I See My Light Body As A Ship With The Elements Shown As Beautiful Golden Swans.

I See My Light Body As A Ship With The Elements Shown As Beautiful Golden Swans.
3 February, 2017.
As I was tuning into greater and deeper depth whilst fully awake, I found that I was suddenly looking at this Beautiful Boat. There Were Several Golden Swans at Different Places Just Inside And On The Outer Sides of This Boat, which took me for a moment to Egypt, and those beliefs the Egyptians had of the Boatman Ferrying The Newly Departing Soul Through The Underworld To The Spirit Realms. These Beautiful Golden Swans were like Liquid Gold, which as I looked at them, immediately drew me to being likened to an Alchemical Golden Swan in their Purpose and Nature.
For very many years the White Swan has denoted Initiations to me; however seeing such Beautiful Golden Swans was a real treasure and joy, as I was aware of a Transformative Alchemical Process which had taken place, which was fascinating as it remains even today, some days later. I knew as I was taking in and absorbing these Golden Swans, where there were several, I would say Between Four To Six I had a sense of, in that this Boat, although not large, was nevertheless significant in width and depth to incorporate these Golden Swans With Room Still To Walk Around This Beautiful Boat, but as I had consciously tuned into that higher level, I was just drawing inwards the scene before me, which can be described as seeing this on a tv screen or the Akashic Records, in the way that I was looking at this Boat and Golden Swans just in front of me, which was a first sighting, and where I felt this indicated Travel Between Dimensions – Protected And Guided By The Swans Of The Highest Order. 
These Golden Swans had engravings on them which have been interpreted by innumerable artists over the centuries, whether as Angelic Beings or on The Ark Of The Covenant, as that too has each time I have seen This Holy Relic, Have Had Golden Engravings Giving A Fifth Dimension Effect, in that those engravings – as here now on these Golden Swans, they too have depth and width, and were not a plain smooth surface. Looking at these Beautiful Golden Swans and recognising within me these energies, I feel this is truly a Gift From The Creator.
As I reflected upon the number of these Golden Swans, I Was Drawn To Them Indicating The Elements – Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Ether and Consciousness, indicating the Six Elements which have been written about through the ages.
My Light Family, as I asked for clarification on this new sighting of seeing this Beautiful Boat with the Golden Swans on, then confirmed to me that This Ship is My Light Body “Vehicle” Meaning The Form I USE to Travel Worlds. And that, yes, the Golden Swans are the Six Elements which “Is The Fuel” In My Travels. Not only that, but my Dearest Twin Flame, Adam El Daoud “Is The Captain” so my Guide and Beloved in my Travels Over The Aeons and Incarnations.
As I then went deeper into the number of Golden Swans understanding they were Representing the Elements, I heard Five And A Half – so I feel very happy and blessed that I am very much there where I wish to be yet again in a life. For in essence, this image I feel is not the first time it has been shown to me through the ages, but being presented to me in my present Earth Life, is so that I can relate to how I Travel Through The Different Worlds, in a way which, with the Golden Swans, enhance and fascinate me, as it is a scene and image which is both exciting and fascinating, thus will I remember and delve deeper into this Alchemical Transformative Process.
Alchemy is by its very nature of great interest to me and has been for many years, for when that Ancient and Profound Change has undergone that Transformation, Then That which was Unseen Becomes Seen – As That Higher Recognition Is Understood Once Again, Leading me Upwards and Forward Into Ever More Conscious Knowledge On The Creative Process and Principle. Thus have I, with my Dearest AED, taken those necessary steps, journeying deeper into Our Soul Contract With Our Divine Parents, as Bliss and Ecstasy Continues Its Exploration Into Exquisite Divine Love And Oneness For All Life In The Cosmos, And Worlds Within Worlds.
Suryananda and Adam El Daoud.

The top and  bottom painting of the boat with the woman lying down inside, is very much like the boat I was shown as it was in this style and shape. But I love this painting, and feels this is the nearest representative to my boat which I have been able to find.

I have also used white swans at times, as golden swan paintings are not so easy to find. Artists are unknown. ♥

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