The Cosmos Lifts Me Up On A Lotus.

The Cosmos Lifts Me Up On A Lotus.

30 December, 2016.

This morning whilst sitting in my chair, I thought  I would think of merging with The Cosmos. So as I tuned into The Cosmos with intent and focus, immediately it seemed not only did I experience beautiful and exquisite energies but I felt and saw myself “Lifted up and Enfolded Within The Cosmos Sitting on a Beautiful Lotus, which was of a pale and exquisite colour. I was being transported higher and higher up on this Beautiful Lotus, whilst at the same time transported into a state of Grace and Bliss”. 

The beautiful thing is I have been guided by my Light Family to Meditate on the Lotus which they have said will bring untold wonders to me, but with Christmas this had been put back, but only yesterday I had thought I must do that meditation. 


In fact after this Exquisite Rise Upwards into the Cosmos Sitting on This Beautiful Lotus being carried on its Divine Petals into The Great Beyond, I was in a state of Great Joy, Surprise and Bliss, and this has remained with me as a Gift From The Cosmos which has I feel now Opened It’s Petals to me in such an unexpected and profound way that our Relationship of Oneness has undergone a metamorphosis just as the butterfly emerges from the caterpillar, so have I finally Reconnected in this New and Deepening way as The Cosmos has Lifted Me Up On A Lotus, and yes, I felt myself lifted up and caressed as I was Enveloped in its Beautiful Oneness Of Being.

Now that this Gift has been given to me which of course is available to us all, I am aware that I will use that intent and focus as I recall my Light Family have said to me in the past how this is such an important spiritual tool to use which will give me profound benefits, so I will use their suggestion again very soon, as I have become aware of just how beneficial focus and attention is as I tune into The Beloved Cosmos, which like so many mystical experiences will transport me on its Pure Light of Being into that Divine Union and here God The Father Mother and Creation is closer than ever before. I am thus sitting truly on Cloud 9 as we say and I can’t wait to go again into this magical experience, and yes ever deeper.


I have been aware for some time of the deep meaning The Lotus has for me having seen in a recent Meditation myself when I was sitting very briefly on three one after the other, and the three which seems to be the ones connected with me the most are White, Pale Ice Blue and Very Pale Ice Pink, and where, with the added knowledge given to me from my Light Family and my Beloved Twin Flame on this, has deepened my love and fascination for this Ancient and Mystical Flower from Source, Even Before Creation Itself, the Lotus Was, which has Exquisite Meaning I am aware of, but have not yet drawn out in its fullest.

Just an hour or so before this morning, which I had noted down as always with delight at words heard that further Great Joy to Come as my Dearest One said “Great Changes are coming” which as always was wonderful to hear, adding to my Light Body being activated to the Highest Order which was one of the two separate comments on my Light Body changing given to me by my Dearest One on Boxing Day, has I know already begun deeply to bring to me an expanding state of awareness, new and different moments of bliss, and an initiatory process which I have been going through with my Beloved, only a day ago, but have as yet not got around to sharing here but hope to do so later today, as he has taken me by the hand and led me further into that which is not only my and our birthright together but the birthright of All Beings and all Life Forms Of Oneness and Union with the Divine, such then are we in A State of Pure Bliss and Joy.

For now this New, Beautiful and Profound Experience will be Another Gift To Treasure Forever. 




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