Visions on The Nine Elders, Two Royal Princesses, The Golden Buddha, Yeshua, The Grail Cup, The Ark of The Covenant, Cardinals.

The Nine Elders; Two Young Girls – Royal Princesses; The Golden Buddha; Yeshua; The Grail Cup; The Ark of The Covenant and Cardinals.
As always I set off for a set meditation in my golden double sided pyramid, going inevitably to The King’s Chamber in the Great Pyramid; in essence there is nowhere else I have chosen to go for these meditations whilst I tune into the Yeshua Codes. For each meditation I was sitting in my armchair with my eyes closed, but awake and not dreaming.
Anubis met me upon every arrival through these 14 days. It was always a blessing to see Anubis, who with one exception wore a long golden cloak, the different session when wearing a royal blue long cloak. Every Lighted being I have seen over these 14 days has worn a long golden cloak except one who was clothed in a burgundy. His role was obviously different.
These mighty beings were all holding hands in a circle moving round and round. They were fascinating to see and a real joy. Their cloaks were of the same deep, rich gold as all the other Lighted beings, including Anubis, in that there were golden engravings within the cloth and patterns also in gold, giving a 3D effect. I wondered if some kind of Ceremony was going on, Wedding, Birth, Death? These Nine Elders remained there for some time holding hands going round in a circle. It was a real honour and blessing to see them all, and here in this most sacred place. Originally I just noted there were about nine or ten, but upon reflection, I am drawn to these being the Nine Elders. After some time they just vanished.
My thoughts then went to Osiris, whom I had been told many years ago held my Golden Key, the Alpha and Omega, which has long been of great fascination; this Golden Key – whereby lay the Mysteries of Creation, all existed within its Golden Light.
Suddenly I was looking at two young girls, dark haired, about six or seven. They looked just the same and were wearing Royal Blue clothing. I felt them to be Princesses, who belonged with other Royal children. Here, I was drawn to Ramesses II, who has long held a special place in my heart and soul.
During this meditation, I seemed to be sitting down in my golden chair, whereas in the past I had stood up. As I was wondering what this meditation would bring, I became aware of a Beautiful Golden Buddha. This Golden Buddha was very large, a wonderful presence joining Anubis and myself in the King’s Chamber. Seeing a Buddha always has a calming effect upon my soul. Reflecting on this Golden Buddha, takes me back to my lineage of The Amitabha Buddha Sun Line and has gone within to forgotten memories of ancient days. So for some time there were just us three there. Suddenly I became aware of a White Dove which flew into where we were, landing on one of the Buddha’s shoulders. I thought that was lovely, just absorbing the scene. But very soon, another White Dove flew in to join us, and sat on the Buddha’s other shoulder; this I took to symbolise male and female energies.  So for a while as we continued to be bathed in those energies, I sensed a Portal appear in front of me. At first this was quite a Bright Blue, but then became my Aquamarine Blue Ray, although all the Blues are inter-connected and are within my Ray of Origin with Saranyu, my Twin Flame, Divine Consort, from Divine Paradise. My thoughts went to my first meditation a few days ago, when I had become aware of Golden Steps which Amon Ra and his High Priest had climbed to the Apex of the Great Pyramid of Giza. Amon Ra, again, is deeply embedded in my heart and soul for all time. I had many crown energies whilst all this was being experienced. As my thoughts went back to Egypt, I once again found myself thinking of being as the Thousand Petalled Lotus, each one of us having our own role and part to play within the whole, as we return in remembrance to all that has been, is and will be.
Remaining quiet for some moments, I then saw Yeshua coming towards me. He had on a Golden Robe, with a White long scarf type of material being wrapped round his head. My eyes watered for a moment. Yeshua did not stay long before he disappeared.
During another profound and deep moment, in front of me so clearly, I was looking at The Chalice Cup. This Holy Cup – Chalice, was of a beautiful Gold, engraved all over with some kind of pattern, giving an overall wonderful golden appearance. I was lost for a moment in far away memories. Pictures cannot do this justice, just as seeing The Ark of The Covenant, as shared below, is even more beautiful than paintings artists have drawn over the centuries.
The Ark of the Covenant and The Holy Grail – The Chalice Cup or The Holy Chalice, are to me deeply entwined and inter-woven, as they have been throughout the aeons and ages. To me, they belong together, and are deeply embedded into my very being.
In this meditation, whereby one day I was looking at The Holy Grail – The Grail Cup – Chalice, and the following day’s meditation took me to The Ark of The Covenant, confirmed once again that from my own remembrance, they belong together, two most Holy Offerings To and From The Creator.
During this meditation, I found myself looking for the second time at The Ark of The Covenant. This like all of my meditations during these two weeks was completely Golden. Engraved in Golden patterns, adding to the Ark having a 3D effect. Upon the Ark were many Golden Angels and other Angelic engravings of those around The Throne, as has been portrayed by the artists and written of over the centuries. This was the first time I had seen The Ark of The Covenant without being clothed in a burgundy cloth which took place in a dream, vision, remembrance back in 1989, when I heard Source speak for some time, whilst in this deeply profound and meaningful dream I was looking at The Ark of The Covenant, rectangular in shape, with a beautiful burgundy cloth covering this Holy Relic. On the top of the Ark of The Covenant were the most beautiful Golden Roses, so many, that the two combined were as nectar to my soul, as I heard via Direct Voice, Source. That occasion began and reiterated what I had felt since a child, my deep love and fascination for and of The Ark of The Covenant. However, here in the King’s Chamber for the first time I was seeing this deeply loved Relic one could say of The Creator, The Godhead, in all its Glory and Splendour and my soul rejoiced.
As I was taking in this scene, I thought initially I was seeing lots of Butterflies come flying in very close to the ceiling, but as they became nearer I could see that they were Tiny Flying Golden Angels zooming in very fast to where I was, and spinning around all in Gold; they were flying around and around so fast, that I wanted to spin around in my own golden chair to join them as they looked so beautiful and were having so much fun. Even now, I can remember that wish to spin around and join them as they flew round so fast, so much so that I imagined myself spinning around for a moment in my own golden chair!
A few words: In my post on this website, Alchemical Marriage, Suryananda and Saranyu, 19 August, where it was our Wedding Day – as we were being transported by four white horses as we sat in our carriage, something made me glance to the floor during this very special journey, when for the third time, I was seeing The Ark of The Covenant. This third sighting, was as the second within the King’s Chamber, in that The Ark was uncovered, and resting on the base of our Wedding Carriage, once again, Beautiful, Golden, with the Golden Light of the Creator, my Father, being shone forth into all directions and then some. In fact, I will soon be sharing a longer post on The Ark of The Covenant, as having seen this precious and Sacred Relic, it has drawn me once again into its Heart Centre, where all the Mysteries of Creation reside, the Akashic Records of all Existences, Worlds and Galaxies, are there to be retrieved as and when the right moment has arrived.
Over the course of these 14 days, in total I saw three Cardinals. They were all wearing long Golden Embroidered Cloaks. They were each fascinating. In fact the first Lighted being I saw from the Higher Realms back in July 1983 in a trance meditation class was a Cardinal, immediately followed by seeing my Twin Flame, Saranyu, but at that time I was not aware I had seen Saranyu. It was later that I realised that first sighting of a Cardinal was myself, and whose name has been confirmed several times to me, once in one of my meditations over these 14 days. Tuning into myself that first time obviously paved the wave for what was to come, seeing my Twin Flame. That takes me back to asking my spiritual teacher at that time about the second seeing of that Lighted being ie Saranyu, who had had such an immediate, deep and profound effect upon my soul, and I can hear him say now after 31 years “That is for me to know and you to find out”. In fact I realised just two years later who he was, but only about July 2015 that he was indeed my Twin Flame, Divine Consort.
In one of these meditations, and they were all wide awake but with my eyes closed sitting in my armchair, one of the three Cardinals was speaking in Latin, that was a first. He carried on for some time. Not that I knew what he was saying, just below the surface consciousness from past memories over different lives when Latin was learnt. Seeing each of these three Cardinals were all on separate occasions.
When each of these daily meditations ended I made notes of that session, being so blessed that they had taken me to new and deeper remembrances from past lives, Akashic moments, all meaningful to my heart and soul. I have put these together into this post having previously shared some separately from those two weeks. When we are able to tune into and see with such clarity, we very often tune into the Akashic Records, whether of our own lives or those whom we are deeply connected too, our soul family, who are so very near. The Akashic Records have long been of great fascination and interest to me for over 30 years, and continue to be, but are now coming into ever greater awareness with these New Cosmic Energies, and the teachings from Saranyu, in ways not having been implemented before.
From May 2015.

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