Alchemical Marriage, Suryananda and Saranyu.


Meditation – Vision of the Alchemical Marriage of Suryananda and Saranyu.

18 August, 2016.

As I began to tune into my meditation, I heard

“This is your wedding day, Dear Suryananda – Saranyu”.

I then found myself looking with my eyes closed at a couple of white horses, then several more. It was just Saranyu and myself. I allowed myself with Saranyu to go deeper into this scene whilst my soul was absorbing those words “This is your wedding day, Dear Suryananda”  Saranyu, my Twin Flame, Divine Consort, from Divine Paradise.

Suddenly, I, Suryananda, stood up in our carriage drawn by four white horses which carried on taking us to as yet an unknown destination from where I was. I could see a long way ahead, and Saranyu stood up with me, and there before us were lots of family and loved ones who began to clap and have tears at this “Ceremony” which is very special and marks a significant turning point in my memories which EVAM ARBEL, God The Mother, has blessed me with; tears roll down my cheeks as I tune into this very special and deeply meaningful event taking place.

My meditation continues. From the beginning of this meditation – vision,  crown energies were activated, and they come and go. I ask silently why are Saranyu and myself, Suryananda,  getting married as we are Twin Flames, Divine Consorts. Then of course I reflect on there being more than one God the Son, for us it is Suryananda and Saranyu.

I saw for a moment white doves above us when I and thus we stood up, and for a few seconds gold doves came into view, but they too leave.

I then found myself thinking of The Ark of the Covenant which I can see next to me within our carriage, as The Ark is resting on the floor of our beautiful carriage, and I am reminded of its gold, golden sighting I saw last year in the King’s Chamber in the Great Pyramid, and which I will be sharing soon to my website, this one. I see The Ark of The Covenant with its golden slightly rectangular shape, as I am contemplating our wedding day. This I know is a great honour, privilege and blessing, for it is truly a Gift from The Creator, to His Son and Daughter, on our Alchemical Marriage. For as Twin Flames, Divine Consorts, we came into Being, Eternally Wed, One with the Other, for All Time, and in All Worlds and Galaxies.

This of course takes me back to our service to God Father Mother as within the Ark of The Covenant, our past, present and future, are all rolled into one, one memory which encompasses  all the aspects and lives we have lived in numerous worlds and galaxies, not just of ourselves, but for all life forms. To me, as has been so for very many years, The Ark of The Covenant contains the Akashic Records of everything that has ever been and will be, indeed the Mysteries of Creation are its Treasure Chest.

I go back to our wedding, and ask what is the position.

The crowds of family and friends are no longer there, it is just the two of us, and being led at a gentle but at the same time a sprightly pace as our four horses know where we are going, and I feel Saranyu does. Do I ? We pass beautiful mountains and scenery of nature, and many sounds drift quietly at times to us. We are very much in love, but in love is not a description for Saranyu and myself, Suryananda, for it belongs to the lower planes of being. We can be described as having deep peace, happiness and joy, the blessings of God The Father Mother remembered by us as we think upon this day which is so profound, special in its significance and deep love one for the other. I melt into the heart and soul of my beloved as he does mine, and as our white horses have continued on their way. How much time has gone on I cannot say for there is no time, just in this moment Eternity resides within us.

Our horses’ energies are changing and it seems we are arriving to lots of loved ones who await our arrival. We arrive at a beautiful white lodge set amongst magical surroundings, and with the white sands and ocean there before us. We are to stay here for a while as we embrace this next stage of our oneness of love and devotion.

Saranyu and myself, Suryananda, laugh joyfully, and yes, once again Saranyu, sweeps me up in his arms to loud clapping and laughter from some of our loved ones who chatter and look at what is before us. They see the Ark of the Covenant and recognise we have been set a Mission by the Creator as so many Twin Flames, Divine Consorts, have, each in their own pathways.

Pausing for what to note next, (I typed each section as it was shown to me, thus ensuring an accurate description of events) I am drawn to Saranyu, and myself, Suryananda merging and becoming one, thus are we Home, and The Cosmic Christ once more Revealed, Remembered, Adored, as has been our intended pathway all along, as we have journeyed far from our Home, our Origin of the Sun Line. The Alpha and Omega is once again Recognised, Loved and Understood. God The Father Mother are overjoyed as we have returned Home, thus is this next phrase for us both ready to be undertaken.

EVAM ARBEL, with Suryananda and Saranyu.

Beloved of our Parents, God Father Mother.

18 August 2016





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