Remember Mine Own, The Promises you made to me, Adam El Daoud – El Daouda.

Remember Mine Own, The Promises you made to me, Adam El Daoud – Daouda.
The Father Mother King of The Dhuman Adamic Race, The Divine Spheres, and Ancient Atlantis.
 Suryananda with Adam El Daoud, September 2012.

Dearest beloved’s, I come to speak to you again, just as I have through the aeons long gone, and as I did mine own in our golden land where we laughed and loved in our glorious Atlantis. You all volunteered to help our God as we would descend to Earth to help those there. I spoke to you all, I was clear and precise with what it would mean taking on the body of Earth, so far removed from our bodies of Light. The very essence of our Father flowed through us all as we sat and talked and gave thanks to all. It was joyous for my dearest and I, as we saw your faces smiling so bright, as you wished to share our journey away from the Heights.

Everyone was able; too many had volunteered but instructions had been given to me by the Godhead of what exactly it would all entail as we would descend to Earth – that NEW planet where so much needed to be done for its inhabitants to see the Son. The Sun they knew for it gave them warmth, their crops to grow thus life to evolve. My dearest and I we talked for many a day in the time of Earth. We reached that decision which our Father blessed and thus we read out those names of our dearly loved brethren to whom would follow Evam and I as we descended down to Earth far from our home.


 Those early years were difficult and hard as we had to come to terms with bodies no longer so light. As time went on, when life became too much, our Beloved Father gave us rest as we rose once more to times of refreshment before returning again to Earth’s evolution. The cycles of time came and went dearest ones and still we toiled on planet Earth. Gradually we saw greater light in humankind and happy we were as God’s Plan began to unwind. In the meantime dear ones, our brethren from the Heights were there always to send us Light as we travelled further and further from our golden plane high above in the Heights of Atlantis. We saw them in our dreams as we attuned ourselves back to what was and had been but which all too often the veil of Earth had wiped clean.


 The days of Earth went on …… civilisations came and ended. A time came when our initial work had been completed; then we had to help to refine those far from the Sun. Gradually more and more saw how it was and wanted to be as we were; thus began that refinement aeons ago, as step by step humankind moved up, forward into that Great Light. They were not left alone, others went down, through the ages of time they were Heaven sent. Even dear friends, our brethren from the Divine Spheres did not always hear with their inner ears; the tears of Earth had got too much in the way for them to be aware of Home. Those promises were given to me long ago back in our glorious Atlantis when you and I and El Daouda, volunteered to help our Father to show love and devotion to those not of our race as we looked always at His Holy Grace.


Today memories are returning, the time draws near when visions will be shown, Creation understood …. and thus as thy memories re-awaken and remembrance dawns that joy is felt from our brothers and sisters as you take up those promises made to me long long ago, way back before recorded history. Each of you are different; your attributes and gifts, qualities and strengths will vary. All have a role to play as you remember that Covenant made with me and our Beloved Creator who loves us all.


 Look out for visions of strange and unusual times ….. places unknown to your thoughts right now. Listen also for my words to you, time and time again as they will begin to be recognised, acknowledged and understood. Think not dear ones how strange is that as memories return of days long gone when we were as one beloved of The Father Mother from whose very Breath our Race was born.

 Adam El Daoud.
The Father King of The Dhuman Adamic Race
Who was a later embodiment and incarnation of God The Son.
Known also as Ptah, The El Daoud of Atlantis.
Painting  by

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