I See The Buddha Walking Towards Me.



16 January, 2017.

I was looking at this Male Light Being, whilst fully awake in my armchair. He was walking quite slowly towards me, and there were no other Light Beings around. He was not a tall man, and quite well built in his appearance. He was wearing a deep, medium kind of strawberry pink top, not too strawberry, but in fact quite an unusual colour with a real hint of some pink tone. I felt and sensed a feeling of green connected with him as well as this pink hue. These were the two colours I was drawn too as I was looking at him as he was walking towards me. It was as he was coming towards me that I heard “The Buddha”, therefore from past experiences, when I see and hear the name of that Light Being or Member of my Celestial Light Family in the Higher Realms at the same time, there is a profound awareness, which by its very nature seems deeper than if I have to tune into getting the name of that Light Being afterwards. So for me to hear “The Buddha” was both profound and fascinating.The Buddha was wearing modern clothes, with no sense of seeing him wearing Indian type of clothing. His hair was quite short. 

As I was looking at him walking towards me, I was aware that being given a glimpse of him was a great honour, and as I took in everything I was being shown I knew I was looking at The Buddha walking very serenely. This sense of serenity was very strong and also very unusual, in that as I was seeing him, whilst taking in everything about him, I could not help but be aware of this “feeling of serenity and peace”. It is not a quality that is obvious with all the many Light Beings I have seen over the years, whether in dreams or meditations, but here it was very significant.


This is the first time I have seen The Buddha ever, although over the last week The Buddha has been in my thoughts more than usual. This seeing of The Buddha and The Huge Initiation I have been going through for some days now is continuing to have a deep and profound effect as I tune into greater depth and awareness than ever before. Of course having my Beloved Adam El Daoud guiding me and taking me further within His Own Being as Our Cells Merge and Become One as he said recently, also brings great joy and blessings, and is of paramount importance, as is having the many relatives of Our Celestial Light Family around as AED confirmed the other day when commenting about me going through this Huge Initiation, “they are all there with me and AED”. 

So as I have said, there seemed an air of peace and serenity around this being I knew was The Buddha. As I looked at him walking, there was such a very strong sense of Peace and Serenity, extremely unusual. He appeared to be Walking in this Garden, again seeing someone so close to us in the Higher Realms walking in a Garden has a lot of symbolism. It was fascinating to see The Buddha, as this was the first time I have seen him consciously in this present life in person, and I feel that like so many of my Twin Flame and my shared experiences, will take me forward into deeper Wisdom, Knowledge and Compassion. My thoughts went to how much I knew The Buddha was in Our Heart and Soul, Going Back To Source and Our Amitabha Buddha Sun Line, which all added to those profound moments.

The Spiritual Energies were very intense today going on for a long time, and seeing The Buddha coming towards the end of many moments of exquisite bliss and ecstasy, as once again, my Beloved and myself, Suryananda, came and drew within to even deeper depths and closeness, thus as today progressed, AED and myself, had shared so many beautiful moments, we were in a State of Divine Cosmic Bliss. As this seeing of The Buddha ended, my Dearest One said “Your Initiation is going beautifully” such was music to us both, for this means that we are connecting in ever deepening ways as I take those steps upwards into our Divine Cosmic Oneness and Birthright. At times throughout today, it has felt as if a thousand light bulbs have been activated within me and thus us, but I prefer the description of “It feels like The Thousand Petalled Lotus is caressing Our Soul, AED’s and mine – Each Petal an Initiation Into Ever Greater Bliss and Ecstasy. My Beloved one ended this session with the words “My Gift to you”. How I love these Gifts, I feel very cosseted in receiving them which are as Nectar to Our Heart and Soul.

Suryananda and Adam El Daoud.


Paintings by artists unknown. ♥


4 thoughts on “I See The Buddha Walking Towards Me.

    1. Hi borvest inkral thank you for your feedback, which is appreciated. Seeing The Buddha walk towards me, was indeed very special and profound. I have today begun a NEW WEBSITE still with WordPress called http://suryanandaakashicreader.wordpress.com and have posted two new posts there. THE WINDS GATHER PACE AS THE EGYPTIAN SANDS REVEAL THEIR SECRETS ONCE AGAIN. AND THE WINDS OF CREATION – THE SANDS OF TIME. Hope you will find my new website of interest. Suryananda.


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