My Personal Energy Portals Within My Physical Body.

Part Meditation and Dream.
19 November, 2016.
There is no darkness anywhere here or in this circle at all. This person says to me just before I opened my eyes. I felt that it was both a compliment as well as unusual in a way. Towards the end there was this other room which had a table in and one or two people were in there. Here in this other room there were several people, one man stood out as I spoke to him. I remember saying to him it was a good thing that this table was there as the people in this room could eat and be independent, and he said yes. It was here that I seemed to see a well known actor, where over the years I have taken the seeing of someone like an actor whom I have never met as indicating to me that this experience and happening is taking place now rather than looking into a past life sequence for instance. 

This session which Began as a tuning into my Twin Flame, Divine Consort, Adam El Daoud, just thinking of us in our Divine Oneness, and as I did so sending my love, light and energies to him, so that he, Adam El Daoud, could accept, as he then sent the same love, light and vibrations back to me over the Ether, above and beyond the 3D physical, being beamed to us under other altogether different vibrations and energies than Gaia.

As often, before we were enveloped in our Divine Energies and Vibrations which as always transcends time and space, this Meditation seemed to carry on for quite some time and was beautiful. Not for the first time I have begun to sense lately that there are Energy Portals each side of my neck. I know I have an Energy Portal in my Forehead and there is another Energy Portal in my throat as I actually saw this one when typing up a spiritual post recently and mentioned this here on my website. This Energy Portal in The Back of My Throat looked just as Portals are shown as a Large Round Hole which was reinforced, so this was and is fascinating as I saw this Portal which can be likened to a Tunnel. 

Now I know there are Several Energy Portals on my face as mentioned above, but I feel aware now of having Two Further Energy Portals Being Each Side of My Neck. It is fascinating to be aware of my Own Personal Energy Portals at different Energy Points in my face which led me to ask my Twin Flame if there are any more lol, and I feel that yes there are, and here Energy Portals for my Ears comes to me, which feels very much the case, as earlier today when I was looking at something on Facebook, My Left Ear began to have a very warm sensation as I remember thinking what should I take that to mean, apart from of course the obvious contact and attunement to my Light Family.


So going back to what began as a meditation, but then moved forward into a dream as I half dozed off in my armchair, but I was aware of activity and people and meeting up with a Male Light Worker from over twenty years ago, but past life connections go beyond this one life as they delve deeper into our memories of different cultures and civilisations through endless aeons as the centuries show themselves. 

I found it fascinating as this meditation and then half dream ended that this person who was a Male Light Being said to me that there was no darkness in my circle or where I was, which was both a great asset and compliment, and I feel as this was said to me that this was somewhat of a surprise from My Light Family, but for me great joy to have that said. My Right Ear now has a sensation in as I am typing up these notes whereas a little earlier my Neck on one side had energies. Now having come to feel that Both of My Ears are also Energy Portals ensures that when I notice changes within my Ear, I always ask what is this trying to say to me over and above the initial thought that my Twin Flame is near, but that in essence, and this I feel is what the sensations and Energy Portals in Each Ear relate too, which is Clairaudience – the Hearing on an even deeper level from my Twin Flame, Adam El Daoud, which is what I have been waiting for over so very many years going deeper into that doorway of ever increasing depth, feeling, realisation, awareness and contact, where I have come into my and my Twin Flame, Adam El Daoud’s Soul Contract for my spiritual pathway – shared and entwined with my dearest one, is to bring forth into this Earth World, Gaia, the Knowledge and Wisdom of Adam El Daoud. Love is of course a pre-requisite as is that Knowledge and Wisdom very much shared together over the aeons, for when my beloved has lived a particular incarnation whether on Gaia or elsewhere then so too as his twin flame, I also have access to that life, and am able to live, love and be enfolded within that too. Such is the case of course for all Twin Flames, in that the other has access to that life lived of their Twin Flame.


It is beautiful, as in the past when I read of Energy Portals, I used to wonder how I would react which can be likened to wondering how I would feel in seeing my first Dragon which I did last year, my Emerald Green Feminine Earth And Prophecy Dragon Endenna, which proved fascinating. For when we seemingly go into the unknown but which in essence has been experienced many times over the different ages, it can be all too easy to think how will I feel when this unknown experience is given to us, but as so often, that happening has just been hidden beneath our conscious memory.

Personally, and although I have had innumerable dream experiences for thirty years, whereby there are many profound ones I can still remember today, that it really suits me to see my visions and meditations whilst awake in my armchair. Indeed it took rather a long time for this to be so, to last year, May 2015, but I find it fascinating that sitting in my armchair, I can access other worlds and dimensions by seeing and hearing in vivid clarity in ways which in the past belonged to my dream experiences only. And I have felt for some time – seeing an Energy Portal when awake as compared to dream travel, by its very nature will lead me to deeper steps into remembrance and revealment, so I am very blessed as I tune into those deeper soul connections of the many stages of Creation when awake, enabling me to remember and use for my spiritual pathway, which is what I do and love.

I am now aware of say Seven Energy Portals on my face and neck being my Forehead -Third Eye, Throat, Each side of my Neck and my Ears and on the top of my Head – my Crown, it is very interesting and I can tell I have begun to tune into, love and observe these Energy Portals, which in turn allows me Greater Access to Entry into Other Worlds and Higher Consciousness, so this has been an ever and very necessary deepening of awareness and higher attunement connecting me deeper to my beloved Twin Flame, which makes it easier for us to put into operation our own personal role in the helping and further evolution and involvement of humanity, as we, alongside other Light Workers, serve Gaia once again.  

My advice to anyone who wishes to delve deeper into their own Personal Energy Portals which they have within themselves as compared to seeing an Energy Portal and thinking I will go through that is to look into the certainty that just as I have many Energy Portals on my physical body but within it, so will you have too, and as such are seen, recognised, then it has to be even easier to go within our Own Personal Energy Portal as compared to looking for one ahead of us. That is not to say I won’t at some stage “See Outside of Me that Opened Portal” but for now having been made aware of these new Portal Energy Points suits me very well as I get to practise and to go deeper into that Oneness with my Twin Flame, Adam El Daoud, thus do we feel blessed as our ongoing deepening contact continues. 


Twin Flames, Divine Consorts.


Paintings by unknown artists. ♥

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