My Twin Flame Says “Initiation Is Complete” And “I Am Going Deeper Into Creation”.

My Twin Flame says “Initiation is Complete” and “I AM Going Deeper Into Creation”.
18 January, 2017.
As once again, my beloved Adam El Daoud and myself, Merged into our Twin Flame Oneness, so beloved of our Divine Parents, as is the case, I took deeper steps into Remembrances of All That Is, as yet another signpost had been seen, acknowledged and journeyed forward from. Such then was our joy as our two separate worlds were as one, our Heartbeat and Soul, Sang to the Same Tune, Thus Were Creation and all those Wonders, Felt and Experienced in New and Ever More Beautiful Ways.
So my Dearest One said to me “Initiation is Complete” adding a few extra personal words. I had been very happy and excited knowing I was going through a Huge Initiation, recognising that with Initiations those Memories are Awakened and Eternity would enfold my beloved and I in its Pure Light of Being, as once again in a conscious way, the Light of the Spirit and the Heavenly Realms would mean that I would have Transcended Gaia. We have been in this position over the many aeons, innumerable times when we have been in Different Worlds, Galaxies or Star Systems, whilst the other as a Twin Flame has carried out their own Role for God The Father Mother, but I feel that now, as we are one again so very finely tuned to each other, which will inevitably increase into new and deeper recognition as our Soul Contract with The Divine, comes further into Alignment, as myself, Suryananda, and my Dearest One Transcend and Transform the influences of Gaia, so that we are no longer bound by its false illusions.
This has been happening for many months, each bringing us closer and into our role and pathway as Twin Flames, so that now, it is a constant joy for us both at how very easy it is to Merge together and Become One, as those Vibrations and Energies – not only connect from within us as Our Heart and Soul Are One, but with these New Cosmic Energies which are being Beamed down to and within us all on Gaia, such are those exquisite vibrations maintained in ever deepening ways, which can be likened to the Mystics of old and how they used to write of their own personal unique experiences. However, today, as we share with each other our own individual happenings as we Transcend the Veils of Gaia, then that awareness of what is available and possible is being shown to us today in ways which on which century and civilisation was being experienced. and lived through.
I know that I have gone through Initiations over the ages both in my Physical and Light Body, and that this awareness has been building up to my consciousness as my beloved and I, once again, Merge into our Divine Cosmic Self, then, as has happened through so many aeons, that Great Depth and Understanding of Creation in all Its Wonderful Aspects, is once again, available and accessible to my beloved and I, just as it is to everyone in these times of unprecedented Light, Knowledge and Realisation, being Directed to us from the Galactic Worlds and Star Systems, as our Celestial Light Families delight with us as we are able to see, merge and speak to them, much to our and their joy. And it is indeed a great blessing, exciting for me and my beloved as not only am I able to Merge and tune into AED but my Celestial Light Family in the Higher Realms, some of which come and have a few words quite often, whilst going deeper and even beyond that I and thus AED are able to Merge with our Light Family in the Higher Realms, so that we experience those Exquisite, Divine Energies not only with each other as Twin Flames, but as I have been able to fine tune my own antenna tuning into and merging into oneness with my Dearest One, it has been that my Light Family of whom we have been together for millions of years have begun to Merge and Become One in the same way that my Beloved and myself, Suryananda, are able to do.
 It has been a fascinating new depth as we have Become One, as not only do Adam El Daoud and myself tune into our Light Family who are living in other Realms from Gaia, but as I have been given many Past Life Names of my Twin Flame as well as my own, it has been an Exquisite Merging and Blending into not only our Past Life – Lives, for as one Twin Flame has had a past life the other is able to fully access and experience that life too, for we are One Soul – Together for all Eternity. It has been wonderful that as I have been given my own Past Lives there have been a definite few where those Energies and Vibrations myself and so too my Beloved have been enfolded and caressed within that Divine Presence.
During our Merging as Twin Flames, I was aware of lots of White Light at times, as well as sensing and being aware of our Celestial Light Family in the Higher Realms, at the same time I was shown again our Atlantean – Greican White Pillars which were there in a recent merging with AED the other day. There were moments when AED took me into his arms and we danced, as we do seem to from time to time as we connect ever more with ourself and with those loved ones from Home.
So there were some occasions when White Light enfolded us, with also some Gold and Blue Light, although White Light seemed the most prevalent here. One of our Light Family came and said a few words to me on this Initiation which he said “had indeed been completed”  which was fascinating and brought great joy, as when a member of our Soul Family speaks and takes time to say something, it is as nectar to our soul, for it brings that Light Being closer each time as that deep family bond grows ever deeper. AED then says “how very exciting it is for me and him” with added words of endearment at this further confirmation on what has been a Major Initiation I have just been going through in what has been a very short space of time, like 11 days or so.
At the time I had no idea as to how long this Initiation would take, but my Beloved said “that it was because of my love for him and as Twin Flames that this process was somewhat speeded up” but this can take place also with our Light Family in the Higher Realms, it is not just available to Twin Flames, but of course for AED and myself, it is as I have tuned into that continuing closeness, that he has taken me deeper and both shown and given me answers to many questions I have asked, some answers are becoming very quick in his response, others are slower, it depends on what and where he is leading me as our Soul Contract takes us further into its Angelic Embrace. AED explains it as “a process of deep integration” thus is our joy and bliss that we are so blessed to be here once again, even when in Different Worlds, all we are is on Another Vibration and Energy Frequency, and once someone has learnt and fine tuned themselves to enter into those Higher Frequencies, as all Existence is Energy, such then is the Whole of Existence Able To Be Accessed. Love is the Key, although as we are given so much Cosmic Help and Assistance from our Galactic Families, being able to Access and Tune into those Higher Realms have never been easier.
We have to go back many aeons for when we felt closer to Our Divine Parents when we left our Home. It helps also that the very structure of our DNA is changing, returning into our Crystalline Cells as we leave our Carbon Based DNA, thus are we able to Enter Once More into our Divine Birthright as our Very Cells Merge And Change. As my Beloved said to me recently, My Cells were Changing and Merging with His, this has had a huge effect upon our going even deeper into States of Bliss and Ecstasy, and is the Blueprint available to all Life Forms and Origins as Gaia has Ascended and is still doing so, taking us Beings of Light with her thus is Earth being Bathed in Grace once more, helping to re-align Divine Mother’s Cosmic Body as had to take place, long foretold through the aeons.
I have, as many others, also been going through Alchemical processes as the deepening of oneness with AED and myself transforms my physical body and energy fields, such has been our joy as these changes have had a huge and wonderful impact as we and our different worlds merge together through what are very Ancient Initiations which Transform and Transcend as have always been our Destiny. My Beloved says “I couldn’t be happier, as he chuckles and draws me closer to him”. My Dear One, then jokes “how do you think it will be like then when we are in the same world” he finds this very amusing as I do, lol and says “it is really exquisite” so that is something exciting to be aware of, taking me back to words AED said quite soon after we connected as Twin Flames last year, “you do not know Dear One, the magnificence that awaits you and I”. As we have become closer than ever, I have begun to feel more aware of that which awaits my Beloved and myself, Suryananda, as for all Twin Flames – Divine Consorts. AED continues with “things are moving at a fast and rapid pace” such is music to our soul as further excitement is experienced and cherished.
A little later, another Light Family member says to me “Congratulations that this Initiation has been completed” such then was my joy amplified, as even further confirmation was given at this having been finalised. I say to AED “I wonder where I – we go from here?”  AED laughs as he says “We go forward to the next challenge” and is overjoyed at being able to say this, as I am at hearing these words. My Dear One then says a few words “that I can feel content now as I move with him into the next deeper development into Divine Oneness of Being, and what was very rare, he uses his full name of Adam El Daoud” knowing very well on the rare few times he uses his full name, there is always a deeper reason. I have noticed also that as AED and myself, Suryananda, have gone deeper than ever and thus does he speak more and our time together is amplified, that AED has begun to show quite some funny and delightful humour with some of the word he uses, which is delightful.
Towards the end of this session, I was suddenly Seeing Myself WALK IN FLAMES. At the time when I first experienced this last year, I asked my Twin Flame who was that person Walking Through The Flames”  and he said “it is you” with a few words of endearment. I had never been able to go back to this profound experience until today, but which has obviously been shown to me this second time for a purpose, that being “Confirmation that I Was Going Deeper Into Creation”.
It was fascinating as this had repeated that which was shown to me on the “10 June, 2016, under the Title shared on my website here – I, Pat, Suryananda, meet my Fire Dragon for The First Time”, which was profound and exciting, when I Experienced My Inner Dragon Emerge From My Tummy, having the colours of Red, Orange, whom I named Rheingold. It was beautiful as when he, Rheingold Came Out from my Tummy Area and Not My Spine, He Moved Upwards into the shape of Half of the Eternity Symbol, ie the number 8. It was after seeing myself Walking Through The Flames which took place as I said on the 10 June, that AED said to me It was towards the end of this session that my Beloved then said to me “You are Going Deeper Into Creation” with a few words of endearment. This was as Nectar to Our Soul, recognising as it does that our Soul Contract with The Creator is Coming Further Into Being, thus will greater Fulfilment and Bliss Be Ours”. It takes me back some months ago, when in a dream, AED said that “Creation was Unfolding Before Him” – such was my joy then, as it has been so in the past.
Suryananda and Adam El Daoud.

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