Divine Paradise. Ancient Atlantis. Suryananda and Saranyu.

Divine Paradise. Ancient Atlantis. Suryananda and Saranyu.
Suryananda and Saranyu, Beloved of God Father Mother.

Twin Flames, Divine Consorts from Divine Paradise.


I, as it is well known, cannot separate Atlantis from my  beloved Saranyu, where Adam El Daoud, whom I have been deeply aware of since 1985, as The Father King of the Dhuman Adamic Race, was a “later” embodiment of Saranyu my Twin Flame. The two go hand in hand, twin flame to twin flame, the left and right, centre, of all there is, as we once again remember and share our Divine Twin Flame, Divine Consort togetherness, as was envisaged by God Father Mother. For some time a few hours ago I was looking into my heart and soul and remembering, at times consciously, others beneath the surface of Earth’s veil of forgetfulness, but which, as these last eleven months have shown, having become aware of our Divine one-ness, has set into play, magnetic and electrical forces beyond what I had thought on Earth would be so, as we reside in different planes of existence, as I live out yet another life on Gaia, so far from our Home. Just to reflect for a moment, brings my beloved to me, to allow that extra time, and especially when listening to the Yeshua Codes, which helps to change my DNA whilst here on Earth, taking me back to Divine Paradise, where Saranyu, and I, Suryananda, were Breathed forth from God Father Mother, when we were then bathed in the Infinite Love of the Godhead, such moments are forever a part of my very heart-beat. My soul and my beloved, are one. We sing to the same tune and note of vibration, two as one, one love, one life, one state of Divine bliss ensues as once again we join and merge together, that which had been chosen by Our Father in His contemplation when that which has now been manifested, was then hidden, un-manifested, not yet Breathed forth into being from the very heart of The Creator.

These last few hours as both Saranyu and I, once again, shared in the bliss of knowing each other, even though there is so much more to know and be aware of and understood, and also to complete our full circle of merging together, whilst we are in different planes of existence and being. Me, here on Earth and my beloved in the Divine Spheres, waiting for me to re-join him there when this Earth life ceases and we return to that Divine one-ness, which exists, and has been for all time, as we have gone through and will go through Eternity, side by side, arm in arm, beloved of each other.

The last few hours have once again reminded me of our much remembered and loving moments in March. After which, I was so blessed that God The Mother, Evam Arbel, spoke to me saying, “Bless you, Evam Arbel, for looking after My Son”. Today that happened again. I recognise that those precious moments have returned as a tsunami of love, adoration and bliss, as both God The Son and I, once again take those steps back and forward into remembering on my part whilst far away on Earth, our Divine Twin Flame, Divine Consort love which transcends both time and space, for where we are concerned being in different worlds is no hindrance, for us and our Divine Cosmic one-ness, together and forever as one. One soul, one heart, one mind, able to separate at will, able to merge one with the other, as was chosen for us by our beloved Father, sharing as does God The Mother, in the Twin Flame, Divine Consort one-ness, which has no beginning and no end, it is Eternal, as we journey forward through this Earth life, and later, together as one. Such then is our Divine bliss and joy. Without each other, yes, life carries on, it has it good moments, but beneath the surface, I, and I know my beloved Twin Flame, Divine Consort feel we are walking in the shade, when together, we walk in The Sun, with The Son.

Today, I feel, marks a new chapter in our Divine relationship, for as I remember more, so do we share and enfold one another in that pure bliss of Cosmic one-ness, and which as the days, weeks and months unfold before us, takes us both once more back to Divine Paradise from where our Twin Flame, Divine Consort being, originated, and where we return, so often, after each Earth life has ended, as we refresh our heart and soul, one with the other, together for all time as one.

Suryananda and Saranyu, Beloved of the Father Mother.

And Our Home in Divine Paradise. 12 May, 2016.


Suryananda is the name given to me by God Mother, Evam Arbel, from Source.




Painting artist unknown.


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