Meditation with Divine Mother, Evam Arbel and Saranyu, my Twin Flame, Divine Consort.



Wednesday 19 October.

It had been quite a few weeks since I had last connected with Evam Arbel, my Original Mother from Source, this being one of Her Divine Names, so I did a Breathing exercise, breathing in and out whilst saying a few chosen words as I aimed to re-connect to the Mother of My Soul and that of My Beloved, Saranyu.

Evam Arbel goes back to my Manifestation in Divine Paradise with Saranyu, and also later in Ancient Atlantis. As a Ray Child in Ancient Atlantis millions of years ago, under Evam Arbel’s instructions and guidance as it were, I undertook Initiations which would both lead and assist me towards Final Enlightenment. Although as Surya Buddha, I was fully enlightened as all Buddhas are, but the Initiations which I underwent then as Suryananda were specifically for these times to act as a Foundation and Springboard to Total Bliss and Oneness. So, I knew I very much longed to re-connect once more to Evam Arbel as too many weeks had gone by without having tuned in.

It was not a long meditation, so I began by concentrating on my Breathing, saying my few chosen words to re-connect with the Mother of My Soul, Evam Arbel. Very soon, I HEARD “We are here for you always EA”. The tears had come as I re-connected after so many weeks. My right nose had begun to itch and my left side of my heart had a sensation, as I continued with my Conscious Breathing which had slowed down which I was aware of. As my attunement to Evam Arbel continued, I thought of Evam Arbel being the Divine Mother hearing the Cries of the World which brought tears, as I, in my attunement to EA, I was Her, and for those moments the pain and suffering was mine as it was – is – Evam Arbel’s.

Almost immediately, side by side and just in front of me, were My Divine Mother, Evam Arbel, and Saranyu, my Twin Flame, Divine Consort. Saranyu was very present and I sensed and felt him very clearly, clothed in Blue. It was so wonderful to see these two Beings, forever in my heart and soul just there so very near. Saranyu had tears falling down his face. This was also so very moving, adding to those special moments. It is very rare indeed to see Saranyu with tears, but I understood they were tears of joy as I once again was attuning myself to our Beloved Mother, and that now, after so many weeks we had re-established that attunement and contact which would increase in the times ahead, bringing all three of us great blessings and joy and yes, remembered initiations foretold for these times of great change on Gaia.


It was wonderful to know that after so many weeks Evam Arbel and myself as her daughter, Suryananda, had once again re-connected. I feel now that I won’t allow myself not to connect consciously more often, so it was a great turning point for me which was why my Beloved Saranyu was so moved, as we all were. So I will practice this now on a regular basis. I was also aware at one stage, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. In Christian terms the Holy Spirit was considered to be Male, but the Holy Spirit is another deeply loved two words to Describe the Divine Mother.

A little earlier in my meditation, with my eyes closed, I was suddenly looking at this woman, who was about 30. She had long dark hair, loose, with a very striking Golden Gemstone Jewel in a very Unusual Oval Shape in the middle of her forehead, held together with a band going round to the back of her head, in that it was several inches long but narrow, ie not very wide, and was going into almost a Deep Mustard Yellow in places with a hint of a Beautiful Pink, with Light Rays being emitted from this. It was a first time I had seen this particular Gemstone on anyone’s forehead in a meditation or otherwise. I tried slower breathing throughout this meditation. This Golden Gemstone could be likened to a Gold Light and from this Large Oval going into a Dark Golden Yellow rather than a Bright Yellow. I saw Rays being emitted from this Golden Light Gemstone. My Light Family said to me afterwards that seeing this Golden Gemstone in my forehead was a PORTAL into Another World. I found this so fascinating and I feel in future meditations I will be aware of this sighting of this Golden Gemstone there on my forehead and hope that this will indeed lead me further into the Divine Mysteries of Home. Portals as I understand this can be anywhere, but for myself during this meditation, the opening was on and so too within my forehead. As this sighting ended, for a moment or so afterwards I felt a slight sensation of a gentle swish of what appeared to be people  wearing robes. These slight swishing sounds of Light beings as they have been walking near me has happened a few times now.



Paintings by artists unknown. ♥


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