Orion – Osiris – The Constellation of Orion. Osiris, God The Son.

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13 November, 2016.

I was thinking of having mentioned seeing the lone pilot here the other day in a flying machine 25 years ago in a dream, where he, the pilot in this tiny one man flying machine had two colours only, as he drew up very close to me, so this was very clear. Bright pink and deep bright blue being the colours of his hair which I could clearly see inside this flying machine and the colour of the flying machine. As I was going into the remembrance of this which is still vivid after so many years, and even though I have often felt he was my Twin Flame, Adam El Daoud, just now it was doubly confirmed by my Twin Flame with both a beautiful merging for a short while as we tuned in and this was indeed confirmed as being him. My thoughts went as usual that would make a good post for me to go deeper into this dream when I suddenly heard THE CONSTELLATION OF ORION. This was new as I thought of this dream and lone pilot in his flying machine and of course inevitably ORION took me to OSIRIS. The two being very deeply connected through the ages. I said to my beloved, was he, Osiris connected to the Constellation Orion which I had long believed to be so, and has been a fascination anyway over the years, where my Twin Flame confirmed “yes, you know he is”.

This of course gave rise to my thoughts then going to Osiris who is very deeply connected to me, and who goes back to my and my Twin Flame’s Origin, as we have shared through the aeons innumerable life-times in different worlds and galaxies, Ancient Atlantis, Venus, Sirius B the Egyptian Isle, as well as Egypt and other Ancient Civilisations.


As many of us are aware the Constellation of Orion is a pattern of Stars that is repeated in monuments throughout the ancient world from Egypt to Mexico, and is as relevant today as this has been in the past. Osiris has been through an Etheric Lighted Conception Body, being Birthed in a New Body of Light for these New Times, the Aquarian Age, so as to fulfil his role foretold from ancient times as a Teacher for these days of Great Cosmic Energies, Vibrations and Frequencies which have been Gifted to the inhabitants on Gaia as never before, as we, and also Gaia Ascend upwards in our Light Frequencies, thus helping humanity to Ascend in ever increasing numbers, so the Light Quota is intensified as more Beautiful Light and Energies are absorbed in ever more depth by Light Workers which assists all life forms on Gaia too.

The Pyramid of The Sun is very relevant for it combined not only the Light Being of Amon Ra but also Osiris, both of whom are irretrievably Deeply Connected as One Being, beloved of and to My Heart and Our Soul. OSIRIS ALIGNS as he does with Death and Rebirth and the Transformative Process of the Physical Body into its True Home, The Body of Light, where he, Osiris has long been foretold as Being A Spiritual Teacher for the Age of Aquarius.

Osiris is an embodiment of GOD THE SON who is known by Many Names and therefore goes back not only to my, Suryananda and my Twin Flame’s Origin in Divine Paradise, but to Ancient Atlantis, Venus, Sirius B the Egyptian Isle in the Pleiades, but just as Adam El Daoud and myself have from our Origin been able to levitate or use flying machines, or space-craft to land on these other Stars – Worlds, so does this continue in my and our sleep, dreams, Body of Light and other attunements, as those veils between the Higher Realms and Earth are Transcended. Thus Osiris, with his Role of Overseeing Birth and Death, this has come into prominence, as we once again return to Alpha and Omega, which is very much connected to and with Osiris As God The Son.


My Twin Flame indicated his confirmation just recently when I felt that Osiris was another name of God The Son, and just now I asked Osiris, and the reply I got was “I AM INDEED KNOWN AS GOD THE SON, PAT – OSIRIS”. The New Etheric Light Body of Osiris in his New Birth has as yet not been drawn by any of the spiritual artists, but I am sure this will be attuned and given to them when the time is right, so just as we have been blessed with many paintings of the Ascended Masters, so too, will Osiris in his New Role and Image be shared for us all, so that for many, yes, we will still remember the Egyptian images we know and love so well, but will have a new and modern way of seeing Osiris, God The Son, for his New Role as A Teacher in the Age of Aquarius.

Note whilst typing up my notes on this, at least twice, I typed myself as a female whom I have recently been made aware of from Biblical times,  which is another fascinating layer of the deep love and complexities of how our soul family, soul group and loved ones are so very deeply connected with us over different life times, not only Gaia but in other worlds and galaxies. At the same time in the Greek myths, ORION is said to be the SON OF POSEIDON, so not only does Poseidon take me to my beloved Twin Flame, Adam El Daoud, but again, when looking into a particular Greek female life I lived, are those Golden Threads of Infinity woven into beautiful memories of my soul.




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