The Blue Lotus.



3 January, 2017.

Last night as my dearest Twin Flame, Adam El Daoud and myself, Suryananda, were sharing some deep and profound moments as is the case for all Twin Flames even though he resides in the Higher Realms, we had for a short time been enveloped within our Blue Ray which has been of great fascination to me for very many years, as I, and also my Dearest One are both finely attuned to Our Ray. Such is the case for all the Rays where Different Life Forms have been Brought into Emergence From Our Divine Parents, as they are there as a Precious Spiritual Tool and Gift, which, as we use them with the Love and Purpose they have been Designed For, All Miracles and Experiences Are Ours, For When We Are In Tune And In Alignment With Our Ray Of Origin, Miracles Abound, thus are we Deeply Blessed and Caressed within the Very Essence Of Home.

So as I was experiencing with AED, Our Blue Ray once again last night, suddenly from Out of My Cosmic Womb Emerged an Exquisite, Ice Pale Blue Lotus, whereupon once again, I saw, sensed and felt myself Sitting on this Blue Lotus. I have become aware recently of the profound meaning which the Lotus Flower has for me which has taken me not only to A Meditation whilst Sitting on a Lotus, but also to another recent occasion when, whilst fully awake, The Cosmos lifted me further upwards upon A Lotus. My post The Cosmos Lifts Me Up On A Lotus dated 30 December, 2016 mentions this.

On this recent Meditation of Sitting very briefly on three separate Lotus Flowers, they, as I have mentioned before, always seem to be of a very Pale Colour, White, Pale Ice Pink and Pale Ice Blue, so that now, it seems these are very deeply embedded in Our Heart and Soul, for as Twin Flames, we are One Heart and One Soul. Of course, these Three Lotus Flowers Takes me To The Trinity in one Aspect, thus the Lotus Flower Aligns myself, Suryananda, and my Beloved Twin Flame, Adam El Daoud, Back To Source.

spiritual twin flames new lovely.jpg

So when last night, I saw myself Sitting Once Again on a Pale Ice Blue Lotus which Emerged from my Cosmic Womb, this by its very definition, takes me back to Source When I too, Emerged From Within The Cosmic Womb of Divine Mother with my Beloved Twin Flame, who is known by many different names, but for myself as Suryananda, My Own Personal Divine Mother is known as Evam Arbel. I find it fascinating that the Divine Mother has several names, and in recent times, I have become aware of some of the other names The Divine Mother is known by, one being Guan Yin, of whom, I have become very close over these last twenty months.

At the same time, I have tuned into Saraswati, and very much find that Saraswati is on my own personal wavelength having as she does her Attributes and Qualities of Knowledge and The Creative Principle, so as Knowledge and all its Aspects on Creation is very much where my Dearest One and I have our Soul Contracts with Our Divine Parents, I have become one with her. There are so many innumerable layers, as we look not only at the Divine Mothers’ but also God The Son, as he too, is known by many different names he has had given to him through the aeons and ages from Source. This takes me to words I typed some months ago “God The Mother, or Divine Mother Gives Birth To God The Son, Thus Is Bliss and Ecstasy Felt and Experienced”. This is another subject of deep interest and fascination to me, and where I know my Beloved will share some further insights as we go forward into deepening oneness, as he shares with me once again his memories of those Golden Days, when we, as so many of us, Lived, Loved and Breathed Within The Radiance of The Spiritual Sun. Thus were we loved by Our Divine Parents, for we were close to them then, in ways today, have often still to be attained.


As I was thinking what was there I could say about the Blue Lotus this morning and the deep Eternal Bond which this exquisite Flower has with my Twin Flame and myself, the words came “The Heart of The Sun (Son), which indeed takes me Home on several levels, both to my Dearest One and to The Sun, which is the Symbol of Our Divine Father, as I, aspire to delve into ever deeper, thus am I drawn back once again into Divine Love and States of Bliss as Our Divine Parents, once again, Welcome Us Home, Great then is our Joy and Blessings.

I have also noticed many deepening changes of Greater Oneness since AED said to me last Thursday, that the Very Cells of my body were changing as I was merging with him, so it has been an exciting few days, not only with us but with my Celestial Light Family, where one or two new members have come forward to speak to me. Only yesterday my Dear One said “there are many wonders to come” so although I seem to have taken some time to get to where I am now, I am very happy and delighted that these changes are taking place now in quick succession, as I know it is for us all.



Paintings, by unknown artists. ♥












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