My Pure Consciousness.

6 December, 2016.
Before I descended to Earth that very first time millions of years ago, I have just reflected upon who I was, being aware of course that I go back to such Ancient days in Lives lived since Divine Paradise, where my beloved Twin Flame Saranyu Adam El Daoud and myself as Suryananda Emerged, as well as our Homes being Venus, Sirius B in the Pleiades, and Ancient Atlantis, but as I was thinking about who I was before returning once more to Gaia in my present Earth life, for a moment there was nothing, then I realised I came into GAIA FORMLESS Without Form, Without Image, even without an Identity in that yes, I was being birthed into a body suitable for Gaia through my parents, but my soon to be Earth identity was but yet another signpost I had arrived at of innumerable ones in Infinite numbers through the aeons in different worlds and galaxies, Star systems, for they are as a leaf upon The Tree of Life, separate but not the whole tree.
In fact I have EXISTED ALWAYS as Pure Consciousness, within the Very Heart, Soul and Thoughts of The Creator, His Breath was my breath in that as I lay within the Very Being of God The Father, I KNEW all that there was, for there was NO SEPARATION, we were together as one, Birthed into Formless Form and Pure Consciousness, thus was Divine Love, Joy, Bliss and Safety. For before the Pure Consciousness that can be termed myself, was Made Manifest in Divine Paradise with my Twin Flame, we had been Chosen as Twin Flames by Our Father, Whose Thoughts Being Made Manifest had Brought into Being us as Twin Flames, Emerging into Outward Manifestation as One, whilst at the same time being able to Separate and be Independent of each other as and when this was deemed necessary, but that it was Together as One that We as Twin Flames partook in the same Divine Union of Oneness which God Father Mother had.
So although as Twin Flames we Emerged in Divine Paradise, which can be said to be where my beloved and my origin is, in essence, Divine Paradise was when SEPARATION took place as we were Breathed Forth as an Independent Son and Daughter on the same Dual Life Ray, and so from our Outward Individualisation into Being in Divine Paradise, that was A DEATH, for in effect we had emerged from Within The Creator, Our Father Mother as One Soul able to separate at will or merge into oneness as was the case with Our Divine Parents.
It was as we were Birthed into Being Out From The Creator, Source, that we, my Twin Flame and myself, felt that Separation, we were much loved and cherished and were able to talk and walk in our Light Bodies with God The Father Mother, our Divine Parents, and in those ancient days, there was not such a feeling of loneliness. This came as more and more New Births took place and thus that complete oneness although not gone, was nevertheless not of the same quality and Light as when we First Emerged Independently of our Divine Parents in Divine Paradise.
What has been so is that our One Soul as Twin Flames has recognised that for that complete oneness, we have had to make our way back to where we were at that moment when we Emerged From The Creator that First Time we were Breathed Forth From Within, which had been Our Home. As Twin Flames, chosen for each other, there was a reason for each set of Twin Flames, Divine Consorts, for as God had thought, so we came into being as Twin Flames, each of us having our own unique Soul Contract and Covenant with Our Father Mother, and which over the aeons and ages would, through trials and many tribulations test us to the limit, which in effect began as we, like all other Light Beings took on denser bodies for the Different Galaxies, Worlds and Star systems, in particular Gaia, whose dense physical conditions was so far removed from our Home, that over innumerable lives, Our Divine Birthright was forgotten at times. So the joy for me and my Dearest one, is that we have found and remembered each other with the help and support of our Light Family, thus as we merge and become one through the Transference of Divine Cosmic Energies beamed down to us, our way back Home and thus together is easier than ever before, as Our Parents wait for us to Return Home in Complete Realisation and Oneness, as was always foretold by the Thoughts Made Manifest from The Creator.
My name Suryananda, in essence EXISTED within God The Father Mother, for I was named whilst still in the Cosmic Womb of Our Father as Pure Consciousness, for as Twin Flames we were Formless, but we had been given our Names At Source From God The Mother, who is known by various names, but in our case being Evam Arbel, for as we had been given our chosen names, within the meaning of our Twin Flames and Names, lay our Birthright and Foretold Destiny from Our Parents as we would undertake in future ages that Gifted Soul Contract which we shared as one being, one heart and one soul, which would never come into its completeness and fulfilment until we were Able to Merge and Return to our Divine Home not only within each other but within the Heart, Soul and Thoughts of Our Father Mother God. For at that time, once more are we manifested within The Godhead, looking out from within, thus are we Home.
As I look into who I AM before Birth, it is as the feminine aspect of my beloved Twin Flame, Saranyu Adam El Daoud, as it is him who I see, for our true oneness is when I, in this Earth life see myself looking out from within him, for we are one being, our temporary separate identities have been blended and merged together, thus as one, we are able to undertake our Spiritual Mission and Role in our Soul Contract which had been Chosen as Ours BEFORE we came into Manifestation in Divine Paradise, for when this Emergence took place in what is termed as our Place of Origin, in essence it was our Separation into Being as an Independent Son and Daughter, as we took those first steps of being into what was for us unknown, but we had been given guidance and had listened to many fascinating talks from Our Divine Parents as we were prepared over a long age for that precise moment, foretold within The Thoughts and Mind of Our Beloved Father Mother.
My name of Suryananda, existed always within The Created Mind and Thoughts of Our Father God, and though in essence our Divine Mother, Evam Arbel, gave to me my name at Source, Suryananda, it was at Source WITHIN the Soul of The Creator, ready and waiting for myself and my Twin Flame, to understand and partake in the meaning of our Source Names long pre-ordained as to the work which we would be carrying out on behalf of the Cosmos, Worlds within Worlds and All Life Forms. Our joint role is to Bring Forth Divine Knowledge, Love and Wisdom in its Highest Form so The Creative Principle of Creation is known, loved and understood, so for my beloved Twin Flame and myself, Suryananda, Knowledge in all its Creative Life Forms is at our Service as Creation comes into Being, and Our Entries into Future Worlds Come To Fruition. For with Knowledge, comes hope, hope for the Future, the existence of Eternal Life and awareness of Eternity unfolds as others become aware of their Soul Contracts with The Divine.
When my present Earth existence ends, it has been confirmed by my Light Family, that my dearest beloved, Twin Flame, Adam El Daoud, will hold my hand at my Transition from Earth as I Return Home. Whilst at the same time, dearest Melchisadek, will accompany myself and my Twin Flame. I believe my Divine Mother at Source, Evam Arbel, will also be there in some profound way as my exit from Gaia takes place, together with a few other Light Family members – Archangels, for which I am deeply blessed knowing in advance. I have always believed this to be the case, but it has been a real joy and blessing to have had this confirmed last year.
I have always felt since I first wrote back in late 1982, that spiritual writing of knowledge was my life’s work, as it is both a passion and fascination, and the knowledge and wisdom which my Twin Flame has, and will share with me, will Ensure that Our Soul Contract gets to be completed, in particular now that we have re-connected these last eighteen months or so. Also, when I tuned into Our Future in a Meditation, I met up with Melchisadek, and he said to me as I was with my Twin Flame, the words “Our Future work was A Remit on Creation, Creation, Creation” so for myself and Adam El Daoud, Knowledge on Creation in all its aspects is the way I have long seen us going in my future pathway here, as He Resides in the Higher Realms. When there is that passion, then as never before is that Soul Contract more likely to be completed.
Paintings: Top two paintings unknown, others by Freydoon Rassouli and Aeoliah – Angel of Illumination.

2 thoughts on “My Pure Consciousness.

  1. Paul

    Wow Pat Suryanada! This is the ultimate writing you have presented here with an overview of your Life Path from Source to Source in Source, Creator of All. You are an inspiration to all souls that take the opportunity to read and know you. Thank you so much.

    Liked by 1 person

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