“Surya, think – Saranyu” My Twin Flame says.



SURYA takes me to myself as Surya Buddha, which is who I was – Buddha meaning a fully enlightened being were my first thoughts on Saranyu saying this shortened version of my name which he never uses. My dream seems to have been something I have been aware of just recently and gone back too? It was very interesting and involved.

I pause for a second close my eyes for just a moment, I get mountains and a plateau; that takes me to Tibet And the Heart Sutra Chant Meditation which I thought of last night as being one of the few outstanding meditations to add to my website.

Now coming into my thoughts is The Cosmic Christ.

Sudan now comes to me which is not a place I usually think of and that song – The Rivers of Babylon which connects me to Biblical times and Tibet, and The Dalai Lama, and I wonder if this life of the Dalai Lama was when Saranyu, my twin flame was my Father in that life before the birth of Jesus. It encompasses I know much love and happy memories being the daugher of the beloved of my soul. Such different soul patterns have we shared through the millions of years since we came into being. In different worlds, galaxies and planes of existence, but all adding to the rich tapestry of shared love in different forms of being.

Sudan is very unusual, which takes me to The Ark of the Covenant, which has been said to have been in Sudan or hidden there for a time?

The mark of an Empath comes to me and It feels this is a test exercise from Saranyu as to writing and thinking very rapidly after coming too from an intriguing dream, which when I opened my eyes vanished .

I return to SURYA, as this has to be the GOLDEN KEY, for it was and is the Golden Key of – and to being fully enlightened. What a joy and blessing that was recently to have this given to me by my Light family, that as Surya Buddha I was fully enlightened; My heart and soul sang the Songs of the Heavens, The Divine Bells of Paradise played their tunes, and I and my loved ones wept. I feel very moved. The back of my head to my right has some energies and sensations.

But what a joy and soul blessing at Saranyu being so very close saying those initial words getting me to go deeper, to reflect rapidly, as a new way of us working together. My head energies are here still; I go back to Surya, which, said by Saranyu is so fascinating as he only ever says Pat, Suryananda or a form of endearment, so to hear “Surya think – Saranyu” was and is so very near in my sensing and awareness at this moment, that it has to be a trigger, an activation, whereby Saranyu, as he said on the 11 August, I will help you to read the Akashic Records, that I feel this activation and trigger from my twin flame is just that, in that it feels a training for “I AND MY FATHER ARE ONE”; I get a little warmth at the bottom of my neck.




Babylon returns to ancient and treasured times when Saranyu and mysef shared lives together. So emotional, the tears are there, as I go to My beloved and I sharing Earth existences, not always so, but we have as we have embodied within the same Lighted being on Gaia, a few times, for we are ONE SOUL. Tears fall. It is now 5.17 am and I have been typing non stop without a pause as I feel Saranyu has led me joyously once again into a new and deeper way of connecting with my beloved.

I sense this session is drawing to a close.

A tear falls down my left cheek, waiting, pausing suspended between these worlds we are once again sharing and experiencing.

In essence nothing is new, a tear falls down my right cheek and left together, they and we are perfectly balanced at this moment.

In tune with the Infinite and our soul, although always as I feel cosseted, as I sense and feel the beloved of my soul so very near, which happened the other day when Saranyu was trying to impress upon me something else when I wrote of my dream of seeing myself as Rosemary from the Pleiades, to Biblical times. I get a burning bush, and I am back to the beloved of my very existence with Moses and myself as Tek Sek beloved friend of Moses. A lone tear threatens to drop as I have just carried on with moist eyes. Moses is that deep connection I feel to – “Surya, think” – I must stop and wipe my eyes. I know I am being guided and helped every golden signpost, as so much time, love, and Light has been beautifully sent to me; thus as the flower opens up before the Sun, I grow ever closer to Home. It is now 5.31 am I have typed non stop, and I see I began typing at 4.50 am so for forty minutes I have aimed to remember as “Surya think – Saranyu” – have I remembered?

My heart and soul says yes I have. It has been a wonderful new way of tuning into my beloved. What a difference hearing those initial words made, for it triggered and activated within, a way of rapid typing and thinking, which is how I am with my dearly loved Light family at times when I type fast and rapid, as then I am on a different and higher vibration wavelength.

I feel this session is coming to an end and I have said all that is necessary.





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