Suryananda and Saranyu venture into a Future World together.



Suryananda and Saranyu venture into a Future World Together.

1 June, 2016.


It was late afternoon and I thought before I looked for my Future World vision – meditation from last year in my emails I would just sit, listen to the Yeshua Codes with my Atlantean crystal NaRahAh on my right shoulder bone, and aim to get back into feeling the energies which have just returned as I hoped to feel closer to my beloved Twin Flame, Divine Consort, Saranyu. So although I did not have my email on my Future vision – meditation to hand, I was aware of what I had written on some of what had taken place during May 2015 over the last few days.

The energies seemed to come more or less straight away and I let them flow, longing for more, and them becoming deeper. First of all that was what I was thinking of.

Then, Saranyu and myself were once again on our white horses, smile, this had been such a frequent and regular occurrence over the visions  meditations last year, and these last two days. It seems Saranyu and myself and white horses go together. I then became aware of like a spacecraft, this had a very large expanse of what could be termed plastic sides covering such a large area that it was as if one was not enclosed at all. Saranyu and myself and our two horses walked into this spacecraft and the door was shut and we glided along rather speedily. At one stage we were on the ground and another we seemed to be airborne, before returning to the ground. We then got out of this spacecraft. For a moment this reminded me of a dream twenty plus years ago when I was looking at this lone pilot in this brightly coloured spaceship which consisted of two colours, pink and blue, one being his hair and the other the spaceship which had been fascinating to see.

At one stage I seemed to be looking at the sand and sea, like gold, beige or white sands and the blue of the sea. I tried to get the energies and vibrations, and for a moment the thought of Divine Paradise came into my thoughts. I thought or sensed vivid flowers, not sure about birds. However all of a sudden I was looking at quite a few pink flamingoes, say eight to twelve, difficult to know how many, but quite a few which were such a surprise that I laughed out loud.

Then Melchisadek seemed to join Saranyu, myself, and our two horses. This brought a few tears a I remembered my meditations last May. The Gold clothing he appeared to be wearing seemed to last longer as I looked at him. Of course the very concept of trying to tune into that Future World from last year was that in that vision – meditation of the future , I was talking to Melchisadek about wishing and hoping to Write on Creation. I felt in the beginning both Saranyu and myself were dressed in blue colours. Saranyu seemed to be wearing a royal blue outfit which as I looked seemed to go back to more of our Aquamarine Ray blue colour. I just sensed I was wearing blue.

Saranyu, myself and our two horses seemed to spend some time in this spacecraft gliding round over this Future World, as I kept going back to us in this. This spacecraft seemed very roomy, big enough for us and our horses.

At one stage I heard the Honeymoon Suite and I felt Saranyu swept me up in his arms as we were going there, I felt a very happy emotion, and it is well known, that I love being swept off my feet by Saranyu, laugh. I seemed to hear clapping at one stage as if our Star Family, some of them, were cheering, smiling, and clapping at my remembrance or awareness of this Future World I was tuning into.

After some time I sensed that I had gone into as much as I was going to do and so just continued to sit in my chair with my eyes closed, and half dozed off. Once I woke up I noted as much as I could from this happening and don’t feel I have left anything out. This is now the second of two days where it seems I am tuning into our Future World which Saranyu and myself are living, breathing and being within, for as has been said if this did not already exist, then I would not be able to tune into this.

This has continued to bring Saranyu and myself closer, carrying on from yesterday. Hearing Saranyu say then, “The Great Seal is opening further dear one”, was very meaningful and profound, meaning that it was the opening further of my heart to receive even more of the Light and is of special significance to Christ and The Buddha. Again, during yesterday’s meditation, Saranyu and myself were riding our white horses, as I saw us, myself as when I saw Arabella, my Higher Self with yellow hair, quite long and loose, last year when doing the Venus Exercise, with my hair flowing behind me. Yesterday, also, Saranyu swept me up in his arms as he has done now a couple of times which brings great joy and bliss. Also yesterday, I saw a lot of white doves being released. This could have denoted freedom not only for me, for Saranyu, but for other beings in different ways.

Suryananda and Saranyu.

1 June 2016.

Arabella is the name of my Higher Self, whereas Suryananda is the name given to me by God Mother, Evam Arbel, from Source.



Painting artist unknown.


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