The Cosmos is Revealed Further.



23 December, 2016.

As my beloved Adam El Daoud and myself were sharing beautiful energies earlier today, I was aware that I had taken yet another step further and deeper into not only our Divine Union but with and into The Cosmos Itself. As my Twin Flame said yesterday, “All is Energy”. Energies and vibrations allow us to journey deeper into the Higher Realms and meet up with not only our Twin Flames but loved Celestial Light Family as well as taking further steps forward into new and yes, virgin territory, for there are so many worlds and galaxies that are in their infancy and which I feel sure my beloved and I will travel too. Such are those dreams made manifest, when that which we long for comes into being. Imagination is the Gateway or Doorway to Bliss, for it is with Imagination that we open that Golden Key which leads us further into the Divine as The Cosmos has opened its doors wider, thus is ecstasy and bliss felt.

As my dearest one and myself merged and became one, above us were white, blue and golden Pillars of Light emanating from within us stretching upwards into The Cosmos, whilst at the same time sending Love, Light and Healing to all Life Forms and Worlds Within Worlds, even though it is Gaia who is less advanced in Her Light than so many of the Star Systems in the Cosmos, nevertheless as we send out love, light and healing, this gets directed to where it is needed the most.


My Twin Flame and myself have a beautiful home on Venus where we often return too, and we usually look into one particular room that has been furnished for us, drawing into us its love, vibrations and energies. However today, although we entered our much cherished room, we moved into a new room where there were beautiful blue roses which are very much one of our flowers, as well as lotus blossoms in white, pale pink and ice blue, they too were around. However, because we always rest in the same room, today, we moved into Another New Room, as described here. This was fascinating and as I was aware of this I heard the words “The Cosmos Revealed” and “Father and Mother are happy”. These words from Father and Mother are always a great joy and blessing as I have heard them a couple of times recently when meeting up with my dearest one in that I am aware that our Divine Parents are sharing in the great joy and bliss we feel, as they too have and do continue to experience as they are One with not only The Cosmos but all life itself. So when our Divine Parents see their sons and daughters remembering that which is their birthright, thus does it give them great joy and happiness. Whilst in this New Room I was aware that even deeper and greater awareness to Knowledge was coming to fruition for me which was so exciting and I was left in a state of excited anticipation as the wonders of Creation will unfold even more their truths, as my beloved and I share not only Love and Light but Creation unfolding before us as it has done in ancient days at Source and will do so in this present life, for even though my loved one resides in the Higher Realms, as Twin Flames, we are all able to have access to such even when in different worlds, for all is energy, and as we tune into those higher frequencies, unlimited knowledge and awareness is able to be remembered as we have transcended Gaia many times over and are in a state of higher consciousness. Thus am I in that state of bliss. Of course going into a New and Deeper Room took me to those well known and loved words “In My Father’s House Are Many Mansions” and earlier today I felt I was going through another Initiation.


So as I was reflecting on those thoughts I had just heard The Cosmos Revealed and Father And Mother are happy, my beloved said to me “You’ve Passed The Second Step” adding a few personal words. Those words I had passed the Second Step takes me back to my Dream Alchemy of The Sun (Son) which I shared here on my website back on the 23 June, where my Light Family said that this dream was a major step forward then, so passing the Second Step takes me to having made significant strides forward in my deepening awareness of Knowledge, which has always been there but as is recognised on Gaia, the veils of Earth have to be removed to see into that which is our Heritage.

I have it seems always had what can be termed an imagination, but in essence Imagination is the Doorway to The Creator, The Cosmos, for it is when we are able to rise above what can be seen as it were on Gaia, we are transported into those Golden Realms of the Highest Order, for we are then on a different vibrational frequency as our energies have merged deeper into the Cosmos and all that is opens up to the Light Being who is able to use initially Imagination, which as that step is recognised, often on a sub-conscious level, it opens the door to the whole of Creation, for just as we on Gaia thrive when we are in tune with another, so too does the Cosmos Love it as we tune into those frequencies, and as we do so, we are given more and more, for as in all walks of life, once we have taken that first step, the next one is much more easily able to be seen and walked beyond.

Much love, Suryananda.


Artists unknown, except the third one down which is by Aeoliah.


2 thoughts on “The Cosmos is Revealed Further.

    1. Hi Paul, how lovely that you have taken the time to come and make a comment. This is very much appreciated. Yes, I have long believed and it has been confirmed, that with Imagination, we set into play that which comes into being, for when we remember all is energy and vibration, we are reminded of just how important a spiritual tool for development and growth imagination is, as it leads us so much deeper into our connection to Source. Without imagination we would be stuck in the old 3D world before so much Ascension has taken place not only with Gaia but her inhabitants. Much love, Suryananda. ♥

      On Fri, Dec 23, 2016 at 5:37 PM, Suryananda and Saranyu Adam El Daoud. wrote:


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