As seen by Pat – Suryananda.

Today, whilst dreaming, being between sleep and awake, I found myself suddenly looking at a wonderful translucent building in the sky – ether, of the most beautiful soft, delicate, translucent colours of the very palest pink, blue and gold. As I looked at this building which was a magnificent spiritualised Temple with a large domed roof, with the dome being quite a lot smaller in width to the rest of this building, so that the whole of this Temple was “bathed” in these translucent colours, a truly beautiful sighting, of what was a first glance for me on seeing Shambhala in this life and bringing back that memory. In the past I have just seen pictures of how artists have painted Shambhala, so to have seen this for myself will remain with me forever. In fact, I hope now that this initial link and connection has been made, I will see again this well known and loved building, Shambhala, which is in fact a spiritual community,  which has been hidden somewhat in my subconscious until now. I knew immediately that I was looking at Shambhala, that mystical place of which so much has been spoken and written of over the centuries, but which exists, just in a higher dimension and world, where life continues for those Lighted beings whose home this is, and who carry out their role and missions for not only Earth – Gaia, but for the other worlds and galaxies. Into Shambhala also,  Light workers continually arrive from the different realms and galaxies to listen, see, and observe all that exists within Shambhala, so that gradually in these times of great cosmic awakenings people are bringing back memories as never before, and are sharing their personal experiences.

Shambhala, this mystical place which has been written of as being in the ether or sky above the Himalayas for centuries, had such a magical quality and essence that it was a real joy and honour to see as I was shown this glimpse into another world. As I was reflecting on this, I was drawn to the Three Fold Flame. The Three Fold Flame, was fascinating to see last year in a meditation, which happened as I was in the King’s Chamber in the Great Pyramid of Giza, this being one of several sightings which took place there. In one scene, I saw the beginning of a serpent uncoil itself and for a few seconds this serpent began to move upwards as I was looking at this, before all of a sudden this  “became” the Three Fold Flame, which a year later is so well loved and remembered by me. I then recalled that the Three Fold Flame is connected to Sanat Kumara and of course Venus, as are so many Light beings today, who, over the aeons and ages have journeyed forth to Earth to help in its evolution and spiritual awakening.

I have read of one or two occasions when spiritual teachers have journeyed inside Shambhala itself, and have reported on its deep and profound spiritual magnificence. I would love at some stage to remember being inside Shambhala, the heart of my soul, which as it has begun to soar to greater depths, remembers much which the veils of Earth had previously covered in this life. Such now is my happiness that these are being transcended frequently and new states of awareness and sightings grace my life, and those memories of home become clearer. I felt deprived once Shambhala had gone from my vision. A truly magical seeing.

Pat – Suryananda.

21 June, 2016.



Sanat Kumara, my favourite painting of him.




When I saw this Three Fold Flame it was just as shown above, pink, gold and blue flames but without the flames being enclosed within a heart. As I understand it, when we are seeing our own individual serpent, who is very often combined with our own personal dragon, then as we see our serpent, to see this Three Fold Flames ensures that we have tuned into our serpent, who have their own unique role and mission to assist us. When our dragon and serpent energies are combined and we ourselves are aware of this, then we transcend our present awareness and engage in a higher state of bliss, as our heart, soul and being, merge together. This can also mean the one-ness of being with our Twin Flame, Divine Consort, we are as one; this is the role and mission often of our serpent and dragon to help us to ascend to those higher states of consciousness.




Painting of Sanat Kumara at Venus, artist unknown. My sighting of Shambhala was very  much paler in colours than this, but I love this iconic painting.






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