Alchemy, My Alchemical Process Continues.

4 December, 2016.
This week has seen further developments and inner and outer changes as the Alchemy of My Being proceeds further. Some of this post is based on an Alchemy Meditation yesterday, as I went into a deeper process of Alchemical Breathing. The different attunements this week which have taken place on the Alchemical Process is different to my Twin Flame, Divine Consort, Adam El Daoud, and myself, Suryananda’s Alchemical Marriage, which began consciously on the 19 August and continued over some weeks before this was completed, during which we Were One With The Cosmos and beyond, stretching forward into ever increasing Divine Bliss, as the very cells and atoms of my physical body have undergone a transformative process as I have Returned into the Very Heart and Soul of The Godhead, and as I am now tuning into and remembering that which has been pre-ordained for retrieval and conscious awareness, once again, ancient soul memories and realisations are reactivated, recognised and brought to me by my Higher Self, my Beloved, and my Light Family.
The week began with visits by two of my dearly loved Light Family, who have been with me since my Emergence with my Twin Flame, in Divine Paradise. We go back to Venus, The Pleiades and Ancient Atlantis, all many millions of years ago, and so our Soul Contact is both very deep and profound, as we have shared innumerable past lives through the different ages and aeons, not only on Gaia but in different worlds and galaxies, where these two male deities and I, Suryananda, have lived, loved and Breathed the Divine Cosmic Oneness of The Creator, God The Father Mother, who have shared with us Their Deep Love for us, Their Children, as Sons and Daughters.
What has been fascinating, is that as both of these Light and Soul Family Deities spoke to me, the energies were both beautiful and intense, and quite exquisite, so much so that the oneness that took place can be likened to when my beloved and I, merge within our Divine Twin Flame Oneness. It confirms those words, We Are One, One with The Cosmos, and All Life, and although this was just a short glimpse as we three re-connected and shared those special profound moments, once again, I And My Father – Our Father Are One, is felt, loved and experienced. For in essence, that depth and love which we share with our Beloved Twin Flame, is also embedded within, loved and acknowledged with those who are in Our Celestial Light Family, for we are them and they are us, thus has that been understood yet again this week as my heart and soul was blessed and bathed once again in their love and energies, so that apart from knowing who they were, they were so very much like tuning into my beloved, but they both said their names to me, so I knew they were not my dearest one.
To hear loved ancient family speak and share moments of Divine Bliss with, is both profound, fascinating and deeply cherished within my – in fact mine and my beloved’s soul, for we are one soul as I have said before. Indeed the soul of myself and my Twin Flame, being one, have once again, merged with the Higher Consciousness and Light Beings who are part of Our Celestial Light Family, of which here I am mentioning two, and who reside in the Higher Realms, in ways which were, as we Emerged and Manifestated into Being, for my beloved and myself, Suryananda, in Divine Paradise, but all of us connected to The Sun Line and The Cosmic Christ, We Were One, One Light Celestial Family, Sharing in that Divine Oneness which is our Birthright.
This week has taken me even deeper when these two and myself, shared past lives, and where, in ancient days, I was Initiated into the Ancient Mysteries, undertook Light Initiations both in my Physical Body and also in my Light Body, as well as under going those Deep Initiations of The Elements, where so much Alchemical Knowledge, Awareness, was understood, accessed, and used in past lives, and now being brought into my present life to use in greater understanding and depth, as my spiritual pathway with my Twin Flame, unfolds in ever deepening insights of all that has been both joyfully and painstakingly learnt through the aeons since our Emergence into the different Worlds and Galaxies, understanding as each subsequent new step was revealed, that truly there is no separation between us, for we are one, just as my dearest one and myself are one heart and one soul, in essence we are one, and have never been separated, it is just an illusion Gaia has seemed to show to be so.

Thus has it been an exciting week as once again, these two old and ancient members of my Light Family and I have re-connected, taken steps into ever deepening oneness, which though not in its fullest, nevertheless has brought to my understanding once again, that we are one in the Higher Realms, we live, love and understand that in essence we have never been apart, for the Whole of The Cosmos has Opened Its Heart and Soul, where as this has been understood and recognised than so The Holy Grail of Life Eternal has once more been Birthed into My Understanding in that – that Golden Liquid of the Holy Grail, has once again been seen and re-emerged within my Cosmic Blood Stream, which is what through the ages, I as well as others, have both searched for, sometimes I have found this, recognising that Golden Liquid of Transformation which has Transcended other Worlds and Galaxies, and lived, loved and breathed by myself.

Of course there are Two Aspects to The Holy Grail, both in the Physical as in The Grail Cup, Chalice, and also Spiritual, for me here, I have tuned into once again to The Spiritual Holy Grail, which for myself, takes me Home to The Cosmic Christ of my Beloved Adam El Daoud, and my very Existence, and that Oneness which Our Celestial Light Family has, which was Birthed within us at Our Very Emergence and Manifestation into Being, and which has always been The Holy Grail of Our Divine Cosmic Blueprint, Gifted to us by God The Father Mother, such then is that Divine Oneness of Bliss and Ecstasy, Loved and Understood In Its Fullest Sense, I Know My Beloved Twin Flame in that Oneness which The Creator Designed for us, and Our Celestial Light Family, For We Are Indeed One, One With The Cosmos, With The Godhead and thus The Meaning of Creation is Understood, Lived and Breathed as our Soul Contracts are Fulfilled and We Are Truly Home, Once Again, One With Our Divine Parents and Celestial Light Family. The Cosmos, Worlds and Galaxies are part of our Every Breath, as we Live and Breath Them, as From Within Our Golden Cosmic Bloodstream, The Whole of Creation Is Within Us, thus has Eternity Unfolded Its Petals and has Embraced not only My Beloved Twin Flame and myself, but has Given me Back Those Golden Keys to Eternal LIfe.

Paintings  by artists unknown. ♥

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