I Meet My Male White Air Dragon For The First Time.



7 February, 2017.

I AM HE. I AM INVINCIBLE – Your Male White Air – Space  – Ether Dragon. I will protect you as I have in ages past and will always do so. I AM INVINCIBLE, and it is my honour, joy and blessing you have chosen and remembered me as I chose you from Source.

We have been on many journeys and excursions since time immemorial, and the love with Saranyu Adam El Daoud and yourself Suryananda, is indeed invincible; I am chuckling lol, and with you today as Pat, we are Indeed One, Joined Forever In Divine Cosmic Love and Pure Friendship.


There is nothing we would not do for you, myself and your other dragons, and your Beloved Saranyu Adam El Daoud. Know this, and be blessed, for you are indeed cherished by The Creator – Our Divine Parents, And The Cosmos.

To have invited me into you and your Twin Flame’s Divine Union is a deep and profound soul memory which you both, and I, and My Dragon friends share, and it will bring forth great revealments and blessings that you have not as yet on Gaia brought to the surface. It will be profound and deep soul contract moments, which are as that jewel without price; for it Incorporates that Gem of Divine Enlightenment and Oneness, which will be epic in its scale of Ecstasy and Bliss, and I, INVINCIBLE, can’t wait as we all go forward into that Divine Mystical Union which has Long Been Foretold and Experienced in the Past, as it will be again. 


Surrender, My Beloved Suryananda Pat, as I long ago surrendered myself to you and Saranyu Adam El Daoud, as have all of your Dragons and your Beloved Phoenix, for we are Spiritual Gifts Bestowed on you both by The Creator And Our Divine Parents, and Your Joined Merged Bliss Is Our Bliss, as you will learn Dearest One, Our Divine Bliss is Yours, for we are Never Separate, and as this has now been realised, such joy and delight is all of ours, and mine, as you endeavoured to tune into and remember, and where I have long waited and yearned for this moment with such Deep Love And Exquisite Energies. 


Our Bliss is all consuming my friend, I AM INVINCIBLE, Your White Male Air Dragon, although you may refer to me as also your Space and Ether Dragon lol. Either way I am here where I have always been, but as you have tuned into me, INVINCIBLE, and to your other Dragons, we had been waiting with eager anticipation for this Divine Merging and Union to take place, as you with your Beloved Twin Flame, welcomed us in, for that had to be the criteria we had, and wished to wait for this moment, as once again that depth of knowledge and awareness was brought to the surface.


I, INVINCIBLE, and we, are Ecstatic Dearest Suryananda and Saranyu Adam El Daoud, as you are so are we in states of Divine Ecstasy. I AM INVINCIBLE, and yes, you had to think – INVINCIBLE laughs for a moment, to get my name, but it was an inevitable process lol to remembering my name as you tuned into our Deep Soul Connection.

Suryananda and Adam El Daoud.


Top and bottom paintings, unknown artist. Last but one painting by dragonsoul.con


2 thoughts on “I Meet My Male White Air Dragon For The First Time.

    1. Hi Paul, lovely to see you here again and have your thoughts. Yes, I just love the name INVINCIBLE for my Air Dragon and being white really suits his energies, and as you say, white can be transparent. Ha to being handsome, yes, he is a very handsome and powerful Air Dragon. As our dragons protect us as do those spiritual protectors as a whole, we and I know I, feel forever blessed and grateful that such protection has occurred and still takes place today. Much love, Suryananda. ♥


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