Saint Paul, The Beloved of my soul. An embodiment or later incarnation of God The Son.

Tuesday, 13 September, 2016.

As my meditation began, I heard -The flames of purification.
You have been purified dear one, Saranyu.
I saw gold flames which then took me back to my inner dragon exercise and seeing the person walk through the flames when Guan Yin Altair said to go back if I could into the flames as that person I had seen walking through the flames was me, and would connect me to Creation, so long such a fascination, passion and interest.


But I saw that last night, Monday, 12th, when looking at Antioch under Google.

So Caesarea…. what is or was there? These thoughts now of St Paul although not new came about because I had got “Antioch.” As I inevitably reflected upon Antioch, it took me to St Paul and the time of Yeshua and to many Biblical films I had seen since my childhood. So “Antioch” is very well known to me through all these years.

I had a vague impression of St Paul, Yeshua and the disciples walking as is shown on the tv in Biblical films of which I know so well and the sensing of the swish of their robes as they walked, which again, does not happen that often.

For the first time with my eyes closed, only the small light on I had a sense of a GOLDEN colour; that does not usually happen, and although my small light is on which has a white bulb and cream shade and kind of has a golden look, the shade is not golden, and I do not usually sense gold with my eyes closed. So that seemed fascinating.

CAESAREA IS VERY IMPORTANT COMES TO MIND as I type so must check again what and where what happened at Caesarea?

The Light of Illumination is yours from Saranyu, which he said to me some months ago comes into my thoughts. So, St Paul the Light of Illumination was FELT AND KNOWN at Caesarea? with or by Paul?

Yeshua and the Kingdom of Heaven.
Judea became very relevant but surely Judea was always relevant.

Like Jacobean is to me re Glastonbury.

At one stage before beginning to type I was reminded of Melchisadek in my visions of last May when he was sitting in his golden throne at the top of those golden steps before he, Melchisadek came down towards where I was to say “Hello Martha”.

I laugh out loud as I type this
as to who is saying Hello Martha.

Is it the beloved of my soul
I pause and stop typing

I close my eyes for the moment
I laugh as I think of “Hello Martha”
and my nose began to feel a little itchy as I open my eyes to type.

The Light of Illumination comes to me again
Then The Light of the World
but that is not unexpected is it when thinking of St Paul, God The Son or Yeshua.

At the beginning when I re read my notes from last night, Monday, 12th towards the end before aiming to tune in, I had quite strong crown energies then they went.

For one second on my left neck I noticed a little energy.
Then left and right neck subtle itching and change takes me to that attempt when I aimed to tune into Archangel Raphael, as I felt I had tuned into Archangel Raphael it had seemed then about two weeks ago for the first time into the embodiment of the Lighted being known as Archangel Raphael.

I noticed first of all I made my breathing very loud and I could hear it. Then my breathing got quieter.

Then I was suddenly aware that it felt that my breathing had stopped and I was not breathing at all, it was as if I was holding my breath.

So, I consciously said to myself breathe in Evam Arbel, known as God The Mother to me, breathe out – or breathe in Evam Arbel, breathe out Evam Arbel, till I seemed to continue, and then I repeated these words from time to time when going back to the thoughts of my breath.

NB sensing this feeling of golden light when my eyes were shut was new and the sensing of being aware of Paul and other disciples walking in that the sensing of the long robes of those times ,and almost like the swish of movement their robes made as they walked was a new feeling really.

I went to close my eyes again.

The back of my neck to the left lower, slightly now, has some energy like the top of my back to the left a little activity.

I say to myself, Evam Arbel and Saranyu, that I have not got my answer re Paul as to whether Paul was an embodiment of God The Son.

Apart from my feeling that Saranyu was St Paul, so that question has still not been confirmed to my satisfaction as such. BUT IN ESSENCE I KNOW I HAVE BEEN GIVEN THIS ANSWER, it is just that I wanted even more confirmation.

For a moment I am aware of a feeling of frustration at this as I continue to sit quietly.

When I finish here I must check the spelling and see what Caesarea means.

I will close my eyes for one last time.

I now seem to get a little activity the right side of the top of my back not that strong but a little.

I say to myself what happened at Antioch?
Was this an Epiphany that St Paul had on the road to Damascus?

I forget how Paul’s life was ended, will check Google.

I don’t think anything else will come so I will put my main light on now.

I have shared this meditation with NaRayAh my Atlantean crystal, (crown energies here as I type now), after being held in each hand, she has remained on my right shoulder resting so I can type.


Saint Paul has long fascinated me, as all the disciples have, and the Old Time Prophets of Old, they are all deeply embedded into my inner being, heart and soul.

Something like 25 years ago, I remember dreaming of Saint Paul and being aware he was on the Blue Ray, thus my Ray. During this dream I heard another name for Paul, his first and last name, but upon opening my eyes, it was one of those dreams, which, as soon as I came too, that name vanished.

I remember reading many years ago a book on Saint Paul which touched my soul as it brought Paul to life in a more personal way. In essence, the only reason I would say my meditation from Monday was about Saint Paul was having heard Antioch, which led me to recognise that there was a reason for that, and that reason was Saint Paul.

I have been told by my Light family that Paul is within me. To me, that means he has to have been an embodiment or later incarnation of God The Son, of whom I recognise there are more than one, but to me, God The Son is not only my Twin Flame, Divine Consort, but known to me through two names in particular, realising God The Son has other names, but for me on the most personal level, the two names are Saranyu (crown energies as I type here) who, as Suryananda, my name from Source given to me by God The Mother, Evam Arbel, I came into being with as the Twin Flame, Divine Consort, in Divine Paradise, at the beginning of our Manifestation and Origin, and the other name, again, my Twin Flame is known to me also as Adam El Daoud, who took on a later incarnation and embodiment of Saranyu, and who relates very deeply to me as a Ray Child and Ancient Atlantis, both of whom are and will forever be in my heart and soul. In fact, it is as Adam El Daoud that Saranyu speaks to me as it is through AED that my connection has been so very deep and profound since August 1985. Both are the love of my lives, the Sun of my existence, and without whom I walk away from my Home, the Sun (Son).

Pat – Suryananda
Tuesday, 13 September, 2016.


Acts 10:24 and for the first time

On the great road from Tyre to Egypt about 70 miles north west of Jerusalem at the northern extremity of the plain of Sharon. It was built by Herod the Great BC 10 who named it after Caesar Augustus, hence called Caesarea Sebaste (Gr Sebastos = “Augustus”…. It was the capital of the Roman Province of Judea, the seat of the governors and the Roman troops. It was the great gentle city of Palestine. …. Cornelius the Centurian was converted through Peter, thus for the first time the door of faith was opened to the Gentiles. Philip resided here with his four daughters, and HERE HE LANDED when he returned from his second missionary journey. 18:22 He remained as a prisoner here for two years before his journey to Rome. Acts 24:27 Acts 25:1 Acts 25:4 Acts 25:6 Acts 25:13 Here on a set day when games were celebrated in the theatre in honour of the emperor Claudius, Herod Agrippa, I appeared among the people in great pomp, and in the midst of idolatrous homage paid to him was suddenly smitten by an angel, and carried out a dying man ……. It still retains its ancient name Kaiseriyeh but is now desolate. It is described as the most desolate city of all Palestine.

Thrice Paul passed through Caesarea Acts 9:30 18:22 21:8 hither he was sent under guard from Jerusalem to escape danger from the Jews (a little nose itching here as I type this) Acts 23:23 and here he was imprisoned till his final departure for Rome. (top of nose a little itching, rubbed it).

Riots between Gentiles and Jews gave rise to the war. Terrible cruelities. (stronger nose itches) 2,500 Jews to fight with beasts.

From this place Paul sailed to his native Tarsus when forced to flee from Jerusalem.

Paul was arrested in 60 AD and held captive for the next two years. He refused to renounce his beliefs and was transported to Rome. Sometime later that decade Paul was executed, most likely beheaded.

Around 35 CE Saul claimed to be blinded when talking to God, converted to Christianity, and changed his name to Paul.

Paul became known as the Second Founder of Christianity.

Antioch was the place where they were first known as Christians. It is now called ANTAKIA. Antioch was the third city after Rome and Alexandria of the Roman World. Five miles distant was the suburb of Daphane. A spot sacred to Apollo and Artemis.

In the early history of Christianity, Antioch occupies a distinguished place. Antioch was Paul’s starting point of his three missionary journeys. The city suffered severely from earthquakes but did not lose its importance until the Arab conquest restored Damascus to the first place among Syrian cities. Antioch still bears its ancient name Antakiyeh, but is now a poor town with a few thousand inhabitants.

Paul was born c AD 6. Born a Roman citizen to Jewish parents in Tarsus in modern, eastern Turkey.

End extracts from Google.



Statue of Saint Paul outside the Vatican.  ♥



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