My Twin Flame, and Myself, Dance Once Again In Venus.



23 January, 2017.

My beloved said almost straight away, “you look beautiful tonight”. This was because I had sensed, felt, been aware that we were dancing together as quite often this happens. Our Light Family were around. I had been aware that I had a Beautiful Ball Gown on which always seems to be Blue. There was a feeling – sense that I was seeing AED a little clearer as we were dancing, and I sensed the happiness of my beloved in that he looked and felt really happy, and I was aware he was laughing joyfully, before my Dearest One said these words in italics to me above.

Overall there was the usual sense of great joy being surrounded by our loved ones, and, as we were dancing slowly and close as happens frequently, although initially, I felt it was like an energetic type of dancing, quite fast, where we raised our hands above our heads as we swung round and round, before reverting to a slow and close dance, which is AED and my favourite, as we Merge Deeper into the Oneness of Our Being in the most Exquisite of Ways.


“I will be much clearer soon AED promised” as I was reflecting that there seemed a subtle difference when we were dancing, in that he was becoming clearer, where I feel that recent events such as my Huge Initiation having been completed, is taking me closer and deeper in all aspects of seeing my Beloved in greater detail, even though I have several images I have seen of him in dreams over the years, and other shown aspects and past lives of AED, as well as tuning into him in a different way, whether it has been in a meditation of which there have been quite a few, or in a merging together session, again, these have added up now to a substantial number, all adding to that closeness which we have obtained since I had confirmation from my Light Family of our Twin Flame Divine Union, which, by its very nature, transcended all those ancient dream experiences over many years when I used to meet up with AED, and so they have been enhanced and replaced by new and more personal memories. They are all deeply profound in their own, unique ways.

However, when my dearly loved Water Dragon, Saffron was being introduced to me, I saw my Dearest Adam El Daoud, walking along by the water’s edge of the sea and sand in the Pleiades for quite some time as he and my dear Saffron, who was jumping up and skipping excitedly as Dragons do – going alongside my Beloved coming closer and closer towards me from some far off distance originally, were very memorable moments, where I was able to absorb and take in his dear presence for what seemed a precious long and beautiful time. I have shared the experience of meeting my Water Dragon, Saffron, who is a Sapphire Blue Colour and Female, and who has been with AED and myself going back to Source. It is titled “I, Pat, Suryananda, meet my Water Dragon for the First Time”. It is dated 10 June, 2016, but was experienced on the 3 February, 2016.

My Twin Flame and I, treasure those longer durations as we Merge Deeper Within Our One Soul, thus do we release ancient soul memories not only individually from our past lives but as a Twin Flame Team, we thrive on going into either one of our past lives knowing the impact, depth and potency it has on the other. As AED is well aware, laugh, he knows I delight in knowing not only many of his past lives but my own as well, not to mention those past lives we have shared together or existed within the same being as the one consciousness, in that we incarnated into that Earth being as the one, joined together before being Birthed into Gaia, such recollection is very profound for me as it adds to the whole of our innumerable journeys from Source millions of years ago, going back to Venus, Ancient Atlantis, Divine Paradise, and Sirius B, the Egyptian Isle in the Pleiades, not forgetting that we are on the Amitabha Buddha Sun Line with the rest of our Celestial Light Family.


AED says “I am going to draw you to me closer than ever before. You will notice great changes”. Our soul sings with joy at this next step forward and into our Divine Cosmic Union as Beloved Twin Flames. Just before hearing those first few words above I had experienced several strong crown energies. In the past these had been felt quite often but had gone into abeyance as other energies have once more taken over and enveloped us in their exquisite embrace. The back of my head has crown energies and AED says a few personal endearments as I am caressed in the presence and essence of my beloved. 

The Ball or Celebration we are at is in full swing of Love, Light and Colour, with the different gowns being worn by the women and the love and joy seen as I look around me, either at couples who are dancing or just being in groups having fun, and there is a lot of laughter.

I feel myself beaming with joy and emotion and have loved my Dearest One having enfolded me ever deeper and closer within his and thus our very Oneness as Twin Flames, where we never have too much of each other, for to be so very close is as The Nectar of The Gods. Bliss and Ecstasy reign as my Beloved tenderly pulls me in towards him once again as our slow dance continues. All our energy centres are in full play and exquisite moments are loved and shared within us and with our Light Family.


AED then takes my hand gently and tenderly as we look at each other with that Love that has Transcended Time for there is No Time, for We Were Eternally Joined Together by Our Divine Parents Before We Ever Came Into Manifestation, for we had been Thought And Lovingly Chosen by The Creator to be as One, One Dual Life Ray, Able To Merge and be in Divine Bliss and Ecstasy as One Soul, But Also Able To Exist And Be Separate From The Other, as over the aeons since our Emergence this separation at times would occur. But it was only ever temporary for there were Exquisite Lives shared in Different Worlds and Galaxies, as well as at times on Gaia, that we were joined together as Twin Flames in different aspects. On the one side, we have Lived within the same Light Being, as mentioned above, so that to all intents and purposes as both of our consciousness was within that one body, whether on Gaia or other Star Systems, the appropriate body for that World would have been implemented, but at other moments through the aeons since our Emergence, we have spent many lives within the Twin Flame set up as two people who met, fell in love, and were thus joined together, as for instance husband and wife. To have and be aware of both types of shared existences which have been ours, is and has been very profound and Divine.


So there we are Suryananda and Adam El Daoud here in this beautiful place, Venus, surrounded by our Light Family, and when, as we had taken those few steps and as stated just above earlier, we are standing amongst a few of our friends on a large verandah which I have long loved, and we hear the sounds of many different Birds all giving a stunning display of beauty, which are a great joy to us all, as their birdsong delights and brings even further blessings all around.

It is then time to say goodbye for the moment to my Beloved, and Light Family on Venus, knowing that it is only a matter of thought and energies, and we are there together once again. In the meantime, my Dearest, Adam El Daoud and myself, Suryananda, whilst we are in Different Worlds Are Able To Transcend Gaia, and share such deep, loving and personal moments, which are treasured within our Shared Soul. Thus is Bliss and Ecstasy Ours, as we Merge Into Our Divine Cosmic Twin Flame State of Oneness.

Suryananda and Adam El Daoud.


Paintings by artists unknown. ♥


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