Priests embalming in the King’s Chamber.

Priests chanting whilst embalming in the King’s Chamber. I see also my Higher Self above them. Amon Ra speaks.

During 14 days or so in May 2015, I had daily deep and profound meditations or visions, where I made notes, and will share some here. Each time I went into my meditation to the King’s Chamber in the Great Pyramid of Giza, whilst listening to the Source Codes I was given then and still use today.

Each meditation began as follows:  I began visualising my double Golden Pyramid, and being in this as it turned clockwise as I was taken to the King’s Chamber which was my pre-chosen destination in the Great Pyramid of Giza, somewhere I felt I had been many times, not only as an Egyptian but from the Ethers of Light, and through telepathic communications as we Star brethren have experienced and partaken of through the ages. Upon arrival, I was met by my dear Anubis, and we greeted each other, which continued throughout these 14 days as Anubis was always there when I arrived and remained there to say goodbye as I left.

First of all I became aware that I was looking down and observing a group of Priests in the King’s Chamber who were very engrossed in what they were doing and talking quietly amongst themselves. I heard their words which seemed to go on for quite some time. At the same time as I became aware of looking down on these priests which I took to be them carrying out their role as embalmers – I noticed a most beautiful Golden Lighted Being in the area above – quite a few feet above looking down upon the procedures taking place. It was a wonderful experience seeing this being there and I felt very reassured and blessed, knowing this lighted being was there. And so whereas under normal circumstances it could be said being aware of the process of embalming going on just below where I was looking down on and observing, could be considered daunting, somehow with the lighted being above us all and myself as I knew this to be so, all felt well and I was fascinated as I heard the priests speaking to each other as their work was taking place, as I saw a long oblong type of bench or table and the priests all working around this. None of them looked up to where I was observing them, but it felt a real blessing to be shown this. 

egyptian pic
Then the scene, vision vanished, as did the lighted being some feet up. I found out soon afterwards that this lighted being over-seeing what was taking place, was in fact my Higher Self, so that was a real surprise to me, but a much loved one.
Almost immediately after they had left, I was aware of a Being in a golden cloak. I did not feel he was the Christed being I had seen a few days earlier, but seeing this Being in such a beautiful golden cloak with golden markings all over, also in gold, giving a 3D type of look was another spiritual gift, blessing. This Being was standing Guard over the Golden Flame of Creation within the Great Pyramid of Giza, (this Golden Flame I was shown) within which lay all the Secrets of Creation, past, present, future, and before existence began. It was also the role of this lighted Being to stop any shadows entering the King’s Chamber Many had volunteered for this role but (he) was chosen. This Being had personal quarters within the actual King’s Chamber, where from time to time he was able to retreat from the Priests as they entered and chanted – talked many times a day, and to enable privacy for his own essential communications with Source.
As I was here in the King’s Chamber, my thoughts took me to Atlantis, thinking of the Golden Rose and feeling very happy that I was a priest during this time, which my soul had long felt this to be so (as when I first read from a chapter in The Sacred Vessel by Mona Rose, The Search for the Rose of Light) in the Valley in Atlantis by those who lived on the Heights in Atlantis, known as Ray Children, this had immediately resonated, and where, when this happens such recognition has re-activated that soul memory, especially where such deep emotions are concerned. But I wanted to go further back than Atlantis, to Venus, but then even further back than that to when I was a Thought in the Mind of Source, the Creator, and wondered how long an age this had been before I had come into being for the First time independent of The Creator. I would love to go into this another time as this has long fascinated me. I listened to these Source Codes for about 30 minutes without making any notes as I sat in my armchair with my eyes closed. After this time I felt I had experienced all that I was going to and wanted to make some notes, which I did. During this session I had asked questions and got answers to them.
To summarise, what stands out are the priests going about their work as embalmers and hearing them talking and chanting very clearly; also the Lighted Being who was overseeing what was taking place in the air, Ether as it were looking down upon all this activity below, and also this Being in a golden cloak and the Golden Flame. This Golden Flame I had thought of before when listening to the Source Codes which I immediately loved and knew I would include in my meditations during this time, which was an exercise I had been given, and which lasted for about 14 days. These 14 days changed my life in many ways and also how I saw spirit, guides, teachers, Star brethren, as in the past I had spent very many years seeing my Star family in dreams, so these two weeks brought about a real and significant change in how spirit showed their presence to me, whether individually or in scenes, but which I loved then as I do now.
Christ at having taken a role in the King’s Chamber but which was an older Christ than Jesus which made my eyes water. The priests chanting several times a day as they went about their routines, and leaving the King’s Chamber for a while to go back to the time of the Golden Rose as a priest in Atlantis; back to Venus, but in essence back to Source – to my origin before I existed, when I was but a Thought in the Mind of the Creator, before being Breathed forth as an independent Being of Light.

I then returned from the King’s Chamber in the same way I had arrived there within my double Golden Pyramid. The day before these meditations – visions began, I saw my much loved Anubis in a Golden Sarcophagus, engraved all over in golden markings and patterns giving a 3D effect, and I was aware that Anubis was accompanying me Home. This was a most profound and moving happening and was the start of many journeys beginning the next day, where always each time I arrived in the King’s Chamber in the Great Pyramid of Giza, Anubis was always there to greet me, mostly wearing a golden cloak apart from once when Anubis had a royal blue cloak. We got to know once again during these 14 days how very close we are and have been through the ages, in fact long before our lives were entwined in our beloved Egypt, as we go back to not only Ancient Atlantis but also to Venus, Sirius B the Egyptian Isle in the Pleiades, so many millions of years ago. In fact, Anubis has protected me many times through the aeons.

.I also thanked the other Protectors, namely, Archangel Michael and his Earth Eagles, Ptah, Amen Bey, and others, all of whom I have been so very grateful and thankful of their help and protection through the ages from Source and which continues today.

.(After these meditations, Amon Ra spoke to me. I was very moved and shed tears as he is beloved of my soul, but my laptop with those notes are unable to be accessed, although due to the deep love and soul connection we have, it was beautiful to hear from him with the first of these meditations).

Suryananda with Saranyu.    15 May, 2015.



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