Meditation bathed in Emerald Green Light.




Meditation bathed in Emerald Green Light.

21 June, 2016.


I began listening to the Yeshua Codes for about an hour. The energies began slow and quiet but as this session progressed, they became intense, hot, energised and gave rise to feeling beautifully connected to Saranyu, my Twin Flame, Divine Consort, who resides in the Higher Dimensions, NOT on Earth. During this meditation my thoughts went to my serpent, COSMIC SUN who has actually merged and blended with my Water Dragon, Saffron, two being one, which are there for me to tune into thus becoming aware of their role and part they are both to play in the one-ness and merging, blending which Saranyu and myself have ahead as we become one where different worlds matter not. Everything is about energies, vibrations, as I attune myself to those higher vibrations of Light, thus do Saranyu and myself re-connect within our Divine Cosmic one-ness which was chosen by the Creator, two into one Life Ray, able to merge and blend or separate, all can be remembered and experienced. My path ahead is I have been told a straight line but nevertheless it has to be travelled. It feels good that my path forward is so clear, with the steps ahead and signposts becoming clearer all the time.


As my meditation continued, I went into the Emerald Green colour from a recent spiritual exercise and visualised and imagined myself being bathed in this beautiful Emerald Green, which has not really been a colour I normally think of. I then saw the Ruby Red colour of The Father surrounding this Emerald Green. I was enveloped completely within these Emerald Green energies, colours, vibrations, and with my eyes closed, all that area when my eyes were shut was also bathed in this beautiful Emerald Green for quite some time, but I was also happy with the Ruby Red taking place, almost like an outer layer surrounding the Emerald Green.


This reminded me that I did experience this Emerald Green light about two years ago when I had closed my eyes for a meditation, but this time the Emerald Green Light, vibrations and energies were very much more intense and profound, and I feel also that during this session because the Venus Breath is very much connected to Emerald Green that I was transported to the Venus Breath, which consists of doing a particular breathing exercise, but which I had not done for some time. However, Venus is very much a part of my heart and soul and Saranyu and myself do spend quite a lot of time there at our home.


These Emerald Green energies, vibrations and Light takes me back to about two years when in a dream I met up with family members in the Pleiades. I went up to a small group of beings who were sitting down, say about ten or so, and I drew up a chair to join them. All of these family members and loved ones had Emerald Green eyes. It was fascinating to see but their emerald green eyes were very much more emerald than is ever seen on Earth. The Emerald is a gemstone which does resonate with me on several different layers. One being that in Atlantis there was a huge Emerald over the door of the Temple of Truth as I understand it, so there are several memories connected to the Emerald for me over the ages.


It is always wonderful to go into new directions as my spiritual pathway leads me further into remembrance and Home. I absorb therefore with great joy all of these happenings which have been brought to me, adding as they do to the quality and essence of my daily life as those spiritual steps are recognised, loved and remembered, such then is the great joy felt by Saranyu and myself. Even now just under three weeks later, those memories are still very strong and potent as I remember being enveloped and bathed in Emerald Green Light, Love and with that Gift, of the layer of Ruby Red encasing the Emerald Green Light within.



21 June, 2016.




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