Martha of Bethany as told to Pat – Suryananda during a Meditation.



I began to listen to The Yeshua Codes, trying to tune into the life of Martha of Bethany who has long fascinated me. First of all nothing happened, then the words Sudan and Goa came. I thought they were both very interesting as not places I usually think of. My thoughts then went… (how long was Martha in Goa for) – From Yeshua, many many months. (I feel Martha must have been with other disciples including women in Goa) Yeshua, yes, Martha was.. Many of us travelling to the …. Palace of ……. The Temple of …….. (I did not quite catch these words).

Once I had written out these words I decided to type straight onto my laptop, as writing by hand takes much longer and makes my fingers and wrist ache. All the while I was listening to The Yeshua Codes. The following is what came as I changed perspective whilst tuning into Martha of Bethany, and went with the flow onto my laptop whilst listening to these Codes:

FROM MARTHA as understood by myself :
Goa, India, it was a huge culture shock but Yeshua my beloved friend had spoken of India to us in his inner circle, both disciples and us women. There was quite a group of us who had arrived in India …. it had been in the planning for some time. India had a profound effect on my soul, the poverty, the second class status of women, and the vividness of its culture. There were many occasions when I longed to be back in Jerusalem, Judea, but I was with my dear friends and they took the place of my homeland.

Caleb was with us. I am not sure about Lazarus. I do not feel Joseph of Arimathea or my Father was with me in Goa, just certain of the disciples and women in Yeshua’s inner circles. As a group we were well disciplined and organised, and were able to experience and see inner teachings that were not available to the general person travelling alone or with just a few others.

With Yeshua those doorways to higher teachings were made available to us, and we were taught much about initiations, both in Egypt, Japan and India, and why am I thinking of Sudan? It is not a place which would normally come to mind. As I pause here, I am drawn to the Ark of the Covenant, but that could be because in the past on tv programmes it has I am sure been said that the Ark was guarded in I believe Ethophia …. Sudan? What lies in Sudan? What did Yeshua tell us women and disciples about Sudan, going back to ancient of days.

Returning to India, in particular Goa. Goa was a place near the sea, and this brought back our homeland to us who were far away.


Yeshua said I was a great help in India. Both Yeshua and Mary Magdalene were there. I was of assistance to the children, women and the old, the memories which were to take me forward as I continued to travel with our group to various countries before arriving into Cyprus. Here I was to end my days quite some time, ages, after arriving. I voluntary withdrew and retreated from mainstream living and went into a (Monastery) where other women were there who had decided to dedicate the rest of their lives to Jesus. My dear nephew, Caleb and Lazarus were also here in Cyprus and it was a wonderful blessing that after so many journeys to different countries we three were together in Cyprus during my latter years. I loved the hot climate.

However, as a (nun), I spent my days in contemplation, prayer, meditation – the routine was very disciplined and strict. How long was I there for? That has yet to be remembered. For some time I would imagine, as I do not think I arrived and died very soon after. Time went on and during those times of dedication, prayer and devotion, much was experienced by myself, Martha, as I was blessed as I had been with visions, sights, sounds, talking with Yeshua, and the Angelic Hosts, who assisted me as I spent my latter years in seclusion with the other women.

Was I able to meet up with my nephew, Caleb and Lazarus whilst in the (Monastery)? I am not sure? I hope to get feed back later, as I am unable to remember if our (Monastery) was allowed visitors; perhaps just now and again for Feast days, Christmas, Easter, perhaps? So I wonder how Caleb did. He would have had Lazarus with him. The people of Larnaca loved them, as they did me. My soul has many happy memories of those times, deeply buried until just recently.

Sudan could also be connected to the Holy Grail? or the Ark of the Covenant? – or both later as I typed these notes for posting.

My thoughts go now to Rennes le Chateau …. was this the place where my dearest sister, Mary Magdalene gave birth to her first child? Yes … comes to mind. Rennes le Chateau …. once again I remember, I LOVED THAT PLACE. I loved the pathways, winding up and down, the greenery, and hidden places away from people. We were indeed hidden from the main, so for us who were there at Rennes le Chateau, we were in a world of our own … time stood still … we were transported both back to our homeland and into the Higher Realms, where Angelic Beings communicated. We heard their Angelic Voices, we were aware of their Presence, every day brought another golden thread which was shared one with the other …. (as I type this properly, our shared heart comes to mind).

I cried many tears of happiness and joy, also sadness, as the days went on and I knew I would be leaving Yeshua, Mary and their early family they had begun to have. My pathway I knew from words Yeshua had said to me many times would take me away from them, but Yeshua had assured me that when I was in different countries and as I settled in my last place, he would communicate with me. I would continue to have his presence in my life, his essence and vibration would always be there for me … he said, ‘do not worry Martha, for those latter years will bring to you that spiritual bliss you have long searched for.’

The day we left Rennes le Chateau, was heart breaking for me … my travel companions took it bad also, for as we all left, we all knew that this was the last time we would look upon Yeshua and Mary, and the beginning of their family in person, in front of us in this life.

My last memory as I left, tears now come, Rennes le Chateau was of Yeshua and Mary and the young one, ones … standing at the door … tears again … and waving myself and the others of his inner circle off.

Where did we go after leaving Rennes le Chateau? TO BE CONTINUED.
As told to Pat – Suryananda by Martha of Bethany.
2 JULY, 2015 – During a Meditation.

Much love, from my shared heart to all of yours, now and always.



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