Suryananda and Saranyu, Forever as Twin Flames, Divine Consorts.

15 October, 2016.
I asked Saranyu “what if like some Angelic Light Beings” he, Saranyu, felt like those, who although not too often, it does happen if the two original Twin Flame Light Beings for one reason or another recognise that their Eternal Destiny belongs with that other Light Being they did “Not” Come into Manifestation with. So I asked Saranyu, what if he felt like that, and even though I knew his answer would be as he responded, nevertheless I felt the need and yes longing I guess to hear Saranyu in essence state that which my heart and soul has always believed, longed for and know of nothing else which will or could take this place of us being Twin Flames, Divine Consorts, Beloved of our Divine Parents; Eternally Wed Twin Flames, able to Merge and Separate at Will, and for whom being without the other feels as if our hearts would be broken into a thousand pieces and would not recover.
Sensing Saranyu draw closer to me, as so often, I typed out the words he said so they would not vanish as the mist before the Sun, as I find having the exact words he says is an added bonus which my soul treasures.
“Saranyu:  We are fully engaged in the Twin Flame Aspect, need I say more. You are aware of it fully Suryananda at this moment Dear One. I am never going to let you go in that way; I love you just as you do me in this way. There is your answer Dearest One. It is Complete, the answer, not us; never us, Dear Heart of My Soul. We will talk on this again so do not worry. There is much to know to come to light for you to remember”. I then asked if I called him by his initials in Divine Paradise as I just loved his initials, and I got – “many times, laugh”. I asked Saranyu why, when I had wanted an answer earlier but had not been given one, “He said, that it was important for me to raise these questions as they would have come, and now you have your answer – How could I let you go Beloved, we are Forever as One”.
These words take me back to some a little earlier when Saranyu said “You do not realise the magnificence that awaits you and I”. Such then is my Joy and Bliss, Eternally together through all the Worlds and Galaxies, Planes of Being, for no separation exists, just a veil between worlds at times, which has been where that pain of separation has taken place, but today, those past veils in different eras and galaxies have been well and truly removed, thus once again Saranyu and myself, Suryananda, have come into our Spiritual Inheritance, we are Home.
Suryananda with Saranyu.

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