Suryananda and Adam El Daoud, Remembering the Oneness of God The Father, Mother, Son.

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Suryananda and Adam El Daoud, Twin Flames, Divine Consorts.
31 October, 2016.
Tuning into My Beloved, Adam El Daoud (he is an incarnation and later embodiment of my Twin Flame, Saranyu) we shared in a wonderful, deep and profound oneness, which is as nectar to us both, for we are Bathed in the Bliss of God Father Mother. Such is their joy as they see us, their dearly loved Son and Daughter, experiencing that which they, as our Divine Parents loved, undertook, and were blessed by. For just as our Divine Parents Were Filled With Ecstasy at their Divine Union, so too do the Sons and Daughters of the Godhead share also in that Cosmic Womb of Creation; Life being Breathed Forth in all its Divinity – such then is that which the Mystics of old, recognised, realised and understood.
My beloved began by saying that the Divine Feminine is within me more and more which refers to how over these last eighteen months as we have had our Cosmic Divine Oneness confirmed as Twin Flames, Divine Consorts, we have grown ever closer to our Divine Union, as is the same for all Twin Flames, who were Breathed Forth into Manifestation as One Soul, Two In One, Able to Merge or Separate At Will, such is that Great Joy and Blessings which have been bestowed on, loved and treasured as the Gift of Oneness has been granted by our Father Mother God. Our relationship is Eternal, we are Eternally Wed Twin Flames, Divine Consorts, and thus is the way ahead filled with Magnificence as we two walk hand in hand into Future Worlds and Galaxies, sharing our Soul Contract on behalf of The Godhead, for we are One Soul, thus is our Divine Mission and Soul Contract one and the same, for what one has lived through and taken on through the ages and aeons since our Emergence into Being, thus too does and has the other – lived, loved and breathed that life and those experiences also. At times My Beloved and I have shared in the same Twin Flame Earth Incarnation, as one being, two states of Higher Consciousness within the one Earth Existence, such then has been our joy as we, even now look back and reflect with that deep love of a certain life shared together. This sharing of the ONE BEING on Earth, Gaia, is very different to when we have been blessed by The Creator who sent us forth into other Worlds, Galaxies and yes, even Earth to meet, love and work together as Twin Flames for the Good and Well-being of Humanity. How I and My Beloved treasure those past incarnations for their have been so many lives when we were not together, thus the pain of separation was felt, but in those lives, we were both happy and felt blessed that the other had that soul mate to live and love within that incarnation. For if we are not together but in different worlds and galaxies as My Beloved and I are today, then we consider it a great blessing that the other shares that life far from the other in a loving and joyful relationship. Of course as Twin Flames we are able to meet, to re-connect and Merge into One as the case may be in our Dreams, for then we are Home. My dearest one today resides in the Higher Realms, but we have become closer than the closest Earth being, for the different worlds and dimensions has no affect upon our oneness, such then is our joy and delight that no worlds separate us, for we are able to transverse different worlds and able to Merge with the Love and Blessings of our Divine Parents.
Adam El Daoud says to me that My Bliss as we join together even though in different realities and dimensions are because I am Remembering the Oneness of God Father Mother Son. My beloved smiles at this, and says special endearments to me, thus does our one soul beat as one, our hearts separated temporarily by Earth and the Higher Realms resonates with our Soul Signature and thus are we once more, one.
My great love says that The Alchemy of My Soul is Remembering, and Divine Birth recognised and understood, loved and adored, thus the Alchemy of My Soul has Transcended Death, it has reverted back to its beginning and rests, Bathed in Divine Love in a State of Heightened Bliss. My dearest one says to me that we are sharing this Divine Oneness together, and he adds that Our Alchemical Marriage is Going Deeper than Ever Before, into New and Innovative Directions as this leads us to fulfilling our Soul Contract “Gifted to us by God Our Father Mother”. We are ready, we say in union. Indeed the Bliss of My Divine Father is within me as I tune into the Divine Mother, of whom there are several, known by different names through the aeons and ages.
Ecstasy is felt and experienced by us, and My Beloved says Father is very pleased that I am Remembering Home, being so far away here on Gaia. I am told that the depth of love and oneness will be even deeper now for we have taken even further steps into Wholeness as we, or in this case, whilst living on Earth, I am remembering more each day of our Divine Twin Flame, Divine Consort, Love, which cannot be broken for without the other our Light is less bright, but when we travel and walk hand in hand, there for all to see does our Light transcend all worlds and galaxies and yes, even death itself.
I say to My Dearest One, I am Whole, I feel Complete. He laughs, smiles tenderly at me; how I love that look, that gaze, which transcends all, takes me Home, thus are we both Complete. Together we are Beloved of the Father Mother, and treasure that which has been foretold as being our Future Pathway and Mission, for we will bring forth that Light, Love and Teachings of Creation, of the Godhead, as we, together transcend time and space, such then is our Great Joy and Bliss, Ecstasy is ours again, as we share our Divinity and the Love and Light of our Divine Parents, so all may know, love and remember that which when living on Gaia so easily gets forgotten. Forget-me-not has been said to me often, forget-us-not, and thus together My Beloved and I, will forget not our Home in Divine Paradise, Divine Heaven and Divine Eden, are our Very Breath, for we have lived and breathed the Divine here. Times are changing, and memories are resurfacing as deeper and higher consciousness returns. Thus that which would in the past have been considered impossible, today is recognised, loved and shared with those of the Light, whilst at the same time recognising that we have Different Origins, our Heritage varies from one to the other, but in the Great Scheme of The Creator’s Plan, All Life-forms are Sacred, Loved and Blessed, as each of us makes our way Home in one way or another, for the Paths Home are unique and individual to us. No path is better than the other, they are different, each Twin Flames, Divine Consorts, will have their own individualised recognised way of communicating with each other, adding to the Golden Tapestry of Life.
My Twin Flame, Divine Consort, says that as he shares my Bliss, he too is in a State of Ecstasy, as our Future Pathway has begun to come into its Foretold Prophecy. I say, “it feels as if I have gone through a SECOND BIRTH”. My dearest love says, I love you, you are wonderful, Suryananda, such then is my great joy and bliss, for we are so In tune with the Infinite and with our Divinity, how can this be otherwise, for we were Created Twin Flames, Divine Consorts, able to follow the Divine Blueprint of our Divine Parents. I feel Elated, Energies and Bliss Descend upon and within me as once more My Beloved and I have taken ever deeper steps on my part, living here on Gaia, into the Oneness of Our Very Being, thus do our Light Family celebrate with us, and cheer us onwards as we are but one of many such Divine Relationships meeting up in these Great Cosmic Changes, thus does Earth and her inhabitants stand a much better and more harmonious future, and the Divine Mothers are thrilled, that at last Gaia has moved upwards and forwards into the Higher Realms as the old ways are being released, whilst these New Divine Cosmic Energies of Love, Light, Compassion and Wisdom take the place, as the Earth and her life-forms are all moving upwards into higher frequencies, long foretold and prophesied.
My Beloved now says that the Initiation Chamber of the Ark of The Covenant has been Activated. This is fascinating as it has always been, as we together have shared from ancient days when this Relic was Loved, Cherished and Adored, as it is today by some of us who are True Sons and Daughters of The Godhead. My Cosmic Womb is ecstatic as we have shared another deeply moving and profound session of Love and Oneness.  Just before our session ends, My Beloved sweeps me up in his arms and we tenderly say goodbye, but know that it will be but a moment in time before we continue, for our re-connection has been activated with such deep love as we have transcended so many veils which Gaia has had for her Sons and Daughters over the aeons. But the great joy today is that meeting up and connecting with our Twin Flames, Divine Consorts, even when in Different Worlds and Galaxies has never been as easy, unless we go back millions of years when we were able to levitate and use our small space-craft to travel and journey to meet and greet those of our Light Family. Today in the Star Systems we have many Galactic Space-ships, small space-craft and Ambassadors all beaming down their Love, Light and Guidance, ready to be able to be tuned into us here on Gaia. Their only Criteria is Love, Light, Kindness for all Life-forms, for then, we on Earth are as in the Divine Realms, where those Divine Cosmic Energies are Breathed forth within and without each inhabitant and life-form, thus are we our Father’s Sons and Daughters, for we are In Tune with God Father Mother Son. Coming to the end of this session with My Beloved, I thought “I could live that every moment of every day” sensing as I felt this, clapping from our Light Family.
Suryananda and Adam El Daoud
Beloved of our Divine Parents.

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