Who Am I.



Suryananda – 29 August, 2016.

I am a daughter of God Father Mother
And one with my Twin Flame, Divine Consort, Saranyu
I am a child of the Breath of The Father Mother
I am one with all there is
All forms of Created Life
All Existences and Worlds lie within my heartbeat
Within my soul lies the Secrets of Creation
Eternity beckons when I AM HOME
I AM SURYANANDA Beloved of God Father Mother
And of The Son
In Him Lies Eternal Bliss
As I remember more of Who AM I
My soul sings the Songs of the Heavens
And my Light Family grow ever closer
As Memories Return
I am One Part of Infinity
Infinity resides in my soul for God Father Mother are my soul
So it is as it has been said
All Life rests in the Palm of my Hand
In a Beat of my Heart
In the Glance of my Soul
Thus Am I Home
Who Am I
I Am The Breath of The Cosmos
The Ark of The Covenant
I am all of these things and more
Here I AM

I AM SURYANANDA – Daughter of God Father Mother
Twin Flame, Divine Consort of God The Son, Saranyu
In Whom I Live, Breath and Rest in Eternal Bliss.




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