The Pale Ice Blue Lotus Becomes The Heart Of My Twin Flame And Myself, Suryananda.



4 January, 2017.

I, Suryananda and Adam El Daoud are Enveloped and Enfolded Within This Ice Pale Blue Lotus which is Now Our Heart. Our Heart has been replaced and We Are Now This Exquisite Lotus. Somehow I am aware that I have taken within and been shown A New and Deeply Profound Light Given Experience, which has been drawing me like a Magnetic Pull to this awareness for some time. For my Dearest One and myself, Suryananda, Are Now Home in ways we had not been before; in that all these Profound Lotus Experiences over these last few weeks have inevitably drawn me into the Heart Centre of Divine Mother, as we have been Initiated Into The Heart Sutra, The Lotus of Eternity has once again Enfolded and Enveloped Us Within Its Ice Blue Petals, and my Beloved and I, Suryananda, See The Cosmos Once More Smiling and Welcoming Us Home. Such has made Our Divine Parents laugh with joy, that yes, All Knowledge and Love Resides Within Us and Our Soul Contract has Now Been Activated Into Its Blueprint, and thus Our Birthright into Its Original Gift from God The Father Mother. Such is My Beloved and My Bliss As We Move Deeper into the Very Heart and Soul of The Creator as Our Divine Parents Welcome Us Back Home, for the long separations between my Dearest One and I have ceased, never to be borne again, which has, as AED said initially above, Given Rise To Total Bliss, Which is Where We Are And Will Remain. 


Total Bliss Dear One AED says Total Bliss – After I asked him how would he Describe Us Being Completely Enveloped Within Our Heart In This Pale Ice Blue Lotus –  It was such an unusual and new awareness and was fascinating to see, sense and be conscious of this happening, that like So Many Precious Shared Moments Will Remain Within Our Heart And Soul.

Being aware of any new and profound happening is always of great joy and delight as my steps forward towards Home have followed signposts and hints from my Beloved or my Celestial Light Family, for in essence, I am always “alert” ready to receive any guidance given to me. It can be likened to Dreams, for within those moments of a scenario or even brief minutes, I have trained myself over these last thirty years to observe and take in everything which that scene and family members in the Higher Realms show me, whether from a past life happening, or in the Now, (even though everything that exists is in the Now), all that it offers me, the colours, the emotions, what that dream seemed to be saying, everything gets taken in and assessed and absorbed in what can seem just a brief moment, alth0ugh some dreams are inevitably longer and deeper than others, so it has been that I have consciously chosen not to let even a hint from my Light Family pass me by, which has been of great assistance to me as more and deeper attunements have been given, thus is that Great Joy felt with my Dearest One and myself, for those precious gems are never lost. So, as I found myself with my Beloved, just a short time ago, seeing this Pale Ice Blue Lotus Where My – Our Heart was, it felt very Profound and Moving, as I felt I had Taken Another Step Upwards into My Dearest One’s Cells as we Merged Into Greater Oneness of Being Within Our Combined Heart which has Become This Very Pale Ice Blue Lotus which has been drawing me and us Into its Total Heart Centre For Some Weeks Now, as I have Followed those Signs from my Dearest One and Light Family in my usual way.

Etsy Enlightened Buddha.jpg

This I feel has given rise to lots for me to reflect upon as to its meaning. But remembering AED saying as I shared at the top of this post, that Having This Beautiful Lotus As Our Heart would lead and give rise to Total Bliss, which by its very nature is both exciting and fascinating. After all how does one describe Total Bliss, “Eternity Resides” in those words As The Layers of Gaia Have One By One been Transcended and My Beloved AED and myself, Suryananda, Rest Now In Total Bliss. We are Therefore Home.

Suryananda. ♥


Second painting down is by Arkhipova Olga Vyacheslavona. ♥


2 thoughts on “The Pale Ice Blue Lotus Becomes The Heart Of My Twin Flame And Myself, Suryananda.

  1. Dearest Suryananda, so so beautiful that your One Shared Heart of you and your Beloved Divine Consort has transformed into a beautiful Ice Pale Blue Lotus ❤ And thank you for the beautiful message of how you describe your moments that can be likened to Dreams, that you savor and take in all that these moments offer you, the colors, the emotions, etc… how you absorb everything. I deeply appreciate you sharing this as it is such a beautiful message and reminder for myself to absorb more deeply and completely my experiences with my Beloved Jessibiah. With Gratitude and Love, Antiera & Jessibiah ❤


    1. Hi Dear Antiera and Jessibiah, I appreciate your comments and feedback, being someone who is very deeply connected and in tune with your beloved Twin Flame, Divine Consort. Just as you have found this post of interest reminding you as it does of the depth and oneness we can achieve when we merge into that Divine oneness with our beloved, then so too, as I have read of your own beautiful and profound oneness with Jessibiah at different times, I too, have found much to reflect upon and be aware of. Much love, Suryananda and Adam El Daoud, to you both. ♥ As I am sure you found initially, it does take a certain stage to have been reached before we feel ready to share such personal moments. But just as it is your pathway to do this, I know that with myself and AED, sharing our journey as we travel forward deeper into our Divine Union, is one of the ways we too, are destined to share, for in doing so, they act as both a reminder and a memory, ensuring that those precious moments are there, not unlike what used to be called a “love letter”.

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