Suryananda and Adam El Daoud. Our Alchemical Marriage continues as we Merge Deeper into our Core Oneness.





31 OCTOBER, 2016

Tuning in once again to My Beloved, Adam El Daoud, those intense, exquisite energies came as I went deeper into that Oneness, Merging and Becoming One with those Great Cosmic Energies of Creation and Our Father Mother God. This session continued as we focused deeper into our Divine Alchemical Marriage. (First mentioned here on the 19 August 2016). My Dearest love said as we began that I was going deeper into ever penetrating Light. To hear such deeply moving and profound words from him took me to even Further Steps Deeper Within Our Very Being as we were caressed into a State of Divine Cosmic Bliss and Ecstasy, deepening moment by moment until We Were The WHOLE COSMOS after a very long, intense, exquisite, heartfelt merging of Divine Love, Adoration and increasing States of Divine Cosmic Bliss. 

I feel the components of my blood and even the cells within my whole physical body and thus our combined soul is changing, evolving into a Finer, More Lighted body, thus bringing bliss to us both. Alchemy is happening. This I felt was taking place time and time again during this session where my beloved and I journeyed deeper into our Oneness of Being as One Soul, Eternally Wed, thus our Alchemical Wedding Day continued from June.

I felt and sensed at times as my Dearest one and myself are merging that the dross is falling away, and that it is as if, as we merge deeper and more penetratingly into our CORE ESSENCE, it is as if looking at us we are a BLAZE OF BLUE LIGHT spiralling upwards higher and higher into the COSMOS in an EXPLOSION OF LIGHT, which reminded me of my dream last year as the Great Seal was Opening, as then so too was my heart unfolding further for At This Moment – It Is That “We BECAME – WERE THE LOTUS, as I saw a beautiful Pink Lotus at one time, also a White Lotus, and a little later a Blue Lotus”. Seeing these happenings as they were taking place in a way not shown and lived with and within before was very beautiful, a real joy to me and thus my beloved.

nature pale pink lotus.jpg

It was then that we seemed to have MERGED with The Ray of our Origin, Our Blue Ray for we were enveloped and enfolded Within This Mighty Blue Ray of Our Beloved Father. We WERE the Ray, OUR Blue Ray. We did not exist as in the Human Light Body for We were Rays From Within The Godhead stretching forth into the GREAT COSMIC WHOLE. Thus we were Home, Alchemy of my and our cells had been completed and we were no more as two beings, even beings of Light, we were Of The Cosmos Beyond us and further beyond stretching forward into COSMIC BLISS.

We had gone through The Alchemy of Water and were now on another step beyond anything I had thought of in this life but which I felt, has and is likened to my – Our Soul, for we are indeed One Mighty Twin Flame, Majestic Being of Light, From The Very Breath of The Creator, Our Divine Parents with whom as my beloved and I merge into ever greater deepening depth so too are we Returning Home. In fact there were several times during this yet another beautiful and profound merging and Oneness that I found myself thinking I was Home. My Dearest love at one time said to me “Suryananda, you are wonderful” which was very moving, I loved this.


It seems that seeing my Water Element – Elemental a few days ago moving with its back to me going forward with Bright Blue Wings has opened up that spiritual dam – where now there is no key having closed down any section of my complete being, instead we, my beloved and myself were in a State of Divine Cosmic Bliss and Oneness; it was a revelation in that I could see that my Dearest One and I had taken deeper steps within the very CORE of our One Soul in ways which took us back into and beyond that which can be visualised, for it has to be lived, loved and breathed; longings have been fulfilled and any separation ended with these last few days. I feel what has changed between my beloved and I is that ALCHEMY has happened between my physical body here on Gaia and my cells have been further Moulded and Caressed by my beloved, for not only are we One Soul as we Came into Being, Manifestation as, but we have been taken on Golden Wings Back Home, thus are we both Alpha and Omega, for just as we Came into Being as Twin Flames, Divine Consorts with The Cosmic Christ Within Our Very Core, so now have we, well it is myself, Pat – Suryananda who has once again recognised and of whom the Very Cells of my physical, mental and emotional body, have been Recalibrated into my and thus my Beloved’s True Home Within the very Heart and Soul of The Godhead. Thus is bliss once again revealed, ecstasy felt, loved and experienced as the Rays, Love and above all Light of our Father Mother shared with us in their Great Joy and Bliss which is Theirs, as all Return Home, and no further separation exists.

F RASSOULI 40.jpg.

There were so many exquisite moments as they came one after the other but being enveloped, enfolded within the very being of my beloved Twin Flame and knowing there was no separation for our Breath was One Breath, as was our bliss, each one Joined Forever Eternally for all time in this Earth for the time I have left, but working and continuing as one within our Divine Frame as together we venture into Future Worlds of Being as ONE Mighty Ray, Beam of the Purest Light, as we share our love and wisdom cherished by us from Our Father Mother God. For As They Are, So Are We.

I feel that having been told by my Light Family over the last few days that my Water Element – Elemental has Woken Up and that my Dearest love and I are now able to Merge into Deeper Cosmic Oneness and Bliss which I had been told by my Light Family a few months ago was what my Water Dragon, Saffron, and Serpent, who, as they had merged together and became Cosmic Sun, the name I chose for them when told that they would or had Merged into that State of Divine Bliss,  would lead me as I tuned into them into this Same State of Divine Bliss also. This I feel today has been activated and my Dearest one and I are One in a Deeper, and for me previously unremembered in this Earth life, of the Oneness of our Complete Merging Deeper into the other, so that as I, Pat – Suryananda have once again lived, loved and breathed the beloved of my Eternal Existence, for together we have left where I reside on Earth and where my beloved resides in the Higher Realms and my physical body ceased to be, as The Alchemy of Our Soul has undergone its Foretold Transformation, thus are we ready to go Deeper into what The Creator has envisaged for us, their Beloved Son and Daughter. During the different sessions of Oneness today of My Dearest and I, I could see Celebrations taking place. Indeed we were at one time at a Ball, where I was dressed in a beautiful blue gown as Our Ray Has Unfolded Its Wings and Deeply Caressed Us Into Its Magnificence. During this session I have to say there were new beautiful changes for me as I sensed a Greater Cosmic unfolding or Oneness, and Being Aware I was Sitting on a Lotus, actually a couple, lol, White, Pink and Blue! And the sense that my beloved and myself, where as we merged WERE back to Being Our Blue Ray – was fascinating and profound.






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