that this change of vibration had a lot to do with myself, Suryananda, remembering that which we were talking about, as the time we spent conversing was the longest we have spoken to since I began just recently being in communication with my beloved Father.

On one or two occasions, I had to wipe my eyes as my tears came.

I, Suryananda, and Sun-Ray, went up these steps, we both had blue clothing on, and I seemed to be wearing a long blue dress, possibly several shades with some white. I seemed to turn back as I climbed these stairs, and it was as if as Sun-Ray and myself made our way up these stairs, this heralded our New Role – Mission – Remit …. as we led the way with our Star Brethren as our role would be carried out on Creation …. Creation …. Creation.

After we had climbed these steps, it was that we walked along this Golden Walkway ….. this was very beautiful and along the insides of this walkway were Golden Statues, engraved within the gold itself. We were accompanied by Angelic Hosts, Angelic Beings, the Elohim, all walked it seemed with us as we walked in love and joy along this golden route. (Although as I type this I was not aware, but I feel there would have been some Celestial music playing as all of us went forward into our future role on bringing forth greater understanding and meaning on Creation …. Creation …. Creation. It was very joyful and we were all deeply blessed by this).

Melchisadek went on to mention also the Temple of the Sun God ….. this he said was somewhere I had lived and been a great part of during more than one culture, era …. so much so that my footsteps were deeply imbedded in its very essence and being. As Father mentioned the Temple of the Sun God …. I saw in my vision, the Temples which are shown of the Temple of the Sun God ….. Golden Steps and Golden Temple.

By this time, quite a lot of time had passed with Father talking to me, and with me replying or asking questions, as I feel once or twice I did ask Melchisadek a question, and he seemed to respond.

From time to time I was aware of the music playing, it seemed exquisite in places and felt full of the Music of the Heavens, as it seemed to take me to another place, away from the Earth.

This would appear to be all in summing up of what Father and myself had talked about …… I felt at one time I said much love to God the Mother, God the Son, and God the Daughter, and I feel Melchisadek said that God the Son was now like complete, as God the Daughter was with him.

I thanked Melchisadek for having such a wonderful talk with him, saying that I was indeed honoured and blessed, and that I hoped we could talk again.

I then returned to the King’s Chamber, in the Great Pyramid of Giza, where I spoke to Anubis and Antares, and said what a wonderful meeting we had had with Father – Melchisadek, and thanked them for being there with me; I thanked Ptah also, and Archangel Michael and the other Star Beings who were with me, and of course my Higher Self. I stayed a few minutes whilst playing the Future Codes another time whilst going over in my thoughts this amazing experience, so that I would forget nothing.

I took leave of the King’s Chamber, leaving in my golden pyramid which turnt clockwise, as I once more spun around, arriving back home to my armchair in my lounge.

END of Fourth Future Codes, Wednesday. 3 June, Suryananda, (As I mentioned above, these lasted for about 35 minutes, with my communication with Melchisadek beginning more or less straight away, only I would say a couple of minutes. I could have gone on longer when speaking to Father, but I thought that the energies were such that it was good to leave so I could make my notes, and I also felt that what had been envisaged by Father to be said to myself during this fourth Session, had taken place).

NB: I have not commented here on my Twin Flame, Divine Consort’s name for now, as he is the Higher Self of SunRay. Pat, Suryananda.






    1. Melchisadek of whom my relationship refers to goes back to Source, to Ancient Atlantis millions of years ago, (and not as some spiritual channellers believe 250,000 years ago), where Melchisadek was also around at the same time in Venus many millions of years ago also, and who is connected to The Ray Children and Adam El Daoud, The Father King of The Dhuman Adamic Race, known also as Ptah, The Beloved of Atlantis. He and I have shared many life times together since those ancient days. Yes, I was also initiated into The Order of Melchisadek and the 144,000. Melchisadek has had many life times over the Aeons and Ages, but when I refer to him, I go back to the above where are Divine and Close Bond of Love exists. Pat, Suryananda.


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