MESSAGE FROM ANTARES, MY UNICORN, who had spoken a few weeks earlier to me through Direct Voice.





Antares King of Unicorns, with his Twin Flame, Antara,

Queen of Unicorns on Antares.  4 July, 2015.


I, Antares, send my love to you dear one.

Today marks the beginning of a new era for us… For you, myself and my beloved twin flame, whom you know as Antara…. We have shared many life times, tears of joy, sorrow, and great happiness, all being encompassed in those NOW moments… The love we share has never died, it is and has been there throughout time, and our Wings will envelop you dear one as your future life unfolds, unto its chosen pre-planned destiny.

We hear you when you think of us… We are with you always, as each day goes into the next, as you tune into both the past, present – NOW – and future thoughts, they are all encompassed as I have said in the NOW moment. Nothing new exists, for you as a multi-dimensional being have many facets (my tears) to your being.

I am from as you know dearest Suryananda, the planet Antares… you have indeed been there many times, too many to count, both myself King of the Unicorns on Antares and Antara, Queen of the Unicorns on our Planet, welcome all.. Indeed many lighted ones such as yourself come and join us for a while. Time has no significance in our world… It is as it is… The moments are Eternal, as is our great love for you Suryananda.

We met long ago… In times of danger you could say. I, Antares, was struck by your courage, your fighter spirit to Serve the Light. The wish to serve the Light….. The Creator, Godhead.. Owe you and others like you much. The Godhead were touched by the great love shown by you and those of the Light who ventured into places at those times unknown to you…. That took courage.

Since those times, both myself and my beloved Antara have been forever with you. Since you first came into this existence on planet Earth, we have been with you. We knew when you saw those white horses as a child… It set you upon an inner awareness, on an unconscious level …. But the foundations had been laid, till as the years progressed, more and more your antenna as to what lay ahead of you and our meeting had taken those first steps upwards to where we, have waited and watched, loved and shared with you, your experiences in this life.

We are Protectors to you, not only in this life, but in past existences. We work alongside Archangel Michael and His Earth Eagles, Ptah, Amen-Bey, Anubis, – together as well as some of your much loved Earth friends who are Protectors. Us Protectors are there forever.. It is a Role or Remit as your Father would say that we have taken upon ourselves to be of service. We serve those of the Light.

That is not to say we do not help others… For we do.. We show them signs, bring about to their consciousness, ways which their emotional nature will relate to, thus they will and do at times, climb further steps up towards the Light. We are there, as Guardians of the Light, dear friend, not only to you our much loved one, but my Planet Antares, hosts many gatherings where such matters are discussed and different courses of action planned.

Some weeks ago I spoke to you by Direct Voice… It sounded as you thought that my Voice came from Source… It did in its way, for my vibration and energies transcended time, distance was no barrier, the fact we had communed one with the other in silent conversation with you hearing my Voice within your consciousness… And myself, hearing the vibration of your much loved voice silently speaking direct to me, as I had been looking forward to that first moment of conscious awareness on your part for a very long time.

Yes, we did see each other in September 2012, that first awareness took hold… Again whilst listening to the Source Codes, our second significant milestone took place, and you saw myself, Antares, as I bowed my head in love to you, my dearest Suryananda, the delight on your soul left me and Antara in tears, tears of joy at the realisation that now those further journeys together can begin in earnest.

We have much to share with you as we help you to remember those Ancient Days from times long gone… As the past is brought to your attention,those memories of the planned pathway you have chosen will be recognised and acted upon. We are as a catalyst, a dearly loved signpost, which, we who love you so dearly, will leave you signs and clues as you journey forward in this your last Earth life.

This we know has brought insurmountable joy to your whole being as it has ours… For when you are happy then so are we.

Antares – Our Love for you is as the Lake of Infinity, laugh…. No beginning or end.. It is Eternal and Everlasting.

You have come to Antares many times with your Twin Flame, Divine Consort, together you have sat upon us, your dearest Unicorns, and we have journeyed far and wide upon our Planet, Antares… Exploring many different places, lovingly seeing the joy and delight expressed by the two of you, as well as other welcomed visitors, friends we say through time. We so love to welcome those of the Light and our Home is always available to those. Indeed during sleep, when the physical and mental emotions are laid aside, and those on earth are able to visit Antares, they do, in their Light Bodies taking back a memory, a dream, where upon we smile amongst ourselves, at another step forward to those souls.

One step leads to another, then another, until almost without thinking, many steps upwards into the Higher Dimensions have been climbed..Thus is our joy as these beautiful occasions unfold as a Petal to the Sun. Ah, dear one, that is another much loved subject, symbol, laugh again..

Goodbye for now Suryananda… We will talk again, and look forward to that time with a joyful heart.

Antares and Antara.

4 July, 2015.

Suryananda is the name given to me by God Mother, Evam Arbel from Source.




Painting artist unknown.


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