I see my Master in the Higher Realms.


Wednesday, 28 December, 2016.
My twin flame Adam El Daoud says afterwards, as I asked him who it was I had seen.

This teacher was teaching us some things none of us who seemed to be sitting around in this circle or group knew. As this teacher asked if anybody knew this answer, and none of us there were able to say what this answer was. I did see the teacher very clear, and he had dark hair not short, and had it seemed quite an old type of look to him, almost craggy in his face, in that I had a sense of real age. And I got the feeling of the time of Yogananda and the Indian Master Teacher of Knowledge who was his Guru, ie Swami Sri Yukteswar, in that as I was reflecting on who this teacher could be, I was drawn to those times rather than another culture.

So in my dream as I thought who was this teacher, I felt this was Babaji, as this was the only name which came to me afterwards, not during my actual dream, as then I was not given his name, but it was as I was reflecting on who he was, I was taken in my thoughts and energies to the time of Yogananda and his Guru, Swami Sri Yukteswar, from the Autobiography of a Yogi, who was a Master Teacher of Knowledge, I was looking at recently.


This teacher reminds me of Albert Einstein in so much as he was teaching us advanced knowledge and truths, which when he asked us for an answer, nobody there in this circle listening to him teach could add anything, in that his teachings were beyond that which us his students were consciously aware of.

I did have a dream many months ago when I went to Babaji’s Etheric Cave Retreat in the Himalayas, but did not get given anything further than that. In that dream I was with Sanat Kumara and Krishna and my twin flame Adam El Daoud was there looking at us all.

I know there are deep changes happening with me as you all, as on Boxing Day, my Twin Flame said twice, My Light Body was being Activated, which by its very nature will and is bringing in deeper changes as my beloved also said then that my clairaudience is deepening. During the same session of information given to me on Boxing Day, I had two new Light Beings come and say a few words to me. One was my beloved Uncle, Philip from Caesarea, who has also been my friend since time immemorial, which is so long in the past people have no memories of this, and the other was Maitreya, which too was a first as he commented about some Light Beings who were surrounding me, whom I had not been aware of. It was such a fascinating session, as I was also given a few words from Sanat Kumara, who has spoken to me before over these last twelve months.

It is of great joy that my Twin Flame and myself are chatting more than ever before, and so he is helping greatly in my deepening understanding and retrieving of that which is known but which has been hidden, and it is so exciting for me as I know for so many of you when we are able to delve deeper into our remembrances of the past, into ancient secrets and teachings of knowledge in all its aspects.



Top and bottom painting Virtual Babaji Vishwananda.
Middle picture of Swami Sri Yukteswar, who was the Guru of Yogananda.
Taken from Autobiography of a Yogi.


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