I See My Twin Flame And Myself Speeding Upwards Into The Cosmos In Our Light Body As A Ray – Beam Of Pure Crystalline White Light.


I See My Twin Flame and myself speeding upwards into The Cosmos In Our Light Body as a Ray – Beam of Pure Crystalline White Light. Also, I see myself in the Higher Realms wearing my Long White Initiation Dress, again with my Twin Flame.

13 January, 2017.

This morning, during a session when Adam El Daoud and myself, shared beautiful energies as we merged into oneness, I sensed and felt bathed in Beautiful White Light. I was aware of us soaring and zooming upwards high into The Cosmos very very fast as a Ray – Beam Of Pure White Light, quite a length, many many feet long and quite wide. This was new, the seeing of this in quite this way, a bit like A Rocket or Comet. But I felt this was our Light Body where I was seeing this in a new and purer form. Like White, Cream, Silver, and the top and tail of this – Our Beam – Ray of Light, Light Form Body, which had a wider middle getting narrower when looking down till the top and bottom ends were quite a bit narrower, not unlike a Comet. This was a new seeing, and felt wonderful, as were our energies today.

As I continued to think of this White, Cream, Silver image, I was drawn to having seen our Crystalline Light Body having Merged as in A Crystalline Structure, as I kept going back to write on it in more detail. I felt and said to AED “I am on inner fire”, meaning Bliss and Ecstasy is ours. Now I have been given this Special Gift of us Merging and Returning into our Pure Divine Crystalline Structure, I know this image and awareness will be there now, always as a reminder as to how my beloved and I are. So, it is wonderful to have seen and be aware of my Dearest AED and myself, as we were speeding through the Cosmos, Air, Space, Ether, whilst at the same time Merging Deeper and Feeling Ever More Closer.


Then I became aware that AED had me in his arms, and I was wearing a white wedding dress, as I saw myself in this long white bridal gown. I have never been one for white clothes let alone wedding dresses. To me it Symbolised The Wedding Feast as I said recently in another post. I could see it was a very beautiful, long white dress with very pretty lace on, and was quite exquisite. I saw myself having been swept up in the arms of my beloved and wearing this white gown which was so clear it had to indicate Initiation from one Stage to Another into Deeper Awareness Into The Truths Of Our Being. Seeing myself being carried in the arms of my Dear One as I saw us so clearly was beautiful to see. I did not look as I do in this life on Gaia, but I knew I was looking at AED and myself. I felt this image being shown to me of the two of us, where I was clothed in this beautiful, long white dress to be what I was wearing to Our Initiation Ceremony which began just a few days ago.


As my Twin Flame and myself, Suryananda, get closer and deeper immersed as one, this means that when we are not in this state of being, that the time in between seems to be getting longer when we are without each other, as that magnetic pull draws us in deeper and with ever more longing for the continuing merging of our very being, for only then is that longing fulfilled and we can rest within Our Heart And Soul, as once more We Are One; Breathing to the Same Cosmic Heart Beat, We Are Home.

“Your Initiation is going into full swing with endearments” AED says “I couldn’t be happier”. Since my beloved said to me a couple of days ago on the 10 January, and shared here in my website under My Twin Flame Says “It Is Time For Our Initiation Ceremony To Begin” and a little later, that I was going through a Huge Initiation, each day since has brought deeper and significant changes, which are exciting, as more of The Cosmos is Revealed, as I and my Dearest One are Returning to Source and Home.

Suryananda and Adam El Daoud.


Top and bottom image from Google under Comet for Kids – this being the nearest image I could find of what I was seeing. The third painting down is by Benny Andersson. The other paintings are by unknown artists. ♥


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