“The Amitabha Seed Is Reborn”My Twin Flame Says.


“The Amitabha Seed is Reborn” My Twin Flame says – which I took to Mean Reborn Within Me Thus Us.

11 January, 2017.

As my Dearest Adam El Daoud and myself, Suryananda, once again, connected and merged into our Divine Cosmic Union as Twin Flames, AED began by saying “The Amitabha Seed is Reborn” which I took to mean Reborn Within Me thus Us. This of course, by its very nature was fascinating, as Our Celestial Light Family and Lineage Is On The Amitabha Buddha Sun Line. The Sun (Son) has been deeply embedded in Our Heart and Soul Since Our Emergence From Source. Actually it was on the 20 December, last, that I heard for the first time “Amitabha Buddha sends her love”. It has been of great joy and interest that I am getting more and more new members of my Light Family come and say hello, where as always, they say who they are, which is wonderful, as then I know who it is who comes to have a few words with me.

Anyway, as Our Divine Merging had begun today, and having heard AED say the above, I was delighted to feel, sense and be aware that once again I had taken a few steps deeper into remembering that which is our, my beloved and my birthright. And, that with this Amitabha Seed Being Reborn Can Be Likened to A New Birth, a Death to the old, and Being Reborn Back into The Divine Cosmic Womb of Divine Mother, whose joy and delight is as AED’s and mine at this Coming into Being once again.

eye within forever universe.jpg

So, in my thoughts I then went to our Initiation Ceremony from yesterday, 10 January, titled My Twin Flame says “It is Time For Our Initiation Ceremony To Begin” which was taking place amongst our Celestial Light Family and being Officiated by our dearly loved Sanat Kumara, surrounded by family, all keen to see us once again take those Initiatory Steps together, forward into Divine Bliss and Ecstasy. (As I type up from my notes to put here into my website, I hear “Divine Union With The Goddess of Fertility”). Well, at my Earth age, having a child is not relative, so I have taken this to mean Fertility, Inner Growth and Full Blooming into my and thus my Twin Flame’s Soul Contract with The Divine, Our Father Mother, have Gifted me with this New State of Being and Awareness, ensuring even greater Bliss and Ecstasy will come into and within me, bringing with it Cosmic Oneness for the Wellbeing of All Life and Greater Integration with my Beloved AED, as together our Twin Flame Merging Back into that Divine Process Comes Nearer than ever to its Completion, as the unfoldment of our Marriage Feast brings into being, more magnificence than I could have ever imagined, for this is what my Dearest One says “Eternity looks and feels like, that Divine Merging and Oneness with All Life, Enveloped and Enfolded Within Our One Cosmic Heart and Soul”, so as I had heard those words above, “The Amitabha Seed Is Reborn” great was my and AED’s joy, that at last after so many years we were on the Homeward Run into deeper and more conscious ways than I had ever thought would be so. Here, we are jointly bathed and caressed in exquisite Divine Energies, I feel My and thus Our Heart Expanding into a Beautiful Pink, stretching out into further width and depth, beautiful to feel and see. We rest in this Beauty and Divine Oneness, in Tune And One With The Infinite.


Then my Dearest one, draws me gently and tenderly into his arms, we are going to have a slow dance. I am in my Beautiful Ball Gown, after all, this is Our Celebration, long foretold and awaited eagerly for, not only by us but Our Celestial Light Family, once again, share with us, some of that magnificence which awaits all Twin Flames or Divine Consorts, for this Oneness of Being is not exclusive to my beloved and I. It is there, as A Gift from The Creator to all His Children, to be able to share in that Divine Blissful Union that is Theirs, and thus us, their sons and daughters, and also all life forms in whatever has been their chosen pathway and origins, all are able to partake in this Divine State of Love and Bliss. As these moments change, just as they do, I and thus my Dearest AED and myself, are Enfolded Within the Opening Petals of an Exquisite Blue Lotus, not quite as pale as before, but still quite delicate, but the amazing experience was that I and AED, felt ourselves slowly and gently Enveloped and Birthed as it were Within the Very Petals of this Blue Lotus, which as Flowers do – Opened Its Petals as we were caressed within its folding blossoms, likened to being in our Divine Mother’s Cosmic Womb, so were we very slowly and gently taken within its tender embrace, giving us further exquisite moments with yet another Blue Lotus, the Flower of Home and Creation in its Fullness, Was One With Us, thus once more, did we delve deeper into The Very Heart and Soul of Our Divine Parents and Home.


Remembering the notes I had made earlier before adding these extra delights to our Soul, I had reflected on our recent beautiful and profound Atlantean Water Meditation, where a section of Atlantis was being safeguarded and protected by an energy field until Atlantis is ready to be shown to those Light Beings who are able to Serve in its Future Role, shared here on my website dated the 10 November, 2016, and I was once again seeing before me This Golden Casket Sarcophagus, shown to me then as The Ark of The Covenant, and which I have been gifted to see several times now and which was with my beloved and myself during our Alchemical Marriage which took place and I shared here, on the 19 August, 2016, was it really that long ago, as AED and myself, Suryananda, have experienced so many different aspects and energies within our Twin Flame Oneness since then, that those memories still deeply treasured seem as I look back to have happened some time ago, even though it has been less than six months.


I then sensed AED and myself, Suryananda, going into this Golden Sarcophagus which looked like The Ark of The Covenant, Beautifully Engraved in Gold, Exquisitely Designed and Golden, with those Signs and Symbols long been of fascination to so many, certainly myself. The Ark of The Covenant has been with me since childhood and several past lives have called me to its Golden Love, Light and Divinity, as once again, now, I, together with my beloved climb easily inside this Golden Casket, whilst the Cover and Lid as it were, was closed down over us whilst we were inside this, in essence as we (or I) but my Dearest One who was sharing this Initiatory Experience with me, thus together but as one, inseparable as we always are and will be, in Future Worlds as we are joined together as One Heart and Soul, and so with my loved one sharing this profound Initiation with me, I would be able to take and access ever deepening steps and stages of Higher Initiations, for as one merged together, I feel safe, cossetted and Divinely protected, in the adoration, love and presence of my beloved, as he and our Celestial Light Family have long recognised, and thus such steps were planned in advance.


Before AED and myself had gone inside this Golden Sarcophagus, several times he had said to me to “go deeper”, so inevitably I strived to go as deep as I was able, stretching myself further upwards into Ancient Soul Memories, retrieving that which I am aware of, but through the Veils which Gaia envelopes us with, can remain hidden for longer than we would like. There is nothing quite like it when my Twin Flame says “go deeper”, for those very words and suggestions, have embedded within their very fabric a multitude of love, depth, adoration, where we have faced this and even deeper situations we have pre-chosen to go through into that Ever Deepening Initiatory Oneness of The Creative Principle Itself, such then has had a lasting and profound effect upon our Heart and Soul. In fact, yesterday morning, Tuesday, AED said to me “You are going through a Huge Initiation Dear One; We are all with you”, as at that moment my Left Ear began to have new and powerful sensations and energies within.

At the same time before being aware of the Golden Sarcophagus which was waiting for us, we were experiencing moments of Great Joy and Bliss, as I and thus my Dearest One, were fully Immersed and Covered in Golden Liquid which I could sense and see was pulsating with Moving Liquid Light, as My and thus Our Whole Cosmic Bloodstream was A Beautiful Liquid Gold of Alchemical Composition leading us to Divine Bliss, Love and Energies, as I and so too my Dear One, yet again took An Initiation Together, even though at this moment he resides in the Higher Realms and I, Suryananda am here on Gaia, although as my Higher Consciousness and Energies and Vibrations are raised, we, my beloved AED and myself, are Transported Beyond Gaia and are Once More Aligned With The Cosmos as Ecstasy and Bliss is Ours. For just as the Mystics and Seers of old, we are Being Given and Shown Ever More of that which is of Home.


As I have noted down these worlds I feel this particular Journey Back into Our Seed of Emergence has for now ended as we wait to go forward into that Divine Initiatory Process Another Time, which waits for us as do our Celestial Light Family as Those Alchemical Remembrances Wait to be Revisited and Continued.

Suryananda and Adam El Daoud.


Paintings are by the top and bottom Freydoon Rassouli. Second down by eyewithin.com  Others are by artists unknown. ♥


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