You’re Coming Into Your Full Power Dear Suryananda, My Twin Flame Says.

 20 November, 2016.
I was tuning into and blending, merging with my Dearest Adam El Daoud, My Twin Flame, Divine Consort, and being aware of our session some hours before on My Personal Energy Portals In My Physical Body, which, by this new found recognition was both fascinating and illuminating, leading me to reflect deeper and further into My Seven Personal Energy Portals, being My Forehead and Third Eye; Crown; Ears; Throat; Each Side of My Neck, which as I delved deeper into this new but ancient realisation of States of Bliss and Joy, learnt over very many lifetimes when away from Source, My and Our Home in Divine Paradise, and the Higher Realms where My Beloved and I have journeyed through so many different ages and aeons, Ancient Civilisations, Different Worlds and Galaxies Far Beyond Gaia, changed as we took on a denser physical body to be able to withstand the conditions of Earth, but initially in those ancient days we were able to Levitate or use our Space-craft to Gaia, whilst still retaining much of our Body of Light, which initially was so very beneficial, but as the ages continued, we, as other Light Beings had to let go of our Finer Light Bodies, taking on an appropriate body for Earth.
Today, the physical bodies which we see all around us on Gaia are nothing like our Bodies of Light which we wear when Home, and are a joy and delight, as we once more effortlessly slip into as in an item of clothing, so it has been a very difficult process over the aeons, as we, and other Lighted Beings from the different Star Systems, have travelled further away from our Home in the Heavenly Worlds. Thus for Adam El Daoud, and myself, Suryananda, we do NOT cling onto the Density of the Physical and Earth, for us, such is so very far removed from our much loved Bodies of Light.
In ancient times we were able to handle Being in Different Star Worlds where we lived, at times through those long ago days without the other, but because we were so very much nearer to the Higher Energies and Vibrations of Home, it never felt that we were apart in the same way as later incarnations upon Gaia, where as so many ages were lived through by us and other Beings of Light, so the denseness of Earth existence meant that our bodies inhabited for those Earth Incarnations, gradually became less and less refined, thus was our sadness alongside those other Lighted Ones, who too, journeyed far from their own Homelands, and had the same inner experiences as my loved one and I did, as they too, left their Twin Flames, Divine Consorts. In those very Early Days, it was easier for the Male of the Twin to Descend to Gaia for its conditions were so much harsher, but with time, all the Female Twin Flames took on the denser Earth Garment for that Life into a Lower Realm, as we and they, undertook to share in those Divine Teachings, Love, Light, Compassion, and Knowledge to those whose Home was different to ours.
Over very many ages, thus did Adam El Daoud and myself, Suryananda, spend time away from each other, but the joy of those very early days was that our telecommunication system with each other and so too our Divine Parents was very much different to how it is today. We would re-connect during sleep of the physical body on Earth and also in Dreams and Celestial – Etheric Travel, thus were we and others not completely cut off one from the other. But as I said above, with my Beloved Twin Flame saying “YOU’RE COMING INTO YOUR FULL POWER DEAR SURYANANDA” activated and reinforced Ancient Soul Memories which had come to the surface, thus as all soul remembrances, deep and profound love, adoration and oneness is felt, loved and understood, as once again, those doors to Eternity have opened further, and the Plan of Our Very Existence is Known, Loved and Cherished.
So, as I was both tuning into and going deeper in my thoughts with my Dearest One, so too were those Inner Keys of Joy and Bliss Being Activated, Opened, so that as together our Divine Twin Flame, Divine Consort, Oneness was Recognised, I was aware of Intense and Profound Rays of Blue, White, Gold Light, enveloping ALL OF THESE ENERGY PORTALS one by one and then all together, thus did I feel that I understood the Meaning more deeply that I and so too My Twin Flame, WERE ONE WITH THE COSMOS, for as I continued to be Bathed in and Enfolded Within the Heart and Soul of All That Is, The Created Life Force of God The Father Mother, so too did I recognise in those moments that I WAS Nearer to Home than ever before, for those Rays, where originally it was Our Blue Ray which Enveloped Deep Within Adam El Daoud and myself, Suryananda, but then Our Blue Ray Stretched Forth Into Many Hundreds of Miles Above Our Heads as it were, Reaching Out Into The Great Cosmos of Eternal Life – both Giving and Receiving Knowledge, Divine Love and Power and multiplying this ten fold, we were then Not Only Bathed and Caressed by Our Blue Ray of Origin, but then following on from Our Blue Ray, the Exact Same Process of Love, Bliss and Joy Was Within Both The White Light and Ray, and Also The Golden Light and Ray, so that it was that Many Miles Extending Beyond My Twin Flame and myself, Suryananda, were these Beautiful and Profound Rays of Light, which as they Were Returned To Where They Reside in The Cosmos, so too were my Beloved and I, ONE With The Cosmos, which as so many lives lived on Earth has at times dulled that which is not only Our Birthright but the Birthright of All Light Beings, but which transcends both to the other Life Forms in The Cosmos, of which there are Infinite Numbers, they too have that Precious Gift From The Creator, that they are Able To Feel, Sense, Live and Be A Part of This Magnificence Which Exists and Waits for Us All in an Infinite Spiral of Light, Love and Energies, Given to be Shared With Us By The Creator.
Therefore, having remembered that which was below the surface of my consciousness, once such has been recognised, then the Gates of Paradise were Opened, as Home Is So Very Much Nearer. Thus as I reflect upon another step climbed upwards, now, hopefully, this will ensure that further revelations are lived, loved, and breathed, as I, with My Beloved by my side, go deeper into Our Soul’s Contract, for such then does Creation enfold us within its Caress and we are Home.

Artists for these paintings are not known. ♥


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