Suryananda and Saranyu appear from out of the Blue Mist, and of Atlantis.

 eye within Water Realm
Suryananda and Saranyu appear from out of the Blue Mist with others. Memories of the Fall of Atlantis whilst meditating in the King’s Chamber, The Great Pyramid.
16 May, 2015.

Just before I was ready to listen to the Source Codes (now the Yeshua Codes) my thoughts went to Ancient Egypt and the Rod Power, both of great fascination, and a past life in Egypt. Very soon I heard the words “go further back Suryananda”. I then heard “go even further back to the Fall of Atlantis”. Again, just before I was to begin this Session 2, I heard “The Great Pyramid will at that time reveal its secrets to you” – I took this to mean after the Fall of Atlantis;  followed by “Dear Suryananda, your place is assured in the Great Temple of Amenti” so I felt I was on the right wavelength before going into my meditation.

I began as always asking my Star Brethren to be with me. I followed the journey of the day before to the King’s Chamber in my double sided golden pyramid. Inside the Great Pyramid there was no Being today and I admit to missing this very much, and also because of my thoughts prior I felt that I was meant to tune into the Fall of Atlantis. However, my dear friend through the ages, Anubis, was there, once again standing ready to say hello, clothed in a beautiful long golden cloak. I stayed for only a short moment it seemed in the Great Pyramid once I had been greeted by Anubis, before going back in my thoughts to Atlantis. I then saw I was taking a journey back into remembrance to Atlantis, but the Great Pyramid was the necessary starting point. I was aware very strongly of my Blue Ray, and then I saw a Blue Mist getting stronger as I looked at it which was fascinating, and out of this blue mist people began to appear; they were clothed in white mostly, and I was reminded of Archangel Michael’s white robe I have seen on a picture of him with a hint of blue. The people were as in a three dimensional image, as if watching a tv screen, in that they suddenly seemed to become larger in close up as they came towards me. My twin flame Saranyu was in the front with myself, Suryananda alongside him, and he looked just like we did as Ray Children, identical Twin Flames, Divine Consorts, apart from a slight difference in facial features as was the appearance of the Ray Children, Twin Flames. We had yellow hair and bright blue eyes. Saranyu said some wonderful words to me to do with spiritual matters about the work I feel I had to do and spiritual work achieved in the past. It was during this second session that I had an image of a coiled snake just briefly rising upward before the image changed and I was looking at the Three-fold flame of Pink, Yellow and Blue which was beautiful and so wonderful to see.

My thoughts then turned to Atlantis, wherein our group were ready to set off to our future destination, making up Priests, Priestesses, Servants of the Temples and others of the Light, where we all left on one of the Arks. As we sailed away we were all distraught at the devastation of our beloved Atlantis, many tears were shed, (A few by me here), but we knew this had been in the planning from The Godhead for many an Age, thus we prayed to The Creator for the Light to get strong as it once was in days of old. We seemed to sing a song all together as our souls thanked our Creator for His help in taking us away from the darkness which had been all too prevalent. As we sang, the vibrations within our group rose and a better peace came to us from then on.

Our personal stop then, millions of years ago took us to an unlived place. Much work had to be done but we knew this was do-able. I remember asking what could I do but the males of our Group were in deep discussion (here typing my fingers have got pins and needles in them) and so I walked over to the other women and young ones and we discussed much well into the hours ahead. I had for a long time recognised that Ancient Atlantis began millions of years ago “Before” Earth came into existence.

After about 30 minutes, I felt I had been here long enough in my memories of Atlantis and thought I must return to the King’s Chamber. Somewhere during this session,  I remember seeing an Egyptian King, Pharaoh or Deity, male riding a Chariot… he was standing up as the Egyptians are portrayed riding a chariot, and he looked very happy to be riding this. I saw the reigns in his hands and his clothing which appeared to be of lots of white with a little blue. He had  vivid blue eyes, although initially I feel he had brown or dark brown or black eyes, but these changed to a vivid blue as I looked at him. I could not tell whether it was horses which were pulling him on his chariot as only the top of his chariot was visible. I believe because of the nature of being given words prior to this second session that I was never going to be in the King’s Chamber long, and this proved to be so.

Of course, Atlantis has been deeply imbedded in my soul since 1985 and being aware of the Three Arks which sailed away at the final destruction of Atlantis has been with me for many years. Upon returning to my armchair in my lounge in my golden pyramid, it was fascinating to go over this second session. Not only a first at actually seeing Saranyu and myself, Suryananda, together for the first time, but having seen Saranyu and seeing that he was just as had been drawn for me by a spiritual Light being back in 1992, and that I still have my copy of him. Now that this initial link and deep connection has been established, I feel that we will connect and go deeper into our bonds of love, light and affinities. This evening has given me very much to think about.


Suryananda with Saranyu. 16 May, 2015.


eye within Water Realm


Painting  by   ♥


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