Joan of Arc – as shared with Suryananda.

Suzanne Silver, Joan of Arc – Fire Painting, Fine Art America.
JOAN OF ARC – As Shared With Suryananda.
February 2017.
I AM Joan of Arc and it is my pleasure to come and chat with you Dearest Suryananda, for we have much in common, not only both being on The Blue Ray, but our Light Family is the same, for we are both on the Amitabha Buddha Sun Line – the Sun Son playing a deeply significantly role in our innumerable journeys through The Cosmos and Worlds Within Worlds and Galaxies, as well as Ancient Civilisations, whether Venus, Atlantis and other Star Systems, so we have breathed the same air and vibrations, for where such love and attunement exists, we are never separate, and so it has been with us.
I, Joan of Arc, wish to set the record straight as to my death in France as I was put on the stake with the intention that I burn. Such were the horrors of those times, and indeed both before and later ages, where Love, Tolerance and Understanding were not in abundance. In places today this is so, whereas in certain parts of your world, sadly, they are well behind in sharing Love and Light. Divine Knowledge gives the receiver of that peace of mind – it has to be Divine; for Knowledge on its own will not transform a person into a being of Light as then that Light of the Spirit is missing. 
Joan of Arc – artist unknown.
My life as Joan of Arc had been pre-chosen by me before I reincarnated into Earth in my Light Body though Light Conception. Such an entry gave me an extra focus when young and that gift wherein the Heavenly World was always close to me, whereby, as I grew older, gained in emphasis and awareness as I felt loved and cherished by my Light Family in the Heavenly Realms, who, once they opened up to me at a young age, were there always, never leaving me no matter how difficult were those days, and yes, they were as has been well documented. However, for me, my whole world and consciousness was bathed in states of Divine Oneness and Union with God and His Angelic Angels, such then was my great joy and blessings as that Divinity was Poured Into Me and I felt deeply Loved and Cherished.
Joan of Arc – artist unknown.
Archangel Michael, beloved to my heart and soul was with me for so long in those days, which was but a continuation of previous past lives, and indeed future lives I have lived after my life as Joan of Arc, for since those days I have lived and journeyed into numerous other Worlds and Galaxies, many Home from Home, for the Stars are where I, as so many of you today recognise, are my Home, and it has always been a great joy and blessing as I and those dear to me have been able to journey into such exciting places, and how I have longed that others on Gaia will remember and know too that which is, for then there will be peace and serenity within and not loss and loneliness as is so often the case for those on Gaia as those veils of Earth have fully covered them; such then is my and their pain. However, today, much is changing and when I with my Light Family see the Great Cosmic Energies being beamed to Gaia today and the help and support which is available, it is truly awesome to see this as it is shown from where I am in the Higher Realms Dear Suryananda with my loved ones.
Archangel Michael, is of course a well known and deeply loved Protector, who, with his Legions of Light, have helped not only humanity through the Aeons but has also served as both a Divine Friend, Guide and Protector, Both Individually and For Whole Nations, He, Archangel Michael and His Legions still continue today to be but thoughts away. In reality, there are other Protected Light Beings in different forms, who not only myself in past and later lives owe deep gratitude too, but the ongoing protection which has always existed from those whose names we have forgotten whilst Gaia has journeyed onwards through the different eras, where, even in different Worlds and Galaxies, Protected Deities in their own Unique Forms, continue to be of Great Service to All Life, such is that Deep Love and Compassion which lie within these Dearly Loved Beings.
Joan of Arc – Gwder Studios.
 Although I did not realise it during my French life, my Twin Flame was there with me when I, as Joan of Arc died, he was there with me to the every end as well as being there with me during that life, as are all Twin Flames, even when not realised or known, different realities and worlds are no barrier, so even as I Rose Above The Flames which did not touch me, for not only did All of My Dragons Protect Me, my Fire Dragon Absorbed the Flames Within Him and, as is the case for Fire Dragons, He, my Dearly Loved Fire Dragon Protected me as Joan of Arc, as too did my Water, Earth and Air Dragons, in fact they all had a hugely significant role which they took upon themselves for my safety and protection. As My Fire Dragon Absorbed the Flames which is one of the roles and purposes which Fire Dragons have – that heat never affected me, for by then, the very composition of my physical body had changed via an Alchemical Process, so that it can be likened to myself being on a Different Energy Field and Vibration, for as you and other Light Workers know, everything is Energy, Vibration, and it is when one is able to Transcend those Vibrations of Earth, then Freedom and Safety ensues in such an instance as was mine during those times.
I, Joan of Arc, whilst the crowds watched as it were my Physical Body Burn, I had already left it and was no longer within, and indeed for those with inner vision as they tune into me and that time in France I can be seen Walking Through The Flames as a Being of Light having Left my Physical Body and being already in a Different Energy Range and Vibration. It is my hope that many people will be aware that they have the ability within themselves and with the help of their Dragons, Archangels and Angelic Brethren who walk side by side with them, have at their disposal their Helpers in all their unique forms given to them from The Creator.
The Exculation of Joan of Arc. Artist dani-lachuki.
That is why in your day Dear Suryananda, you and other Light Workers are so lucky in the Free Civilisations where you are able to have your own spiritual beliefs without being made to change and give them up. It is a very precious tool, which many in my day in France and elsewhere, were not as fortunate. However, when I look back to those days in France, so much was happening as we were in the middle of the Hundred Years’ War and troubles and strife were all around. But I, as Joan of Arc, as we all did, had pre-chosen to reincarnate in those times just as you have on Gaia today, all has aided the realisation and understanding of what is acceptable and what is not.
Joan of Arc – by Fine Art America.
It was as Joan of Arc that as I tuned into and heard my beloved Archangel Michael, so too did I hear Saint Catherine and Saint Margaret, who, together gave me the strength and courage to continue with my Mission, for it was indeed a Mission, which I had chosen willingly to undertake, as I have in Different Eras and Civilisations Continued, but in Different Roles, both Male and Female, to suit the Ages of my continuing existence since Source. What I did learn Suryananda, was that both Saint Catherine and Saint Margaret had been myself in past lives and so as I tuned into Divine Love and Union with The Creator, thus did these two past lives of mine reconnect with me, such was the intensity and power thus bestowed upon us all as once again we were Reunited in Oneness and Love for The Creator And All Existence. 
This is why it is truly so, that we are never separate, for we have but to tune into the right wavelength, energies and vibrations, and we can transcend wherever we are in what can be termed the blink of an eye, for whether a Parallel World, or Other Realms and Galaxies, Are All Accessible in the Here and Now, thus am I able to speak to you Suryananda, for nothing is ever lost, for where that love and deep connection is, all is possible, whether to see, hear or share in Divine Cosmic Energies, all can be Remembered once again, as they are being today in ways which brings great joy to us from the Cosmic Realms, as we see you on Gaia accepting us and being aware of your Light Families, so we are overjoyed and it makes Our Work and Missions easier than ever.
Indeed before my Transition as it were beyond Gaia, I Merged With And Into My Twin Flame As Well As Into The Greater Cosmic Union Of The Cosmic Christ And Amitabha Buddha Sun Line Lineage, of which I know Suryananda you too are on. It was as I was Absorbed In An Alchemical Change, wherein My Physical Body Went Through that necessary Alchemical Process, that I was No Longer my Physical Body but was a Body of Light, At One With The Divine Union of Alchemy. So, I, Joan of Arc was Uplifted Beyond Gaia Into A State Of Cosmic Protection as the Heat of the Fire was Absorbed Within by my Inner Fire Dragon.
 Joan of Arc by Mark Twain.
I ask that when people think of me as Joan of Arc they try not to focus on my so called Death on the Flames, for in essence as I have shared here, which is my blessing to do so Suryananda, Before The Flames Took Hold, I Was No Longer On Gaia – this is what I wish to share with you today, and to say that it is so very important that you on Gaia in these more modern times avail yourself of all that is being beamed to you from the Galactic Centre and Cosmic Worlds, “for then at your own moment of death – you are a fully conscious being of Light, and understand that all possible freedom is yours as you are able to step and rise from your Earth World into that Higher Realm of Freedom, wherein lies Bliss And Oneness With The Creator And The Manifestation Of Eternal Love Abounds”.


As shared with Suryananda.
Note – It was not something I had thought of writing on Joan of Arc. It began because on the 5th February, 2017 I was suddenly given the name of Joan of Arc, and from then on I was able to tune into Joan and her emotions over these last fourteen days.
Joan of Arc – artist unknown.

2 thoughts on “Joan of Arc – as shared with Suryananda.

  1. Thanks for sharing this beautiful account, dear Suryananda. Now how do you make sense of that one life, given the continuation of our and Joan of Arc’s lives? A continuation that shall give us a better understanding of our mission ❤ ❤


    1. Dear Victa, as always it is interesting to read your views which consolidates many past lives we have shared through the ages, some of which we are familiar with. When we look back not only into our own past lives but lives shared as here from Joan of Arc, it adds to that wide tapestry of depth and colour, certainly taking me beyond our Earth existence, which for me is the real joy, living in those Higher Realms beyond Gaia and Different Star Systems, such then am I Home. At the same time as we both realise, Earth has been a place of learning to remember whilst we have had those veils fully enveloping us ever deeper as we have reincarnated time and time again through the aeons, thus each life reincarnated, has taken us further from the Light which is our Home, and we have had to work our way back as we have striven to remember and align ourselves with not only our Light Family but Being Once More in Attunement and One with Source, and as we both know, as so many Light Workers do, within those journeys, we have encountered all the emotions known through the ages. Today, us in the West are much more fortunate than many as we are allowed to delve into spiritual matters with both freedom and the fact that we are not struggling to survive in the way, sadly so many people are, so we are able to have what can be termed the luxury of going within in our present time which is the nectar of our souls. At the same time, as we are aware, when we reincarnate, we go through the different Star Systems affecting us here on Gaia, being both male and female, introvert and extrovert, with different gifts and attributes, as well as living in different cultures and countries, so we have all these past civilisations at our disposal which we are able to tune into, which can be likened to innumerable facets of that Diamond which we have been polishing ever since we first left the Different Star Systems millions of years ago, remembering of course that we have many Light Families and different origins and age of emergence from Source. It is indeed awesome as we acknowledge that we are both very old souls, and between us there cannot be anything one or the other of us has not been through and shared, all that is missing are memories. Suryananda. ♥


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