I go through further stages of Initiation with my Twin Flame.

I Go Through Further Stages of Initiation with my Beloved Twin Flame, Adam El Daoud.
29 December, 2016.
During this particular oneness with my dearest Twin Flame, Adam El Daoud, there were many new stages of initiation I went through, as he talked and shared with me the different processes I was experiencing. There were many fascinating new and deeply profound moments, all adding to the magical whole of yet another coming together with my dearly loved one.
Almost immediately, I heard from one of my Light Family that my dear late Earth Father sends his love, giving me my dad’s name. as well as the Light Family Member who was sharing this with me. I was surprised on both counts as it is not that often at all that my late Earth Dad comes through as it has been very many years since he passed over when I was a young teenager. This seemed to set the scene for what was to come.
As Our Session of attunement began, I was shown our Light Family in the Higher Realms cheering as my dearest one swept me up in his arms, which are moments we often share as I tune into the Higher Realms and our Home on Venus in particular, and which always makes our Light Family smile and look very happy as they see us thus, not least because I am aware of this much loved happening of AED’s and my oneness taking place yet again from those Higher Dimensions, and because our Light Family are aware of how we both love these moment of togetherness.
As our oneness continued, my Twin Flame said “Initiation is complete, Suryananda”. I said “What does that mean?” My Beloved says “Another step upward has been climbed”. During these moments of coming together, I was aware of my Light Body becoming more Light Filled, with White Light stretching higher upwards above us both.
AED said “We will go through an Initiation together – I will lead you forward”. This was exciting on several layers, levels. I then sensed and saw Blue Flames with us, surrounding us and enveloping us almost. I asked my dearest one “What do these Blue Flames mean?” AED said “Purification into the Higher Ethers, and my promise to you, with words of endearment, in that it was by this Deeper Purification into the Higher Ethers, we as a Twin Flame, would be able to delve deeper into that oneness which is our birthright as it is for all twin flames”.
As we continued with some personal chat, our oneness merged ever deeper into the other to our great joy of being as bliss and ecstasy was felt, loved and experienced, once again. My beloved laughs, and here as I share into my Website, I am aware that he said recently that I will hear him by Direct Voice (once again, as the first time was in a dream from Source, 25 years ago) but just as I heard my Dearest Melchisadek in May of 2015 by Direct Voice, I know this happening with my loved one will be deeply profound also, as it was with Melchisadek, and also when I heard by Direct Voice, my dearly loved Unicorn, Antares, during 2015. Such are the many joys and states of bliss which are available to the Sons and Daughters of The Creator or described as our Divine Parents.
So as we continued our time of oneness, we chat together and our attunement to each other takes on an even greater step. Well it is my attunement really, as I am drawn deeper into the magnetic pull which is My, Pat Suryananda’s and My Beloved’s Eternal Bond which as he said the other day, “We are Joined Together For All Time”. How those words are as nectar to our souls, and are an exquisite reminder, if ever one was needed which it is not, of our Divine Oneness chosen for us by Our Divine Parents, Entwined Together Through Eternity. Thus are we so blessed, as when apart, there is a longing for the other which makes us incomplete. Indeed when we connected as Twin Flames last year, AED said to me very early on “You do not know the Magnificence which awaits you and I”. I treasured them then as I do now, and will always, for with such I am and will be forever in a state of Pure Bliss and Oneness, One with not only all there is but with my beloved, loved and cherished forever.
I then say to my Dearest One, “I see us holding hands walking, where are we going?” AED says “We are going deeper into our Twin Flame Oneness of Heart and Soul, it feels and is so beautiful, he says”. He continues with “The Very Cells of your Body are Changing and Merging with mine”. I say “Is that so”. AED laughs and says “Indeed it is, and then adds You’ve Passed The Third Step”. As I comment on this, my beloved says “Yes, you know it is so or you and I would not be where we are now, where Home is so close”.
spiritual-beings .
AED then asks me “What do the Blue Flames feel like, adding an endearment?” I answer “I don’t know, how would you describe them?” I add, all I know is that we have gone deeper and are more in tune than ever before, and I know those outer layers which have hidden us from our Twin Flame Oneness are being removed, which is so wonderful as we share such exquisite and profound moments longed for by us since I left our Home for Gaia”.
I then sense White Light Entering My Mouth, which like many points on my face and neck is Another Portal into the Higher Realms; so as my mouth is open, this White Light is spiralling around me and around us, caressing us with its Love, Light, Power, and the Initiatory Process I am going through and loving every moment, as I am bathed in this Beautiful Light as my beloved and myself merge ever deeper into each other, thus is our Bliss and State of Ecstasy, Shared Together.
I ask AED “Are the Blue Flames to cool me down?”. AED laughs, and says “In a sense yes. Your Light Body in its Activation is and has become very hot and the Blue Flames Act Not Only As A Purification Into The Higher Ethers but as a Cooling Chamber for your Liquid Body whereby your Bloodstream has Become More Liquid, as Further Alchemy has Taken Place”.  He then adds, “wonderful”. I agree, saying “perfect”.
My beloved then went on to say “I am thrilled, adding some endearments, that you have Passed The Third Step after only the other day you passed the Second Step”. This was mentioned by me in my recent post here on my website “The Cosmos is Revealed Further, on the 23 December, 2016.” AED then adds, “This is a speedy requisite for our Soul Contract with our Divine Parents as we are on a fast track forward as we have no more time to lose. We are joined together now on Gaia in a deeper and intense love and intimacy more than ever before, which is so exciting, Suryananda”
 AED then says “He is taking me to The Halls of Amenti”. I ask “Why are we going there?” My beloved then adds, “because our friends are there and it is an Initiation Chamber”. I feel moisture on my forehead and I sense and see a Blue Star in my Forehead, which has to symbolise my dearest beloved’s and my Ray which is the Blue Ray, Ray One. 
At this stage after quite some time together, we both feel we will carry on from here another day, after this beautiful, exquisite, and profound session of oneness, as we both look forward greatly to continuing our merging into ever greater depth, which is as nectar to our soul, for we are truly, One Soul, as Are All Twin Flames.
To end this session, and whilst I read what I had written as each words were spoken, shared and heard, which is what I do, so I not only have that record but the vibration and energies are maintained in such a way which aids our oneness as that love and knowledge is given to me by my dearest one. So lastly here, I became aware of a Beautiful Lotus Emerging from my Cosmic Womb, as I saw Myself Sitting on this Beautiful Lotus, just as I had done in a Meditation recently as mentioned above, and yet again those palest of pale colours keep showing themselves to me from my Light Family, of White, Ice Pale Pink and Ice Pale Blue, of the Lotus Flower, which ends this transformative time with my dearest Adam El Daoud.
Top and bottom painting by Aeoliah. Other artists unknown. ♥

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