Feed My Sheep, Yeshua Says. As a Strawberry Pink and White Sheep comes and speaks to me, saying Hello.



12 December 2016.

Some hours ago, I had been thinking of Yeshua and our recent chats and that deep bond of Divine Love and Friendship which has been ours, shared since we first came into being so many millions of years ago, in The Pleiades, Venus and Ancient Atlantis. My thoughts went to us having several shared lives I know of but of course we have had very many lives on Gaia and the different Worlds and Galaxies through the aeons since those days,  although it feels we have always known each other.

This takes me to another dream I had about six months ago, when I was looking at Yeshua, who, as I looked at him who is so very dear to me, my eyes watered. There was just so much love and tenderness in the look from him. Yeshua said “I was looking at an Ancient Soul Memory”. I love those words, an Ancient Soul Memory. So a few hours ago, as I was thinking not only of this sighting of Yeshua back then, but also thinking of a couple of our shared past lives I am aware of, and that he, Yeshua, has recently come and had a few words to me several times in meditations, so as I dozed off and saw the following, I feel this dream symbolises that which is encompassed within my Spiritual Soul Contract, where Divine Love in all its forms and aspects is brought to the surface, enabling myself and others to understand that depth whereby those Light Beings have given their Love and Light to Humanity through the Aeons, going back to Venus, The Pleiades and Ancient Atlantis.

“All of a sudden, I was dreaming, having an interesting dream which for now I can’t remember, apart from the END, when about eight colourful animals of all types, came running excitedly to where I was; they were not the colours of Earth animals, they were most unusual. There was a brightly coloured dog among them, so very different, interesting and fascinating.

Then all of a sudden, this BRIGHT STRAWBERRY PINK AND WHITE SHEEP came right up to where I was and stretched out its arm and touched my arm and said “HELLO”. Hearing this Hello spoken of was so very clear and loud. I feel this sheep also had BRIGHT GREEN AND YELLOW COLOURS, but it was the Bright Strawberry Pink and White which left the most vivid memory.

I was so surprised to hear this Sheep say “Hello” – I said to this sheep “I have never heard a Sheep say Hello before” I clearly remember saying this. At that moment, I opened my eyes, after all, this was the first time I had heard a sheep speak to me lol, or any other animal in a dream, so the rest of the dream faded, which had seemed an interesting one”. So much so, I am open to having another Spirit Animal Come and Say Hello!

It was as I was thinking of h0w wonderful it was for this Bright Strawberry Pink and White Sheep to come and say Hello, that I was reminded of Our Soul Contract – My Twin Flame, Adam El Daoud and myself, Suryananda, and those words often spoken of by Yeshua, Feed My Sheep, which he used to say to his disciples.



Painting of a Ram Horn Mountain Sheep by MariposaGal on Sacred Geometry.

This sums up seeing this Bright Strawberry Pink and White Sheep perfectly.


2 thoughts on “Feed My Sheep, Yeshua Says. As a Strawberry Pink and White Sheep comes and speaks to me, saying Hello.

  1. Paul

    You are indeed, Pat, feeding Yeshua’s sheep as I am One and all your writings leave a deep vibration within my soul. I like your humorous tone that reaches the living and brings the vibration to the solar plexus level if not the gut level which all spins joyfully into the higher heart. Thanks again dear Pat / Suryananda.
    My dreams of late seem to deal with psychological behaviors which I am releasing/transmuting into light. Sweet dreams!


    1. Hi Dear Paul, it is always a joy to see you here. I am overjoyed that my – our writings leave a deep vibration within your soul, that feels perfect, as is the rest of your description. Very interesting how for the moment your dreams are releasing so much, enabling even further Light to be received. Sweet dreams to you Dear Paul. Thank you for taking the time to comment, as this is much appreciated. Suryananda. ♥


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