The Ark of The Covenant: An Initiation Chamber.

The Holy Relic – Hosting The Akashic Records and The Mysteries of Creation. The People on Gaia are Re-born into The Alchemy of Heaven.
The Ark of The Covenant is AN INITIATION CHAMBER. 
19 September, 2016.
The Ark of The Covenant, just recognising this new insight today, that The Ark of The Covenant is AN INITIATION CHAMBER, sends great emotion, love and depth to my inner being. It is as if “Now” I am “Home”. How strange and excited, expectant does that make me feel, for it has been a long time arriving at this consciousness once again. Indeed, so many thoughts and ideas have I reflected upon as to the “Inner Meaning of The Ark of The Covenant” that this most Sacred and Iconic Relic has been my constant companion through so many years. I would add here that The Ark being An Initiation Chamber is my own personal experience – The Inner Experience of The Ark.
For me, The Ark of The Covenant being an Initiation Chamber took me to the Sarcophagus and so to Egypt. However, I feel that The Ark being an Initiation Chamber goes very much further back than Egypt, and although being very much connected to Yeshua and some of the Egyptian Pharaohs, amongst other deities of old, in essence The Initiation Chamber of The Ark of The Covenant takes me back to The Godhead, The Creator, My Father Mother – to Source. After all, “What is Initiation”? Deeper One-ness with The Creator; God Father Mother and Sun (Son), AND into the Thoughts of The Creator when we were Manifested into Being; Discussed were Our Soul Contracts with The Godhead – what were they, how were we to bring them into being in the many aeons and ages further ahead from that most Blessed Place where our Emergence was felt, loved and experienced as a son or daughter of God.
With such strong and deep emotions on The Ark of The Covenant of Love, Passion, Fascination, this has always indicated to me that there has been that Golden, Magical, Mystical Light, Power, of All That Has Ever Existed, and that within the very Heart and Fabric of The Ark of The Covenant, rests the Akashic Records, also beloved to my soul, recognising that being able to look deep into the Akasha brings The Mysteries of Creation into my very being, I am One with My Father, The Father of My Soul, those Inner Tears of Joy and Love, stream downwards for they have at last been awakened, thus is My Father and myself, Pat – Suryananda closer than ever, for such is the case when our soul has awakened to its true State of Divine Cosmic Bliss. I AM THAT I AM, indeed this is when those words, always of great love, fascination and power, have indeed come into their own, for I am Home, my soul has retrieved my Golden Key and thus Cosmic and Divine Blessings are now the Order of the Day, for I have become ever closer to God Father Mother of Saranyu and myself, Suryananda, and those endless at times journeys away from Home have borne fruit and freedom has been attained, thus does my heart and soul cry those inner tears for I have long planned for this moment, leading as it inevitably will, nearer to taking Steps into Eternity with my Beloved.
As I see it, The Ark of The Covenant cannot just be asked to be used as an “Initiation Chamber” – there has to be a sufficient awareness, love and devotion which will draw the Ark of The Covenant to one. Once the Ark has been drawn to the soul as a magnetic pull, The “Initiation Chamber” will be experienced, loved and treasured as only those whose heart has chosen this can say. In fact it can be likened to “Sacred Marriage” – “Union with The Divine” – The Alchemical Marriage has taken place, recognised and understood between The Father Mother and Son – Daughter, as understanding has been given and that Deeper One-ness with the Godhead, The Trinity, has come into its own.
The Ark of The Covenant, so treasured deep within my heart, soul and very being, since I first manifested in Divine Paradise, with Saranyu, my Twin Flame, Divine Consort, so many millions of years ago. As I have felt for very many years, This Sacred and Holy Relic is the CORE of the Akashic Records in all that has Ever Been, Is and Will Be rests within its Golden Presence, indeed The Light of The Creator. This is but one of the symbols of The Godhead given to humankind through the aeons and ages since the Conception of the Worlds, Galaxies and Divine Spheres were manifested. Much remained rested as it were till the time was right for whatever life form was released from the Thoughts of The Creator.
The Ark of The Covenant takes me back through the aeons as said above. However since a child in this Earth life, The Ark has fascinated me, like the Grail Cup, both go back to ancient civilisations, Each Era being aware of “Some” of Its Majestic Power but never all. Today, I feel that with these New Cosmic Energies never before given to Gaia and humankind, The Ark is coming into Its Rightful Place, Inheritance, to help the sons and daughters of The Creator as myself and they fulfil their promised Soul Contract given to God so many millions of years ago, going back to Atlantis, Venus, and then even beyond, where there are no records written of. Now is the time. For myself, Pat – Suryananda, I have seen The Ark of The Covenant now three times. The first was from a dream back in 1990 when I heard via Direct Voice, Source speak to me. In this dream which was deep and profound, The Ark of The Covenant was covered with a beautiful Burgundy Cloth being draped around its rectangular shape. On the top of The Ark, on this Burgundy Cloth were the most beautiful Golden Yellow Roses, so many, which was a remembrance to me from being a Ray Child in Atlantis, where the Golden Rose was the treasured flower used to place on the Altar in the Temple. Those days were glorious and only reverence, love for all, and to God Father Mother was felt, lived by and through. Those times are once again returning as the memories come back into our souls from those long forgotten days.
Then last May, 2015, I saw for the first time in this Earth life, The Ark of The Covenant “uncovered” by a cloth. This was during a meditation and vision experience in the King’s Chamber in The Great Pyramid of Giza. Instead it was so Awesome, Majestic, Beautiful, and very much as has been painted by the artists’ over the ages. The Ark had a 3D effect, as it was so deeply engraved in gold, and the Angelic beings so often shown, they too were on the top of this Holy Relic of The Creator. It was a wonderful sighting for my soul and added yet again to that deep love and fascination for this “Symbol of Divine Consciousness” of the Mind and Thoughts of The Creator.
The third time I was shown The Ark of The Covenant was in a meditation of 19th August this year, where I have mentioned in my post Alchemical Marriage, Suryananda and Saranyu, that I looked down at the base of our “Alchemical Wedding Carriage, drawn by four white horses, and there resting on the base was once again, The Ark of The Covenant, this being as the second time, unadorned by a cloth”. The great joy and blessings I felt at this were very profound.
So, to me as you can tell, The Ark of The Covenant goes back not only to my childhood in this Earth life as it takes me to the Old Prophets of Old. Abraham, Moses, King David, King Solomon, and other ancient Prophets. I, and I know, many of us, have died for The Ark of The Covenant, for what The Ark has stood for and for ensuring this was kept “Safe”. In essence, The Ark is Its Own Protector, for it cannot be used or looked into by those without Divine Permission. The Ark was not only a “symbol” for the Jewish people, Ancient Star Beings of Light were also aware of this, and The Ark has been known throughout the different worlds and galaxies and universes from its Inception, for The Ark has always been.
The Ark of The Covenant is known also as The Alchemy of The Divine, The Marriage of God Father Mother, and The Womb of Creation. It is known by those who have reached and touched this deep within themselves as “Cosmic Bliss” – “One is Home”.
I have shed so very many tears over The Ark of The Covenant, and all consuming Love, Light, Passion. Inner tears come to me in remembrance and awareness. The Marriage Feast of God The Son. The Cosmic Christ. My inner tears are of Love, Angelic Presence. It is a Golden Sarcophagus – The Body of Christ, Buddha, Krishna. These tears of Christ – The Resurrection, The Energies of The Creator, which can be likened to the Drops as the Ray Children Came Into Being but here, “They are Energies”. The Trinity. For me, The Ark of The Covenant as I have seen this Holy Relic, I feel are signposts. Father speaks to my soul as I shed a few tears. God is closer than close. I become emotional. My hands are energy points they generate so many energies, this has begun to happen now, more and more energies are being felt in my right fingers as I type, so much so that I often have to stop typing and shake my right hand to allow different circulation. The Ark contains The Treasures of Heaven.
I feel my arms stretching out to heal countries on Gaia one by one. I see The Ark of The Covenant on Spiritual Wheels like rolling over the Lands as a Golden Vehicle of Light, travelling on and on and on like Golden Liquid Light. I use my Breath to heal Gaia and her people, slowly as all Gaia’s life forms too are healed, loved and blessed as The Ark of The Covenant continues its Golden Light Filled Journey as it sweeps rather rapidly across land, countries and all energies which reside and rest upon Gaia. Gaia comes alive in a new way, Lights up with joy as these Divine Blessings are taking place, being aware more and more Light now has been generated and those Light Prophecies and Soul Contracts made to and with The Creator are coming into fruition. Mother Gaia’s soul sings with joy, as it has been a very long time for these moments which have changed and are still enveloping Gaia upwards into Higher and Deeper Energies, Vibrations of Light, Love, Compassion, Knowledge and Understanding that all Life is One, All Life Forms which reside upon Gaia are her children, under and in her care, but being blessed now as never before, in these days of Cosmic Love and Energies being “Gifted to her children”.
My thoughts go to The Ark of The Covenant is connected To The Sun. There are several Suns, more on this another time. The Ark is thus the or a symbol of the Creator and the Sun of all Life and Existence. It all goes back to the Akashic Records feeling to the Ark of the Covenant – within the Ark is all that ever has been and will be as it holds within it the Mind and Thoughts of the Creator.

The Ark of the Covenant can be termed DROPS OF LIQUID LIGHT from God The Father Creator. The Golden Liquid Energies was the Source from Whom Arose God, so the Golden Drops are that which existed in another form before GOD Was.

The Ark of the Covenant is ALCHEMY in force connected to the Holy Grail.

It holds within it the Grail Cup and the Holy Grail in that all that the soul searches for lies within the Ark of the Covenant. I hear, “Pat, thank you. From now on our contact will be closer, God the Father”.

Within the Ark of the Covenant are the secrets of Creation on how to form new worlds. It is not able to be stolen, but it acts as like a focal point almost, an Iconic Holy Relic, a Symbol of the Creator, which takes me and so many of us back to Biblical times and Venus, Atlantis and Source, the memories of which are activated as our soul recognises the Ark of the Covenant.

The Ark stands for IMMORTALITY – The Alpha and Omega if you like. Many people and I have died for the Ark of The Covenant. It can be likened to TRUTH. I AND MY FATHER ARE ONE, One Heart, Mind, Soul, Spirit.


19 September, 2016.


(I am adding from Google here, The Book of Deuteronomy which I believe to be relevant to The Ark of The Covenant today:



The Book consists of three sermons or speeches delivered to the Israelites by MOSES on the Plains of Moab shortly before they enter the Promised Land.  The first sermon recapitulates the forty years of wilderness wanderings which have led to this moment, and ends with an exhortation to observe the law (or teachings), later referred to as the Law of Moses; the second reminds the Israelites of the need for monotheism and observance of the laws (or teachings) he has given them, on which their possession of the land depends; and the third offers the comfort that even should Israel prove unfaithful and so lose the land, with repentance all can be restored. 
Traditionally seen as the words of Moses delivered before the conquest of Canaan, modern scholarship sees its origins in traditions from Israel (the northern kingdom) brought south to the kingdom of Judah in the wake of the Assyrian conquest of Aram (8th century BC) and the adapted to a program of nationalist reform in the time of Josiah (late 7th century), with the final form of the modern book emerging in the milieu of the return from the Babylonian captivity during the late 6th century.
Many scholars see the book as reflecting the economic needs and social status of the Levite caste, who are believed to have provided its authors. One of its most significant verses is Deuteronomy 6:4, the Shema Yisrael which has become the definite statement of Jewish identity; “Hear, O Israel; the LORD our GOD, the LORD is one” Verses 6:4-5 were also quoted by Jesus in Mark 12:28-34 as part of the Great Commandment). 
End extracts from Google.

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