Ray Children.

fantasy colourful lots bright colours and person and steps


Ray Children.
Suryananda – 3 September, 1996.

Those Ray Children who remained in spirit and never reincarnated upon the Earth plane – did they I wonder test themselves, their faith, their love, their strength for and to God Father Mother Son, and The Father King, by travelling to other planets and stars within the Galaxy of Eternal Creation?

Did they like us leave our homeland and journey to spheres of life wherein they too would learn and know how they would react away from the great love and haven of our home.

Indeed perhaps they sought out the stars and planets unbeknown to us here on Earth and spent great periods of solitude and isolation to undergo their own inner being experiences which would both illumine and enlighten not only their own souls, but other existences, some more advanced than others, but always less spiritualised than themselves, some entwined within one aspect and sphere of existence, and others just in infancy.

To go where no one had been before would take great love, strength, courage, for to take those first steps required inner and outer love and humbleness as that virgin territory is explored and Illumined further by the sons and daughters of God.

Through the aeons of time since us Dhumans began our descent to Earth, surely our fellow brothers also experienced tests of the soul, not because God wished or wanted it or even The Father King asked for volunteers, but because they saw and were aware of our own journeys time and time again and our experiences, so too did their souls need to leave home and branch out into new and unexplored regions also.

So although the two structures of existence since Atlantis differ, yet are they of a similar vein, for to leave the safety and haven of those early days to venture into the unknown, also took great love, strength and humility. As they too would and did feel alone, isolated so far from home. But through the spirituality of sleep when we meet once again our Ray Children brethren, we both learn and understand from the other – the experiences and lessons, joyful and sad  which the sons and daughters of God have gone through, and so the saying goes one and the same but not has manifested itself, together but separate, for truly there is no separation, just a veil which separates us and which is no barrier for where love exists there is no veil just a greater understanding and awareness of those experiences of the other. Such is true love which is why upon the Akashic Records of Life such knowledge and information exists, lies waiting as gradually not only are the veils transcended but God has allowed such knowledge to be given to humankind.

For knowledge gives hope, strengthens the weak, refreshes the strong, heals the sick, for true knowledge can only be a great privilege and blessing for to be granted such truth Illumines and uplifts the soul to its true heritage and once again wherein lies memories of the roots of its being and the plan of its future.

Thus knowledge is a gift from The Father for where such truth resides there can be no darkness only Light, there is no other way, option or thought that the soul in its awakened awareness and understanding can be except in greater and greater Light, illumination and love. Humbleness and devotion are a part and parcel of the very Breath itself for the sons and daughters take the same breath once again as The Father as it did aeons ago.

Therefore with love and joy do I know, understand and believe, that although my pathway has been different to my brothers and sisters who reincarnated not upon the Earth world, yet so it is and will be that their experiences are mine and mine is theirs, which with the true love and adoration of my soul and spirit makes this so for we are one and the same but not, together but separate until, as we each complete our circle and pathways we meet once again at the point of Alpha and Omega, for have we not been here before? Another time and place, a different dream which also came to fruition as we all aspire and remember that which is and was.


Suryananda. 3 September, 1996.


fantasy colourful lots bright colours and person and steps





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