I AM Amen Ra, King of Egypt.

I AM Amen Ra, King of Egypt.
Meditation – 11 May, 2015.
As I put on the Crown of Upper Egypt, and look towards The Rising Sun (I AM Amen Ra, King of Egypt) – He whom has been with me throughout Eternity, life after life, and Before My Existence Began. I see a Golden Staircase from Inside the Pyramid leading to the Apex, similar to the Gold of Anubis’s Sarcophagus I saw the other day. As (I) went up the Golden Stairs, Statues of all the Kings and Queens before me were lined upon the walls; a beneficient and beautiful reminder of my Star Family. Within the walls were Gems of the Purest Light to light my way, as I, King of Egypt and my High Priest Ascended as if on Golden Wings to that Place where Kings Are Born. I have always been drawn to The Valley of The Kings (and Queens) from the time I first became emotionally re-connected to Egypt.
Amen Ra, Beloved of The Sun – The Chariot of The Gods await my return; My Blue Ray stretched far and wide over all the land of Egypt, into places not yet born – into hearts and minds not yet conceived. Whilst meditating, I was listening to The Source Codes. As the first time of playing them ended, I was thinking “I AM now in my Golden Sarcophagus, and beloved Anubis is guarding and protecting me. We have shared much through the ages; this has been a life of great joy, some regrets, great love and devotion too – for My People. I have wept tears every day for them knowing the long enduring journeys they face as they eagerly wait to meet me again, their Beloved King, Amen Ra. I too, weep tears for my loved ones, my children, long forgotten except by myself, and my Father Mother”.
My people place beautiful flowers in my path as my journey back Home begins; my heart is fully open as I Lay in My Golden Sarcophagus. I remember it all, past, present and future, all rolled into one – that moment of awareness, remembrance, I see before my closed eyes in My Sarcophagus. I have placed from the Ethers a Golden Rose, no it is not of Egypt, but of My Beautiful and Golden Atlantis. The Sphinx and I, talk even now, as we foretold we would, each of us Retaining Memories of Home – placed within its Golden Design, for The Spirit of The Sphinx belongs to so much more. We Go Back Together To Before The Worlds Were Born, My Brother and I, Anubis, and I too, have gone through journeys, where always that love and devotion existed, for which I, Amen Ra, thank you my friends from the Stars.
As I lie here in my Golden Sarcophagus, my thoughts turn once again to this life just ended. How I have loved the Blue Nile, the Waters as they Flowed, Fast, Rapid, Giving Life and Sustenance to My People. The Lotus flowers blooming as each season unfolded, the vivid colours, sights and sounds reminding me always of Home – Atlantis, Venus, My Star Families, so dear to me beyond measure. The Light inside is Very Bright but My Vision Sees Beyond Mortal Sight as it Forever Attunes Itself To My Father Mother, as I weep tears of joy knowing soon I will be Home, another life lived, joys and yes sorrows all experienced, remembered, Memories of My Shared Past with those so close to me.
What do I feel as I write these words, happy and joyful, thoughts of times long gone, past loved ones and my numerous conversations with My Father Mother, talks everybody can have, for I AM not alone, it is just that I remember what so many have long forgotten. That is the saddest thought, that the veils and barriers of Earth have been too strong for many to walk and run through, but My Heart Sings with Joy as I know through our re-connection in this life, many loved ones, family, soul groups, have raised their consciousness to greater truths, step by step, they have walked, as in turn they climb and become more aware towards the Apex of My Pyramid, The Alpha and Omega of All Life Awaits Their Return, just as I too will wait for each and every one as they Arrive Home. My childhood friend, Archangel Michael is with me, as we have always been. His Legions of Angels wait also to Fly with Me as I Return Home. Dearest friend, I love you dearly, as you and I so often have felt, lived beyond measure the Meaning of these words. What are words? Only a dim reflection of what lies and exists within our deepest souls as we share often much we undertook as we walked, flew, step by step so often together, but never truly apart.
I AM Amen Ra and I Give Thanks for this day that has at last arrived as I Lie Here in My Golden Sarcophagus Waiting To Arrive Back Home, Lovingly Accompanied by not only Anubis but my dearest friend, Archangel Michael and His Legions of Angels. I AM Forever Blessed.
This meditation was the first over 14 days during May 2015. However I lost these notes until now so had been unable to share here on my website with my other meditations and visions during that time. Amon Ra (the spelling I use now) is deeply embedded in my heart and soul and this was the first of those meditations, all beginning and ending in The Great Pyramid.
Suryananda. ♥♥
Paintings top and bottom shows the Inside Out View of The Temple of Amun at Karnak.
Statue of Amen.
Ram Headed Sphinxes.
Amen and Mut by Deviant Art.
Amen with Isis.

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