Knight Bedivere, Beloved friend of King Arthur, Alchemy & The Holy Grail.

Knight Bedivere, Beloved friend of King Arthur, Alchemy & The Holy Grail.

Spoken to Suryananda, 31 May, 2015.


I, Bedivere, would like to share some deep and profound moments from my life here with King Arthur, which even today remains deeply embedded in my heart and soul on so many levels, layers, golden threads which today have once again come into their Planned and Foretold Pattern as the New Cosmic Energies unfold as the people of Earth remember much that us Knights, Merlin, Arthur, High Priestesses and Family  knew then. We have come Full Circle as was Ordained in that The Round Table is being lived once again in Secret Groups or Individually, as those of the Light once more play their role in helping others to Remember, that Which Has Been and Will be, albeit in a Different Role with Today’s Cosmic Energies.

The lighted being known as Yeshua, shared with us all from Arthur’s time,  both in large and small groups – secrets from both the past, into past origins of the many universes and galaxies in the universes of the Creator, as well as teaching us what to expect and be alert to as our future lives unfolded. We talked long into the nights on many occasions as we prepared ourselves for our lives in this Era with King Arthur in the Centuries Ahead.

During those time when the light was fading in Britain, Arthur and his Knights together with Merlin, his great friend and companion, indeed guide and brother, from many incarnations going back to their very origins, as well as Merlin’s family, and the High Priestesses, all would have their own unique role to play to enable each part of that mighty jigsaw beloved of The Creator, to come to fruition, leaving behind memories of a golden age, which would be as myths and legends except for those with enough spiritual light from the Source to tune into and remember that which took place as indeed Alchemy was indeed turned into the Purest Gold of the Spirit.

I am sharing this now of what took place during what to me was and still is a life of great meaning, being very profound, not only with all of the Knights, King Arthur, Merlin, High Priestesses, and family, but for the depth of higher awareness which we as Knights and King Arthur shared during the many action filled days and nights, as we went in search of not only the Holy Grail but to put into operation those promises we each undertook and were initiated in during the days of Yeshua. Without exception, all of us Knights, Arthur,  Merlin, High Priestesses, and family, were initiated into the Great White Brotherhood, or known as The Order of Melchisadek. During that life I, Bedivere lived during the time of Yeshua, and those others, greatly loved of the Master, many coded symbols were shown to us whilst we travelled in our Bodies of Light to the many different Etheric Retreats above Earth, where we learnt how to understand the mathematics of the way the Universe unfolded, spun round on its axel, how to be aware of parallel universes, multi-dimensional facets of our very existence, and the ability to travel beyond the realms of linear time. We learnt that whilst dreaming we were able to access the Akashic Records, as often we as a group would arrive in our light bodes full of excitement and joy realising that we were looking into the future whilst in that NOW moment, something not recognised upon Gaia.

We the Knights, Arthur, Merlin, High Priestesses, and family, and others close to Arthur, shared with each other many memories of days gone by of the different cultures we had each lived, as well as remembering that in those days also, we incarnated to hold aloft the Flame of chivalry and truth as we played out our own individual roles in Camelot and its one true King, Arthur.

Merlin acted as a catalyst for us Knights and even Arthur himself learnt much, some new things of Alchemy and of those higher worlds, at other times it was just a case of recollections from the Lands of Myths and Legends, where unicorns, fairies, dragons, elementals etc came to visit and shared with us in their own individual ways, where much joy and laughter took place.

Over and above all, I as Bedivere get asked time and time again… what happened when you threw the sword Excalibur into the Lake – what happened, what took place, was the sword really caught by the Lady in the Lake, did she speak. Each time I get asked those familiar questions by people interested in those myths and legends I smiled at them, recognising their yearning for what in reality was a meaningful life, lived to its fullest.

It was a morning full of angst for me Bedivere as Arthur lay fatally wounded… There are many tears as I share these words of those moments, knowing that my beloved Arthur does not appear to have long for this earth world… for the very fact that Arthur has asked me to throw his beloved sword Excalibur into the Lake shows only too clearly… that Arthur himself is aware his time for transition has arrived and with that the end of his time upon Gaia.

I am asked to take Excalibur to the Lake… which is very very near, just yards almost… so I walk with tears streaming down my face whilst at the same time I cannot see where I am going… so great a loss do I, Bedivere feel.

Arriving as I did… I could not bring myself to throw Excalibur into the Lake… it was just too painful to let Arthur’s sword Excalibur go.. being thrown in the icy Lake… instead I buried it just near by and went back to Arthur and said yes… I had thrown Excalibur back into the Lake.

Arthur asked me what had happened.. I said nothing, the icy Lake had taken the sword Excalibur and it had sunk into the depths of the Lake… lost forever to mortal man.

Arthur then said, dearest Bedivere, you know you have always been my rock… my support, as both Knights and much loved friends we have shared this precious life together, but please.. for my sake, throw Excalibur into the Lake, and come back and tell me what happens.

I, Bedivere, return to the Lake.. and again… as I type these words now, and as I have so often through different times think.. how could I have not done that which Arthur asked of me, I, Bedivere, his most trusted of Knights to have failed him at that pivotal moment, but alas, again, I cannot do it, I cannot throw Arthur’s cherished sword Excalibur into the Lake… so again, I go back to the badly wounded Arthur and say, yes, this has been done…. again, Arthur asks me, my dearest Bedivere, please tell me what happened when you threw Excalibur into the Lake… of course as I had failed to do this what could I say, apart from that I had seen nothing.

I knew looking at Arthur’s face.. that he knew that this final task I had been asked to do for him had not been done, and with tears again streaming down my face and uniform, so that I could barely see Arthur… I said that I could not throw Excalibur into the Lake… for it meant too much to Arthur and us Knights.

Arthur looked at me with those wonderfully kind and loving eyes and said…. dearest Bedivere, you know and I know.. that in the wrong hands Excalibur has great power… now it has been taken out of its original resting place, to be taken by anyone would be fatal… for the future of the Realm and of the integrity of us Knights you have to throw Excalibur into the Lake, and tell me what happens. At this, I shed further tears and said how sorry I was not to have followed his instructions, and go back to Excalibur… THIS TIME… having paused only a moment or two…remembering what Arthur has said about the real threat to the Realm if Excalibur finds its way into any other than Arthur as its custodian… I look around at what has become rather misty… the mists have begun to circulate… but then THE SUN COMES OUT… and I look at the Lake, thinking I must throw Excalibur as far into the Lake of Avalon as I can….. so taking a deep breath and asking for strength – with a great throw from myself, Bedivere, Excalibur has NOW LEFT my hands, it is now being returned to its Destiny as was envisaged by the Most High… Melchisadek, as having been initiated into The Order of Melchisadek, this I knew was ordained to take place.

I kept my eyes open as I wished not to miss one second as Excalibur went beneath the waters of the icy Lake… but as I was looking at its speed having thrown it, realising I had been helped by the Lighted Beings… to my fascination and great joy, I looked on in wonder and happiness as our great and trusted friend to Arthur and us Knights… was taken hold of by the Lady in the Lake, stretched out her hand and smiling rose above the water as a phoenix does from the ashes, but this was water and not fire. As the Lady in the Lake took Excalibur, she smiled at me with the greatest of love and said, “thank you Bedivere for this and for your great love for Arthur and the Knights and all that you have undertook and shared with Arthur, the Knights, Merlin and family, you have been truly blessed as we have in following your many adventures with Arthur and the others.

As I looked in fascination, this scene being imbedded into my very being, Excalibur whilst still being held aloft in the hand of the Lady in the Lake, became a LIVING, GOLDEN FLAME OF LIQUID ENERGY, INDEED ALCHEMY AT ITS VERY BEST HAD TAKEN PLACE AND THE SWORD OF EXCALIBUR WAS NOW A LIQUID GOLDEN FLAME OF THE PUREST KIND… and as I looked and my very being absorbed this wondrous happening, it came to me that I, Bedivere, had just seen the Holy Grail in its purest form, and that this was to be the New Holy Grail …. Life Everlasting …. the Nectar of the Gods and all that we as Knights had longed searched for.

My life too then felt complete it was at that moment that I too knew that I was ready at any moment to leave Earth.

Going back to Arthur …. and telling him what I had seen, I shed a few tears knowing that all was at it had been destined to be …. the Holy Grail had been found …. and had returned to Source …. As he, Arthur , knew very soon …. he would also be. Together we shared silent and profound moments …. never to be forgotten …. and I, Bedivere, had no need to say anything for Arthur knew all that was in my soul, as he always had …. (tears again). That is the end for now of those thoughts.

Knight Bedivere as spoken to Suryananda. 31 May, 2015.





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