My Twin Flame says “It Is Time For Our Initiation Ceremony To Begin” And Sanat Kumara Is Going To Be Officiating For Us.


Adam El Daoud, my Twin Flame says “It Is Time For Our Initiation Ceremony To Begin, with added words of endearment”. And Sanat Kumara Is Going To Be Officiating For Us. 

10 January, 2017.

As we met up here, initially in our Home on Venus, but instead of excitedly retreating to our special room where we have shared so many precious moments recently, my Beloved AED took me by my hand saying a few words like to go here in this instance in his dearly loved way, and as I went with him I found we seemed up high as I had an image of the Night Sky like Stars which was very different to where we would usually meet up at, as we had not gone to our usual beautiful room for rest and relaxation,  as our usual room had changed the other day, as I shared here under the title The Cosmos Is Revealed Further on the 23 December, 2016. So here we were in a very different place but still at our Home.

I sensed many Light Family Relatives around and an air of expectation and excitement, colours and beautiful presences of so many dearly loved ones. As I pause to type here, my Late Earth Father I know is here, and having only sent me his love via my Beloved on Boxing Day, he, my late Father seems closer in a way I have not sensed before. For it has been many many years since he was on Gaia. I know too my dearly loved Earth Mother is here as well, and as I type these words I am aware, there are many loved ones around us, who have come to meet my Beloved and myself, Suryananda, as there is a feeling of Celebrations going on, much joy, happiness and well being, shared one with the other, in this most loved and beautiful of surroundings.


I now hear from my Dearest AED “my Gift to you with some endearments” as I went to type some words here at the beginning, when I was aware of these special moments taking place, and, as so often, I love to make a note of, as in this way, they act as both a Cherished Reminder and Soul Development Between my Beloved and I, as we Merge Ever Deeper into That Oneness as we had been looking out into or onto Beautiful White Pillars Before Us, Quite A Few Pillars, reminding me of the Ancient Greek Buildings, whilst also going even Further Back To Ancient Atlantis, where AED and myself Lived, Loved And Breathed in the Divine Love and Blessing of our Parents as We Walked and Talked and were Joyful in that which was being Experienced by us, for The Doors To Eternity were Wide Open as we Looked and Absorbed The Whole Cosmos as Spiralling Circles of Light, Love, and the Very Rays of Our Father And Mother Caressed us and our Celestial Light Family on a continuing basis, thus were Those Days in Ancient Atlantis, Golden. And yes there is indeed a Section of our Beloved Atlantis which waits as we shared In our Atlantean Water Meditation here on the 10 November, 2016, where not only did we go Under Water And Into Our Bright Pink Submarine, but we were Blessed as we were Joined by Both Mermaids and Dolphins, who I know now having seen, will in the Future be much easier to meet up with now that those Veils of Gaia Are Being Transcended. The beautiful thing is that as my Dearest One and I had such a Profound Return to that Section of Our Once Cherished Home, The Energies And Vibrations To Visit Here Again, have been Enhanced Tenfold. Such is the case as Another Barrier to Home is Removed.

I was Delightfully Surprised, as my Dearest Beloved and myself, Suryananda, do not usually walk outside as such, unless it has at times been in a Meditation. But here we were as AED had stretched out his hand for me to walk close to him from what could be termed almost a Verandah From Inside Our Much Loved Home on Venus. 


So my and thus our senses were absorbing the delights of the open air, and as I pause, I am aware that I and thus our Oneness has once again Taken A Deeper and yet more Profound Journey into That Which Is And Which We Are As Divine Twin Flames, Joined Together For All Time, as AED said to me recently, which was as Divine Bliss to us as we felt cosseted Within Our Divine Eternal Twin Flame of Our Origin.

So I paused when I heard from my Beloved “It is time for our Initiation Ceremony To Begin”, where I was Aware of this Special Honour and Gift which my Dearest AED had said “was his Gift to me”. I am loving these Gifts AED gives me, smile, as just as when we visited that Section of Atlantis, which was a surprise beyond measure, so too is this Gift now a Precious Jewel Leading Us Deeper Into Eternal Life.

As I went therefore to note what was being shown and shared for us, I had a Sense Of Seeing Two Beautiful Chairs for my Dearest One and myself to sit on as this Initiation Ceremony was about to Begin, as our Celestial Light Family had gathered around to see and observe that which I knew was a Very Special Event, Treasured By Us All.


Our Deepening Journey into Total Bliss and Oneness has taken further steps within as with this Gift from my Twin Flame, it feels that in essence this Initiation Ceremony can be likened to a Marriage, as I, Suryananda, have been carried on the Wings of Angelic Hosts upon the Light and Sound Ether, as the Vibrations and Energies of Home Smile at us once again, as Great Joy and Excitement is Felt in New and soon to be Even Deeper Ways, As One By One, The Very Cells of My Body Merge with my Beloved, and that Divine and Sacred Transformation is Complete, and as my Dear AED said last year with personal words of endearment as he and I Would Be One Complete Whole, Joined Together For All Time, Eternally Wed, Thus Has The Marriage Feast of God The Son and Daughter Been Fulfilled Once More.

Early on during this Merging with my Beloved, I had felt a strong sense of our Dearly Loved Sanat Kumara, but did not add then, but as I have come to the end of these notes it feels that Sanat Kumara is Going to be Officiating at this Initiation Ceremony, whereby, he laughs, as he, Sanat Kumara, Says “it is a Great Honour not only for him to Initiate this Initiation Ceremony but because of the Deep and Profound Soul Connection we have with each other”.

Suryananda and Adam El Daoud.


Paintings by unknown artists. ♥


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