“Imagination is the Gateway to Bliss”.

 Painting by eyewithin.com
Imagination is the Gateway to Bliss.
22 February, 2017.
Just some hours ago, I heard “Imagination is the Gateway to Bliss” which as someone who has always had what can be termed “imagination” I found fascinating, as my Twin Flame and myself have joked about this since we connected consciously as Twin Flames, something like 22 months or so ago, and as I have aligned myself ever deeper into our Twin Flame Divine Union, the role of “imagination” has had a pivotal role, for “imagination” just means that I and thus we, my Twin Flame, Adam El Daoud and myself, allow ourselves to step outside the box of that which is Gaia, thus do we Transcend that which has for so many people to be put  right in front of them, for with “imagination” this has ensured that I have tuned into My Higher Self, as the spiritual seeker with “imagination” has the  Gift to go Beyond the Norm of that which is considered to be so. Even as a child, I had “imagination” which is so for the majority of children, for we had not been conditioned into only accepting that what is true so often as adults, which has to actually be seen. As children grow up, for some, “imagination” is no longer a part of their being, so much has been lost that has to be retrieved for those States of Bliss once more to be experienced as memories return.
I would never wish to be without “imagination” for in essence using my “imagination” ensures that I tune into not only my Light Family but my Twin Flame, thus am I enabled to branch out into exquisite states of bliss and oneness as the Nature of the Cosmos has opened its Doors to my inner being, well as a Twin Flame, to Our Inner Being, for we are One Soul, as all Twin Flames are.
Painting, artist not known.
When we allow ourself to “step outside” our 3D world which has been Gaia, even though Gaia has been Ascending for some time and continues to do so, we are able to tap into those Jewels of Creation, for The Creator, has, with such Awesome Thoughts and Choices, placed before us, His sons and daughters the Key to those Inner Mysteries, which, by their very definition, allows us to soar into States of Oneness with The Cosmos and All Life, for as so many of us are aware, in essence there is no separation, for as we have understood more in these times that everything is energy, vibration, and the availability to Align ourself to those blissful states is open to us all, although we do have to allow ourselves to let go of those rigid thoughts to Avail ourselves of such Divine Gifts, for then we are Remembering Home.
As a child, I always loved ancient myths and legends, where in fact, such have been handed down through the aeons or have been remembered by people in ancient days, thus bringing back to humanity as a whole, that which has always existed.

Painting, artist unknown.

In July 1983, whist in a spiritual trance class, my then spiritual teacher mentioned Atlantis. The moment he said Atlantis, and he was in a semi trance so on another vibration as he was giving messages from his guides to us sat in meditation, meant that I opened my eyes immediately with deep and profound fascination and interest and looked at him; he was oblivious to me for he was on another vibration of energy as he had tuned into his guides to share with us those Higher Teachings. Even today, over thirty years later, I can still recall that profound moment, which, as I allowed myself to accept that which I had not seen in this life, my Higher Self Aligned With My Consciousness, and from that day began a life-long and remembered deep love and passion for those Golden Days of Atlantis, where AED and my Light Family walked and breathed within the Orbit of The Spiritual Sun. We were able to communicate daily with our Divine Parents, and such is so, that it takes but the ability to let go of that which has to be shown in black and white before us, to enable us, as a spiritual seeker to remember and retrieve our own soul’s awareness from those days when we were very much closer to Source.

Painting, artist unknown.
AED gifted myself with showing me on the 5 November, 2016 but posted here in my website on the 10 November, 2016, under the heading “Atlantean Water Meditation. A Section of Atlantis Has Been Kept Protected, Safe From Mankind, And Awaits The Time When Atlantis Will Rise Once More Into A Golden City Of Light” stating how there is a Section of Atlantis which is still preserved today, but it is on a Different Alignment, Energy Field and Vibration, and cannot be accessed by people today, without those who are of the Light being attuned to its Energy Field.
To have been shown and experienced this with my beloved Twin Flame was a joy without price, for he and I, go back to Ancient Atlantis, where truly Golden were those times. During this Atlantean Water Meditation, I was blessed in seeing for the first time, both Mermaids and Dolphins, the dolphins being the usual colours, as well as seeing a Pink Dolphin, such was my joy at this.
In effect, we are all able to tune into and remember Ancient Civilisations, as we allow ourselves to move beyond what has been written of on Gaia. Such then is so, that as our Light Families see that we have re-aligned ourselves with not only our Higher Selves but have broadened our acceptance as to what exists, then further states of bliss and yes, ecstasy will be given to us, each step and stage, as it deepens our ability to delve deeper into that which can be termed “imagination” for many, re-aligns both our DNA and intuitive ability to Transcend Gaia and that which has been said as being how Life is in all its Forms.
Thus to have “imagination” is that Golden Key to Eternity, for we know without doubt those Magnificent Wonders of Creation which The Creator has bestowed upon us, His children And All Life Forms, To Be Able To Share With The Godhead, that which is no longer hidden from us, such then truly is “Imagination the Gateway to Bliss”.
Suryananda and Adam El Daoud.

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